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M.S. Kennedy Corp.

M.S. Kennedy Corp. has promoted these products:

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK5501 High Temperature Low Dropout Regulator

Operational from -55°C to 200°C, the MSK 5501 is the next MSK product to reach beyond 175°C continuous operation. The MSK5501 is an ultra-low dropout, high temperature linear voltage regulator capable of delivering 100mA of output current at 200°C. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK5979RH - Rad Hard Adjustable Positive Voltage

The MSK5979RH (Radiation Hardened) 0.9A adjustable LDO linear regulator is available in MIL-PRF-38534 Class "K", Class "H", or industrial versions. The MSK5979RH offers low dropout down to 300mV and an output voltage range down to zero volts while offering radiation tolerance for space applications. Output voltage is selected by the user through the use of 1external resistor. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK5061RH Rad Hard, Low Volt 10A Switch Regulator

Rad Hard adj output switching regulator, available in MIL-PRF-38534 Class K, H, or industrial. MSK5061RH has wide input (3-5.5V) and output range, capable of output voltages to 0.6V while driving an output > 10A. MSK5061RH has an integrated inductor and passives. When currents greater than 10A are needed, 2 MSK5061RH may be operated in 2 phase current sharing mode to drive output to 20A. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - High Temp Electronics Collaboration

CISSOID, the leader in high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions and M.S. Kennedy, a leader in high-temperature and extreme environment modules, jointly announce today they have signed a long-term collaboration agreement to develop high-reliability (HiRel) and high-temperature electronic modules. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Brushless DC Digital Motor Controller

M.S. Kennedy's MSK 4367 is a completely digitally controlled 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Control Torque or Speed Controller. The controller is non-input/output isolated, meaning that the grounds between the digital input and the motor control output are common. It is constructed in a convenient electrically isolated hermetic package. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Quad Radiation Current Sense Amplifier Hybrid

The MSK496RH is a quad radiation hardened, precision rail to rail micro-power current sense amplifier hybrid capable of sensing currents in positive or negative power systems. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Radiation Hardened Current Sense Amplifier

The MSK196RH is a radiation hardened, precision rail to rail micro-power current sense amplifier capable of sensing currents in positive or negative power systems. The MSK196RH’s unique topology provides a very wide input common mode range, from -0.3V to 44V relative to the negative supply voltage, while maintaining a 1% maximum gain error. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - High Voltage Switching Regulator Controller

The MSK 5055RH radiation hardened high input voltage range step-down synchronous switching regulator controller will be available in MIL-PRF-38534 Class "K", "H", or Industrial versions. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Rad Hard 2.0A Switching Regulator

The MSK 5053RH radiation hardened 2.0A switching regulator will soon to be available in Class “K”, "H", or Industrial versions. A wide input voltage range, and an output voltage adjustable down to 0.79V, makes these regulators suitable for a wide variety of applications. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Negative Adjustable Linear Regulator

The MSK5173 is a 3-terminal negative adjustable regulator capable of supplying up to 1.5A of current. The output is adjustable using external resistors with a range of Vref to -27V. Excellent line and load regulation characteristics ensure accurate performance. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK110RH Dual +2.5V Precision Voltage References

M.S. Kennedy's MSK110RH Dual +2.5V Precision Voltage References are available in Class "K" and currently available in industrial versions. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - 2.4MHz Step Down Switching Regulator Controller

The MSK5031, Step Down Switching Regulator Controller is capable of delivering up to 2A of current to the load. This device will soon be available screened to Class "H" and is already available in the industrial version. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK4204RH complete H-Bridge PWM Amplifier

The new MSK4204RH is a complete H-Bridge PWM amplifier intended for use in space applications. Rated at 10 Amps continuous (23 Amps peak) and 70 volts maximum, this device features internal PWM generation (adjustable to 50 KHz maximum) and shoot-through protection. An on-board +5 volt linear regulator provides up to 500mA separately for powering other components nearby if desired. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - 4204RH Radiation Hardened Complete H-Bridge Hybrid

The MSK 4204RH is a radiation hardened complete H-Bridge hybrid intended for use in DC brushed motor control applications or Class D switchmode amplification in space or other severe operating environments. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - 4357 - 28 Amp, 3 Phase Motor Drive Hybrid

The MSK 4357 is a 28 Amp, 3 Phase Bridge Smart Power Motor Drive Hybrid with a 500 volt rating. The output switches are Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT's) tailored for high switching speeds. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Standard Microcircuit Drawings

A large number of MSK products can be procured to a DSCC (Defense Supply Center Columbus) Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD). Most of our amplifiers and many of our voltage regulators are currently available to an SMD and we are constantly adding to that list of available products. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Motor Controllers

MSK offers a large selection of high performance parts for driving or controlling motors. From simple, compact bridges to complete brushless DC torque amplifiers. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Power PEMS

After investing years in research and development, MSK has become one of the preeminent suppliers of high power encapsulated modules for use in harsh or extreme environments. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - Switching Regulators

For Point of Load (POL) applications, MSK has created the first hermetic, hi-rel switching regulator product line. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - DC Filters

Industry standard footprints are available as well as Industrial, Hi-Rel, and Military level screening. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK DC-DC Converters

MSK DC-DC Converters are hermetic, high reliability devices aimed at Military, Space and other severe environment applications. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK Amplifiers

MSK offers the highest performance operational amplifiers available. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - 500 Volt Three Phase BLDC Motor Driver

The new MSK4357 is a 500 volt rated, three-phase, brushless DC motor driver consisting of the bridge, gate drive, control and protect circuitry, all contained in a compact hermetic metal package measuring just 2.10" x 2.25" x 0.390". (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - MSK181 Operational Amplifier

The new MSK181 operational amplifier, along with its dual sister versions, the MSK182, MSK183, MSK184 and MSK185 are feature packed monolithic high current high voltage devices. (read more)

M.S. Kennedy Corp. - RAD Hard Line

MSK earned its certification to Class K of MIL-PRF-38534 in 1997 and has become a major supplier of both custom and standard microelectronic components to the space industry. (read more)