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Malema Sensors

Malema Sensors has promoted these products:

Malema Sensors - LU Series Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

LU90 series transmitter is an advanced level instrument based on the transmission of ultrasonic waves to measure the level of liquid or solid in a vessel. Its non contact measurement makes it suitable for highly corrosive liquids. (read more)

Malema Sensors - M-VF-F Series PFA Pressure Relief Valves

The M-VF-F Series is designed PFA molded body suitable for semiconductor, ultra-pure water and aggressive chemical applications. (read more)

Malema Sensors - LFC-7000 Series Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Controllers

The LFC-7000 Series is a line of high-performance closed-loop flow controllers designed for use in a wide variety of high-purity liquids including DI water, harsh chemicals, and CMP polishing slurries. (read more)

Malema Sensors - CPFM 8800 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

The CPFM-8800 series is a family of advanced flow meters based on the Coriolis principle fabricated exclusively from PFA* (Perfluoroalkoxy) polymeric material. (read more)

Malema Sensors - KFM-2100 Kinetic Flow Meters

Malema Sensors' KFM 2100 Series is an advanced flow element that is suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement with high accuracy and repeatability. (read more)

Malema Sensors - M-50X Explosion Proof Flow Switch

The M-50X Explosion Proof Series low flow, flow switch monitors increasing and decreasing flow. It utilizes a single moving part that responds to fluid (liquid or gas) flowing within a system. (read more)

Malema Sensors - M-100X Explosion Proof Adjustable Flow Switch

The M-100X Series is an extremely sensitive flow switch. This has been engineered to monitor vital sample flow parameters for instrumentation in process control and inert blanket gases. (read more)

Malema Sensors - KL95 PFA Digital Pressure Transducer

"Flow Through" Pressure Transducer w/ Onboard Display The KL95 is a "flow through" pressure transducer suitable for use in monitoring pressure of various high-purity and corrosive/aggressive fluids. (read more)

Malema Sensors - M-1500 Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The M-1500 Series is a inline ultrasonic flowmeter designed for applications involving aerated fluids, slurries, and harsh chemistries. It has a flow rate range of 4 to 600 ml/min. (read more)

Malema Sensors - M-XF Field Adjustable Safety Excess Flow Valve

The M-XF excess flow valves provide instant shut off in the event of a hose break or line failure, preventing the release of hazardous or inflammable products to the area, which can result in a disastrous fire or explosion and untold damage to personnel and equipment. (read more)