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Measurement Computing

Measurement Computing has promoted these products:

Measurement Computing - Internet Enabled Thermocouple Data Logger

Internet Enabled Thermocouple Data Logger with 16 thermocouple inputs, 24-bit resolution, 4 digital I/O, embedded operating system and web server. (read more)

Measurement Computing - USB-1808 Series

The USB-1808 Series data acquisition (DAQ) devices provide 18-bit high-resolution, simultaneous analog inputs along with digital I/O and counter measurements. They feature synchronous I/O which provides the ability to read analog, digital, and counter inputs, and generate analog and digital outputs at the same time. OEM versions are available for embedded applications.

Highlights:... (read more)

Measurement Computing - DASYLab 2016

DASYLab lets you interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons. DASYLab offers real-time analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces (GUIs). What’s more, in contrast to other graphical programming environments, which can require weeks of training to master, DASYLab has a very short user-learning c... (read more)

Measurement Computing - Ethernet-Based 24-Channel Digital I/O Device

The E-DIO24 features 24 digital I/O and one counter input and is ideal for network-based applications and remote monitoring and control. The 24 high-drive channels are also capable of driving relays. (read more)

Measurement Computing - Ethernet-Based 8-Channel Thermocouple Input Device

Measurement Computing has announced the release of the Ethernet-based E-TC thermocouple measurement device. The E-TC features eight, high accuracy, 24-bit thermocouple inputs and eight digital I/O and is perfect for remote temperature measurement and control applications. (read more)

Measurement Computing - USB/Ethernet-Based Thermocouple Measurement Device

USB or Ethernet-based 24-bit, 32-channel thermocouple input device with 8 digital inputs and 32 digital outputs/alarms. (read more)

Measurement Computing - DAQami - Data Acquisition Companion Software

DAQami provides an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that makes acquiring data and generating signals a quick and simple task. Users can take advantage of DAQami’s short learning curve to become familiar with the capabilities of their DAQ device. DAQami is a perfect fit for interactive testing and data logging, and is ideal for DAQ applications that run for minutes or days. (read more)

Measurement Computing -  USB and Ethernet DAQ Devices ...SC-1608 Series

USB and Ethernet DAQ Devices with Isolated Analog and Digital Signal Conditioning (read more)

Measurement Computing - NEW High-Speed DAQ Boards Engineered for OEMs

Introducing the USB 2600 Series:

  • Designed for OEM and embedded applications
  • 16-bit resolution
  • 1 MS/s sample rate
  • Up to 64 single-ended analog inputs
  • Up to four 16-bit, 1 MS/s analog outputs
  • 24 digital I/O
  • Four 32-bit event counters
  • Four timer outputs
  • USB powered (no external power required)
(read more)
Measurement Computing - 32-Bit High-Speed Digital I/O Device

The USB-DIO32HS provides 32 bits of high-speed digital I/O, and features independent input and output scan clocks, hardware and software triggering, and pattern detection/generation. (read more)

Measurement Computing - NEW Low Cost DAQ Starting From $99

The USB-200 Series devices provide eight single-ended (SE) analog inputs, eight individually-configurable DIO channels, one event counter, and external pacer I/O. Everything you need to begin acquiring, viewing, and storing data is included with these devices, including comprehensive software support.

Key Highlights:

  • 8 SE analog inputs
  • 12-bit re...
(read more)
Measurement Computing - Multifunction DAQ Devices with 2 Analog Outputs

New Multifunction DAQ Devices with 2 Analog Outputs
The USB-230 Series offers 8 SE/4 DIFF analog inputs, 8 digital I/O (configurable on a per channel basis), one counter input, and two 16-bit analog outputs. The USB-230 Series features sample rats up to 100 kS/s. Two 16-bit analog outputs are provided on each module with a fixed ±5 V range and an update rate of... (read more)

Measurement Computing - New Bluetooth DAQ with Android™ & Windows® Support

Finally, Bluetooth communication in a multifunction data acquisition device! The BTH-1208LS offers short-range wireless data acquisition to a compatible host device – whether a Windows-based PC or an Android-based tablet, phone, or mini-PC. (read more)

Measurement Computing - NEW High-Speed USB Counter/Timer Devices with DIO

The USB-CTR Series from Measurement Computing are high-speed USB pulse counter/timer devices. These devices support multiple counting modes and include four PWM timers and eight individually-configurable digital I/O channels. Prices start at $359 (read more)

Measurement Computing - Battery-Powered 4-Channel Thermocouple Data Logger

Key Highlights:

  • High-accuracy, 4-channel thermocouple data logger that records temperature in indoor environments
  • Supports up to four J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N type thermocouple sensors (sold separately)
  • Stores 1.9 million measurements
  • Records ambient temperature with internal temperature thermistor
  • Supports software-selectable burs...
(read more)
Measurement Computing - 16-Bit Multifunction Ethernet Data Acquisition

The Ethernet-based E-1608 is a low-cost, high-speed, multifunction I/O DAQ device that measures eight analog channels at 250 kS/s aggregate with 16-bit resolution. This device also offers two analog outputs, eight digital I/O channels, and one counter input. (read more)

Measurement Computing - Data Acquisition Handbook

The third edition of Measurement Computing's Data Acquisition Handbook is now available as a free PDF download. (read more)

Measurement Computing - WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Sensor

Key Highlights:

  • Measure temperature and humidity while transferring data via WiFi to a PC
  • Built-in data display
  • Measurement range from -20 to +60 °C (-4 to +140 °F)
  • 802.11b compliant
  • Capable of logging greater than 500,000 data set entries
  • Sensor memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected<......
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Measurement Computing - Using Tablets for Data Acquisition

As tablets gain popularity and take away market share from conventional laptops and desktops, Measurement Computing is at the forefront of targeting these new devices with our USB DAQ.

The USB-2001-TC Android™ Temperature Chart Application demonstrates the features of Measurement Computing's DAQFlex device. DAQFlex devices interface with an open source librar... (read more)

Measurement Computing - Award Winning Temperature and Voltage Devices

The award winning USB-2408 Series from Measurement Computing are 24-bit multifunction DAQ devices designed for highly-accurate voltage or temperature measurements. Each device features up to 16 single-ended (SE)/8 differential (DIFF) analog inputs and includes 8 digital I/O and two counter inputs. Users can now make highly-accurate, 24-bit measurements for under $600. (read more)

Measurement Computing - 16-Bit High-Speed Multifunction DAQ Devices

Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of three, high-speed, 16-bit USB DAQ devices with sampling rates up to 500 kS/s. Starting at only $399, the USB-1608G Series set a new standard for low-cost, high-speed multifunction DAQ. (read more)

Measurement Computing - Logger Data Acquisition

Measurement Computing's compact and powerful stand-alone, data loggers measure voltage, temperature, humidity, current, and event/state. Included software makes it easy to configure, log, and access data. (read more)

Measurement Computing - Award Winning Data Logger

Measurement Computing Corporation, a leading manufacturer of value-priced data acquisition hardware and software, today announced that the LGR-5320 Series of high-speed, stand-alone data loggers has been chosen by NASA Tech Briefs as Product of the Year for 2010. (read more)

Measurement Computing - Data Acquisition Product Selection Guide

Measurement Computing is pleased to announce the release of our new Product Selection Guide, covering all of our most popular products including USB, PCI and PCIe, Loggers, Ethernet products, and all of our DAQ software options. (read more)

Measurement Computing - LGR-5320 Series High-Speed Data Loggers

The Measurement Computing LGR-5320 Series are high-speed, stand-alone data loggers for analog and digital signals. Each module offers 16 analog inputs, 16 industrial digital inputs (up to 30 V), one single Form C relay (0.5 A) digital output for triggering/alarming, and four counter/encoder inputs. All inputs are sampled synchronously. (read more)

Measurement Computing - USB Data Acquisition

Measurement Computing offers many options for the popular plug-and-play USB bus, which easily connects one or multiple devices. Our USB DAQ modules are engineered to fit a wide array of applications. Acquire data without programming with our comprehensive software support, or use one of the many supported applications and programming languages (read more)

Measurement Computing - OEM Data Acquisition

Measurement Computing, a leading supplier of OEM DAQ solutions, offers high-quality, cost-effective products backed by a worldwide sales and support network. Contact us to evaluate a product or discuss your application. Our OEM engineers will assist you through all phases of your product life cycle. (read more)

Measurement Computing - PCI Express Data Acquisition

Measurement Computing manufactures Plug-in boards engineered to fit your application. For programmers, our Universal Library contains high-level functions for the common operations of all MCC boards regardless of bus interface. The driver allows you to easily migrate from ISA to PCI, to USB. Protect your investment with MCC's platform compatibility. (read more)

Measurement Computing - PCI Data Acquisition

Measurement Computing manufactures Plug-in boards engineered to fit your application. For programmers, our Universal Library contains high-level functions for the common operations of all MCC boards regardless of bus interface. The driver allows you to easily migrate from ISA to PCI, to USB. Protect your investment with MCC's platform compatibility. (read more)