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Metal Cutting Corporation - Learn the basics of tungsten wire, its properties & applications

Even though tungsten wire’s widespread use in incandescent lighting has faded with the growing popularity of CFLs and LEDs, it continues to be a product that has a large number of diverse applications, for many of which there is no known substitute. In this free guide, find out why tungsten remains one of the most widely used refractory metals. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Cylindricity in GD&T

What Is Cylindricity and How Is It Measured? (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Specialty Metals for Medical Device Applications

Stainless steel in its different varieties, including 304, 316, 316L, and others, is the material that forms the backbone of the medical device industry. However, other metals are important and are becoming even more so. That’s because as science progresses, it also pushes the boundaries of metallurgy — clearing the way for both the creation of new applications and the use of... (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - The Human Factor in Metal Inspection

Are Visual or Mechanical Inspections by Humans Ever Truly 100%? (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Dimensional Issues in Metal Cut to Length

For metal cut to length, which is a crucial activity of our business, dimensional issues are key. Making sure that we understand our customers’ needs up front, and that we are speaking in terminology that aligns with what the customer is saying, is part of the process. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - 3 Things That Make Precision Metals Precise

How do you define “precision metals” for your product or manufacturing needs? (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Comparison of Precision Cutting Methods

Comprehensive Comparison of Precision Cutting Methods

The wrong precision cutting method could cost you time and money. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Tubes

Precision cut-to-length tubes are available in lengths as short as 0.006″ with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.001″ or inside diameters as small as 0.001″ in virtually any metal required, including coated materials. Tubes can be customized per customer specification to include critical features such as thin walls, capillary IDs, angle cuts, slots, points and holes. (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation -  Metal tubes help put the “air” in airbags!

Did you know? Metal tubes help put the “air” in airbags! (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Where Precision Meets the Road

The Manufacture and Tooling of Metal Parts for Fuel Injection Systems (read more)

Metal Cutting Corporation - Role of Precision Tubing in Liquid Dispensing

From food science and the controversial GMOs, to pharmaceutical development and medical research, to the routine tests that are part of an annual checkup, liquid dispensing systems play a largely unseen (to most of us) but critical part in our everyday lives. (read more)

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INDUSTRY TRENDS 2013 12 Influencers That Are Moving U.S. Manufacturing Forward


Metal Cutting is now providing high quality Tungsten preforms for sinker EDM electrodes. Find out more about our new proprietary composition that is outperforming competitors by 52% on wear resistance when EDMing carbides.


Metal Cutting Corporation (Cedar Grove, NJ) is the largest independent source for burr-free abrasive wheel cut-off metal parts.