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Metalfab, Inc.

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Metalfab, Inc. - Bin Activator Brochure

Best in Class Design, Construction, and Performance Guarantee… the Metalfab Bin Activator completely eliminates the problems associated with the design and performance of other bin activators/dischargers. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Spin Loader Completely Loads Storage Bins & Hopper

New Metalfab Spin Loader Completely Loads Storage Bins and Hoppers, Virtually Eliminates Particle Separation, and Saves Time and Labor (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - New Metalfab Bag Dump Hopper

New Metalfab Bag Dump Hopper Provides Quick, Easy, and Virtually Dust-Free Way Of Dumping And Filling Your Process System With Material Received In Paper Bags (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Ruggedly Built Bag Dump Hopper by Metalfab

The Bag Dump Hopper provides a quick, easy and virtually dust free way of dumping and filling your process system with material received in paper bags. The design incorporates a baffle and bin vent (to attach to a central dust collector) or optional bin vent filter over the dump area to maintain a dust free worker environment while providing a fast and effective means to charge your proc... (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab Bin Activators

Metalfab 2' - 16' diameter Bin Activators are engineered to deliver long lasting performance with low maintenance, maximum process up time, and high product quality - all at a very competitive price.

Available in carbon steel, 304 or 316 SS, the bin activators feature a sealed, unitized vibrator and motor, and an exclusive double baffle design that delivers continuous flow of dry... (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab Comprehensive Product Offering Brochure


Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Metalfab Water and Wastewater Systems Suitable for a Wide Range of Treatment Applications

Metalfab Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems combine a rugged, durable Bin Activator with a secondary baffle that vibrates at a separate amplitude to guarantee continuous flow of product, and a MetaTech™ Feeder (with only 2 or 3 moving parts for simple maintenance) and... (read more)


Metalfab, Inc., an industry-leading provider of custom fabrication services for the Power Generation Industry, offers a wide and diverse range of high quality systems, components, and parts to serve a wide range of fossil, gas, biomass or alternative energy plant needs. Metalfab also offers OEMs and plants competitive pricing, reduced lead times and on-time deliveries for both planned sh... (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Custom Fabrication Products for Manufacturing

Metalfab, Inc., a leading provider of custom fabrication services for manufacturing, industry offers a wide and diverse range of assemblies, components and parts to serve a wide range of food processing, power and miscellaneous weldment industries. Metalfab offers OEMS and plants competitive pricing, reduced lead times and on-time deliveries. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - BetterWeigh® 6.0 Feeders Controls

For gain, loss or continuous weighing applications (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Key to Effective Sorbent Dispersal for ACI

Coal-fired power plants have found activated carbon injection (ACI) to be an effective technology for controlling mercury. Handling the sorbent, however, can pose problems. This article discusses how system equipment can help alleviate some of those problems. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab Posibin™ Hopper

The Metalfab Posibin™ provides positive, problem-free discharge from storage of a wide range of difficult to handle materials -- in a variety of densities and particle sizes. From micron-size powders to fibrous substances, materials flow freely, on demand, on a first-in, first-out basis.

The Posibin consists of a static cylindrical bin fitted with the unique Metalfab Bin Act... (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab’s Maximum Application Performer Feeder

Metalfab’s new M.A.P. (Maximum Application Performer) Feeder combines the proficiency of Metalfab’s unique agitator/conditioner screw (with 360° influencing capability) with the precision of Metalfab’s vibration-controlled hoppers to accurately meter the most difficult dry solid particles.


  • Only 5 Moving Parts – ens...
(read more)
Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab Rugged, Durable Bulk Bag Unloaders

Metalfab Bulk Bag Unloaders are designed and engineered to provide a dependable, low cost means for emptying a wide variety of powders and other difficult to handle dry bulk materials. Metalfab also manufactures other special units for heavier bags, larger bags, or smaller bags.

To assure discharge of product, the ruggedly built 48" sq. pyramidal shaped Unloader is mounted on wear... (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab's Rugged Pre-Steamer Bin Activator

Metalfab's rugged stainless steel Pre-Steamer Bin Activator is used primarily in the pulp and paper industries both as a standard bin activator and also to presteam wood chips as a precursor to feeding them into the digester. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Better-Weigh® Continuous Weigh Feeders

Available in seven models with feed rates from 1 to 550 cu. ft/hr. (larger sizes available), Better-Weigh® Feeders are designed to provide highly accurate gravimetric feeding of dry bulk materials in either batch or continuous mode depending upon the arrangement of the feeder’s control electronics.
(read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Convey-All™/FSC Flexible Screw Conveyor

Metalfab Convey-All™/FSC Flexible Screw Conveyors feature a rugged modular design and provide a highly effective yet economical means to convey powder or granular material without product separation. Conveyors are available in configurations from 10 to 20 ft. lengths with a choice of a 3" diameter helix screw rated to convey up to 150 cu. ft./hr. or a 4" diameter helix screw rated... (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - MT MetaTech™ Volumetric Feeders

For simple, economical, & highly reliable feeding of dry bulk materials (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Metalfab's Sanitary Bin Activators

Metalfab's Sanitary Bin Activators feature the same rugged, durable, long lasting construction and unique operating features found in our standard steel bin activator line. (read more)


Metalfab, Inc., a leading manufacturer of dry solids processing equipment and integrated systems, is now offering a new white paper on design and use of powdered activated carbon (PAC) systems for control of mercury emissions from coal fired power plants. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Sanitary Screw Feeder

The MTS Sanitary Screw Feeder is an upgrade of the DB1S Sanitary Screw Feeder which incorporates the latest technology including a smaller footprint. The DB1S is still available upon request. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Spin-Loader

Metalfab's Spin-Loader lets you utilize bulk storage facilities to their fullest capacity. It eliminates the pyramiding which occurs when flakes and granular materials are loaded into bins, hopper cars and piles, and enables you to load up to 15% more product into virtually any storage facility without costly hand labor or interrupting flow. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - Volumetric and Loss-of-Weight Feeders brochure

Whether it's the need for a feed rate of 0.05 cubic feet per hour, 18,000 cubic feet per hour, or accuracy of 0.25%-0.50%, Metalfab has you covered with a comprehensive lineup of gravimetric and volumetric screw feeders and belt feeders to meet virtually any need. (read more)

Metalfab, Inc. - White Paper: Power Activated Carbon (PAC)

Get Our New White Paper: Proper Design Essentials for Storage, Flow & Metering of Power Activated Carbon (PAC)

Thank you for your interest in our new White Paper / Article on "Proper Design Essentials for Storage, Flow & Metering of Power Activated Carbon (PAC)". Link here to request your copy. (read more)