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MicroSense, LLC - Thickness Measurement System for Bonded Wafers

Precise thickness measurement of thin wafers is challenging, the MicroSense UltraMap 300-BP system measures virtually any wafer material, regardless of optical characteristics or resistivity. It can measure thickness of wafers with up to 5mm of Bow. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Wafer Dimensional Measurement System UltraMap 200C

The MicroSense UltraMap 200C is a new automated wafer measurement tool designed specifically for high throughput dimensional measurement of sapphire, silicon and silicon carbide wafers. The UltraMap 200C utilizes MicroSense’s novel two sided capacitive sensing technology to measure wafer thickness, TTV (total thickness variation), bow, warp, and LTV (local thickness variation). (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Nanometer Resolution Precision Capacitive Sensor

Measure linear or rotary displacement with 1 nanometer resolution using the MicroSense 6810 non-contact capacitive sensor. Ideal for testing precision spindles, motors, shafts and air bearings. Measurement bandwidth ranges from 1 kHz up to 100 kHz, and is selectable. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - 300mm MRAM Wafer Tool measures Magnetic Properties

The MicroSense Polar Kerr System is a full 300 mm wafer, non-contact magnetic metrology tool for perpendicular and in-plane MRAM, providing critical process control information on the multi-layer magnetic stack that is an essential component of MRAM fabrication. This metrology tool offers unsurpassed magnetic field control, and is capable of measuring wafers up to 300 mm. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Tiny Position Sensor Fits in Small Spaces

The MicroSense Mini capacitive sensor achieves nanometer resolution position sensing over short ranges. Designed for non-contact displacement measurement in tight spaces, the Mini is ideal for providing servo feedback in nanopositioning systems and semiconductor wafer height sensing. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - High Accuracy Position Sensor

The MicroSense 8810 is the most accurate capacitive sensor available for measuring position over ranges up to several millimeters. Full scale non-linearity of 0.02% is typical. Completely non-contact, the 8810 detects any conductive target with nanometer resolution. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - High Resolution Position Sensors for High Vacuum

MicroSense offers precision position sensors that operate in high vacuum or UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) environments, providing nanometer resolution over short ranges. MicroSense non-contact capacitive sensors are carefully constructed from low outgassing materials in order to avoid contamination of critical system components such as optics. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Non-Contact Shaft Run Out Sensor - MicroSense 5810

The MicroSense Model 5810 is a single channel, non-contact precision capacitive position sensor. Designed for measurement applications with rapidly moving targets, the Model 5810 provides high resolution position measurement at bandwidths up to 100 kHz. It is ideal for measuring run out of spindles, precision shafts and air bearings. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - High Sensitivity Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

The MicroSense Model 10 Mark II vibrating sample magnetometer achieves sensitivity that surpasses all other vector VSMs. The field range and resolution of the Model 10 make it the ideal system for measuring both high and low coercivity materials. The Model 10 is the first VSM that is a real alternative to a torque magnetometer for anisotropy studies on modern recording materials. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Precision Capacitive Position Sensors

Based on their patented capacitive sensing technology, MicroSense offers the widest range of non-contact capacitive position sensors in the industry, in order to meet your exact application requirements. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Portable High Resolution Capacitive Sensor

Ideal for precise displacement measurement on the factory floor, the MicroSense Model 5300 holds up to 4 independent, non-contact capacitive sensors in an easy to carry console. MicroSense capacitive sensors measure any conductive target, providing nanometer level measurement resolution over ranges up to 5 mm. Ideal for precison stage and spindle measurement. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Accurate Blu-ray Stamper Thickness Measurement

Measure CD and DVD stamper thickness with micron accuracy using the Model 6360-CD-HR thickness gauging platform from MicroSense. Provides semi-automated operation and data analysis system for the measurement of optical media stampers. Patented non-contact capacitive sensors determine the stamper thickness. (read more)

MicroSense, LLC - Longitudinal Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect System

KerrMapper S300 and V300The KerrMapper family of tools utilizes the longitudinal Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) to characterize the magnetic properties of magnetic multi-layer wafers for data storage, MRAM, and other magnetic sensors. (read more)