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Nelson Fastener Systems - Nuclear Power Plant Weld Studs

H4L Headed Concrete Anchors fro Nelson® Stud Welding (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Nelson In Stock Studs & Standards Catalog

Need it Now / Need It Fast? Check out Nelson's® In Stock Studs and Standard Studs Catalog (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Hydraulic Cylinder Port Stud

Our stud-weldable 1-piece port stud eliminates leaks, saves labor & money!

  • produced from the forging process that created directional grain flow for added strength
  • near net shape minimizes scrap, reduces cost
  • eliminated brazed joint - eliminates potential for leaks
  • certified hydrostatic testing to 20,000 psi
  • formed...
(read more)
Nelson Fastener Systems - Regular Welding VS. Stud Welding

Time After Time, Stud Welding proves Stronger than Regular Welds (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Specialty Products & Parts

TOG MANUFACTURING®, A Nelson® Fastener Systems company, specializes in the manufacture of critical, tight tolerance components for a wide range of industries: Power Generation, Gas and Steam Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Valves, Naval Marine and Military markets. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Pinnacle MAX

The Pinnacle™ & Pinnacle™ MAX provide high performance battery-powered design for 1000's of welds from a single charge. the cordless stud welder now comes in a MAX version to weld 1/4" steel & stainless studs as well as #10 aluminum studs. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - KSE 1000

1. Electrical Grounding

2. Mechanical Attachments

3. Wire Harness Routing

4. Brake Line Routing

5. Heat Shield Attachment

6. Body Side Molding

7. Interior Trim Components

8. Window Regular Attachment (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Aereospace & Heavy Equipment Fasteners

Automatic SMP®, a Nelson Fastener Systems Company, is a manufacturer of aerospace & other critical use, internally threaded fasteners & components. Automatic SMP is a world renowned manufacturer of internally threaded fasteners and precision machined components. The company specializes in machined-from-bar, free spinning nuts, lock nuts and other components for aerospace and... (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Steel Bar Machining for the Power Gen Market

Steel Bar Machining for the Power Generation Market

Specialty Bar Products, A Nelson Fastener Systems Company, is world-class provider of steel machined parts for OEMs that demand unsurpassed durability, performance, and the exacting tolerances necessary for the superior turbines and compressors for the power generation industry. Through steel bar saw cutting, centerless gr... (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Critical Fasteners for HD Truck Engines

1. Flywheel bolts

2. Connecting rod bolts

3. Head bolts

4. Main bearing bolts

5. Exhaust manifold studs

6. Vibration damper bolts

7. Valve rocker studs (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - We Have Developed a Patented Drawn Arc Tank

Nelson offers a complete line of portable and feed stud welding systems to meet even the most demanding of stud welding performance requirements. We also offer custom-designed systems for a variety of end use applications including fixed manual and automatic feed systems for high production environments.

Moreover, we have developed a patented drawn arc tack and TARC® welding s... (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - The Leading Manufacturer Of Weld Stud Fasters

Nelson® Stud Welding is the leading manufacturer and distributor of weld stud fasteners and application equipment worldwide. Stud welding products are perfect for the fastening needs of the automotive, construction and industrial markets and include products such as:

  • Externally threaded fasteners
  • Shear connectors
  • Concrete anchors
  • Punching.../li>
(read more)
Nelson Fastener Systems -  Thousands of welds from a single charge!

High performance battery-powered design delivers thousands of welds from a single charge! (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Portable Has A New Peak

No comparable CD stud welder can run continuously without an input power cord. No cord means less risk of electric shock, arc flash injury, or tripping on the power cord while working in obstacle-filled worksites. A dedicated ground conductor assures that the welder case is grounded to the weld work piece. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Stud Welder System Boosts Productivity and Quality

The flexible Nelson® NelCell™ automation system is designed to weld studs, nuts and brackets with a six-axis robot, with high positioning accuracy and perpendicularity. The cell has two-fixed tables for small to medium sized workpieces that can be welded without rotation. The cell size is minimized to save floor space while meeting ANSI / RIA robot safety requirements. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Providing high-strength fasteners for Construction

We offer a full complement of stud welding fasteners and application equipment to non-residential building contractors and OEMs for use in applications ranging from bridges and high-rise buildings to construction machinery and power generation equipment including nuclear power plants - to name just some of our markets. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Fasteners for bridges and high-rise buildings

Our products meet stringent fastening, material and welding codes and we've received approvals from recognized design agencies, code bodies and industry standard organizations. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Studs used for vehicle accessory components

Typical applications include securing body trims, electrical fuel and hydraulic lines, components and insulation. The elimination of holes and thus the inherent rust problems offers a major advantage. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Robotic stud welding systems for the Auto Industry

We serve many of the major automotive OEMs in the U.S. and abroad and have received numerous supplier quality awards. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Cordless = Unparalleled Flexibility

New cordless pin welder attaches wide variety of insulation pins with rechargeable lithium ion battery power. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - The continuation of the Nelson success

The new N4s systems feature process monitoring and self-compensating designs to ensure the weld quality for every weld. The N4s system is capable of feeding and welding fasteners with weld bases ranging from 332" (3mm) to 12" (12mm). (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Thousands of welds from a single charge!

The Pinnacle™ has the capacity to weld CD studs up to 3/16" diameter, including standard tip studs, as well as Cupped Head Pins (CHP) for insulation.

Its high capacity lithium ion battery is removable for recharging, allowing continuous welding with a second battery. The battery charger requires only household 120V power. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Portable Has A New Peak!

No comparable CD stud welder can run continuously without an input power cord. No cord means less risk of electric shock, arc flash injury, or tripping on the power cord while working in obstacle-filled worksites. A dedicated ground conductor assures that the welder case is grounded to the weld work piece. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Split Second No Hole Fastening

The Nelson® Stud Welding process is an extremely fast and dependable means of end welding steel, stainless steel or aluminum projections. Nelson studs eliminate puching, drilling, tapping, reaming, riveting, and hand welding. The resulting weld is stonger than the stud material and base material. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Revolutionary Drawn Arc Welder: N550c Arc Charger

The Arc Charger has an exclusive input charger system that efficiently converts the 120V wall outlet power into digitally controlled stored energy for welding studs up to 3/8" in diameter. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - 1/2 Inch, Portable, Compact, Inverter Stud Welder

By no means light in power & precision, this new, dependable, compact and lightweight stud welder from Nelson Stud Welding can deliver up to 800 amps for 1/2" (12mm) full base diameter stud welding. Propelling stud welding into the 21st century the Nelweld® N800i™ is Nelson's third generation inverter technology and boasts some great features, in... (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - Modular Custom Programmable Welding systems

The Nelweld microprocessor-based welding systems from Nelson Stud Welding are more reliable, repeatable and a proven alternative to conventional solidstate systems. And...because the Nelweld systems are based on a modular design, customers can select just the right amount of features and benefits that serve their needs. (read more)

Nelson Fastener Systems - No Hole Split Second Weld Fastening Systems

Specifically designed for light gauge metal working applications, the NCD+ welding system from Nelson Stud Welding delivers reliability and repeatability in a compact lightweight (handheld) design unrivaled in the industry. This robust capacitor discharge system diminishes reverse side marking while providing overall savings with the elimination of drilling, tapping,... (read more)

News articles and press releases for Nelson Fastener Systems:


Gerry Feltmate and Al Zerbini to lead managerial positions at Specialty Bar Products™ Greenville, SC / Blairsville, PA as well as TOG Manufacturing® in North Adams, MA.


Nelson Fastener Systems, the pioneer of critical fastener systems technology and engineered components worldwide, is pleased to announce Ken Caratelli, President, has been appointed to the Vice Chair position for the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI).


Nelson Fastener Systems, the pioneer of critical fastener systems technology and engineered components worldwide, has appointed Traci Knechtges and Lynne Degand to essential roles within their financial department.


Introducing the latest innovation in concrete anchorage and reinforcement; the patent – pending D6L deformed bar stud anchor A706. It is a fully stud-weldable concrete anchor without the need for pre-heat or specialized welding equipment and accessories.


Nelson Stud Welding, the leader in stud welding systems, has introduced its first cordless battery-powered stud welder: The Pinnacle NCD+ 500b.


) In a coordinated effort that was designed to benefit customers, TOG® Manufacturing has joined the Nelson® Fastener Systems family of companies. We have unified businesses to enhance our combined specialty fastener and custom machining enterprise.


Nelson Fastener Systems is formed as a single source for critical fastener manufacturing technologies.


Automatic SMP, a recognized manufacturer of internally threaded fasteners & precision components specializing in free spinning and all metal locking nuts, is now a part of Nelson Stud Welding, a division of Doncasters Fastener Systems.