New Pig Corporation - PIG® Spill Kit in High-Vis Economy Container

PIG® Spill Kit in High Visibility Economy Container - packed with top-quality PIG Absorbents and affordable enough to be stocked in spill-prone areas throughout the entire facility. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Waste Compactor

Crush disposal costs by compacting up to 6 drums of waste into one (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Draining Station - Solvent-Contaminated Wipes

Don't overcomply! Qualify for EPA exemptions on solvent-contaminated wipes and avoid the cost of hazwaste disposal. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Oil-Only Truck Spill Kit in Duffel Bag

PIG® Oil-Only Truck Spill Kit in Duffel Bag

Versatile duffel bag spill kit goes in your truck's cab, compartment or mounted container to keep you prepared for spills on the road. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Spill Containment Berm

Create affordable drive-in containment anywhere you need it in just a few minutes. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG Rapid Response Drainblocker Drain Cover

Meet regs and save money with a DrainBlocker that's affordable enough to place near drains in all your spill-prone areas. For Square Drains up to 9" & Round Drains up to 9" Dia. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Oil-Only Spill Kit in Stowaway Bag

Drivers, stash this rugged denim bag kit to prepare for small on-the-road ruptures or oil spills. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Deluxe Pipe Patch Kit

Stainless steel clamps and tight-sealing neoprene liners quickly stop pressurized pipe leaks. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Latching Lid for Fiber Drum

Outfit fiber drums to keep solids dry and pure without the hassle of conventional lids. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Mobile Mini-Racker(TM)

Recessed wheels and swivel handle let you transport this dispensing station wherever you need it. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Burpless® Extra-Large Poly Funnel

Burpless no-splash pouring + huge 7-gallon capacity = our fastest-draining funnel. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Battery Cleaner & Acid Neutralizer

Foaming cleaner neutralizes dangerous battery acid and its residue for safer
handling and maintenance tasks. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit

Quick deploying leak diverter instantly springs into position to catch roof leaks. Just hook onto any pipe or rafter and pull off the sleeve. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - Heavy-Duty Poly IBC Spill Containment Unit

New Pig's strongest Containment Unit holds up to 6 tons so you can stack two IBCs and save floor space. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - Collapse-A-Tainer Fail-Safe Containment System

Containment system provides constant drive-in capability without having to manually fold sidewalls up or down. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Latching Drum Lid with Fast-Latch Ring

Protect outdoor drums with an easy-on, easy-open lid that sheds water and resists weather. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG Spill Kit in Truck-Mount Container

UV- and weather-resistant kit mounts easily on a truck or trailer so you're ready for leaks and spills on the road. (read more)


--Thicker doors and steel construction guaranteed to last a lifetime--

New Pig Corporation has introduced PIG® Flammable Safety Cabinets with fully MIG-welded 14- and 18- gauge steel construction and superior door faces designed to survive decades of industrial use. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG BLUE® ABSORBENT MAT

New Pig Corporation, the world’s #1 absorbent brand, offers Pig Blue® Absorbent Mat. The “Thick ‘N’ Thirsty” Mat soaks up more liquid – up to 43 oz per pad - from both high volume leaks and spills and everyday cleanup tasks than any other New Pig Mat. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - SPILLBLOCKER® Dike #PLR254

Contain big spills with non-absorbent SPILLBLOCKER® Dike. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Burpless® Poly Funnel

Our exclusive all-poly Burpless® Funnel is tough and economical! (read more)

New Pig Corporation - Spill Containment Pallets

New Pig's spill containment pallets help you comply with containment regulations while storing steel and poly drums. Their drum-handling and storage equipment will help you capture leaks, drips and spills to help you keep floors dry and workers safe. They carry a wide variety of Spill Containment Pallets for proper storage of plastic drums, fiber drums, steel drums and more. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Transformer Spill Kit #KIT467

Prepare for transformer leaks with this UV-resistant kit. It's packed with enough absorbents to clean up large quantities of transformer oil outdoors and the opaque black container keeps sunlight from degrading the contents. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat 1625

First-of-its-kind absorbent mat is the only one that stays put without tapes, trays or troubles. Grippy® backing keeps mat in place without bunching or sliding to catch leaks and drips almost anywhere, even high-traffic areas or vertical surfaces. (read more)

New Pig Corporation - DRAINBLOCKER Drain Cover

Your drain's best defense against spills! DRAINBLOCKER® Covers deploy quickly and create a tight, temporary seal over drains to keep out unwanted liquids. (read more)