Newark / element14 - Honeywell PX2 Low Pressure Sensor Newark/element14

Compatible with a variety of harsh media and is fully calibrated and compensated for transducer offset, sensitivity, temperature effects and non-linearity using an on-board ASIC. (read more)

Newark / element14 - OsiSense XS Inductive Proximity Sensors

Maintenance is simplified thanks to quick mounting and removal, as well asLED indicators of sensor status that are clearly visible from a long distanceand from any direction. (read more)

Newark / element14 - RIoTBoard Revolutionize the Internet of Things

An open-source platform based on Freescale's i.MX 6Solo ARM Cortex-A9 processor. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Evaluation Module

TI BQ27441 System-Side Impedance Track™ Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Evaluation Module - Evaluate the easiest-to-use lithium battery gauge in the industry! Fast time-to-market and virtually no development effort, battery characterization, nor learning cycle is required. (read more)

Newark / element14 - ADE7912 Isolated Sigma Delta ADC with SPI

ADE7912: 2-Channel, ADE7913: 3-Channel. Low cost, low power, small size, and easy to use. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Atmel Development Tools - Newark element14

Development tools for Atmel’s ARM as well as 8-bit and 32-bit AVR devices. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Kinetis E Series KE02 Family of MCUs

The most scalable portfolio of low power, high-robustness, mixed signal 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ MCUs running up to 20 MHz in the industry: 64 QFP package, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ core, up to 20 MHz operation, 64 KB flash and 256B D-flash as EEPROM, 4 KB SRAM (read more)

Newark / element14 - Atmel ICE from Newark / element14

Simplifies debugger and programmer portfolio by combining the features of AVRISP mkII, AVR Dragon and JTAGICE3. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained

A fully featured evaluation platform for Atmel SAMA5D3 series microcontrollers that allows users to extensively evaluate, prototype and create application-specific designs. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Microchip PIC32 MX1 and MX2 Family

Features 61 DMIPS performance and packages as small as 5mm x 5mm - designed specifically for space-constrained and cost-sensitive designs. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Freescale Xtrinsic Sensor Evaluation Kit

Low-cost pressure, position, and magnetic field sensing, exclusively from element14. (read more)

Newark / element14 - 80V and 100V NexFET™ MOSFETs

NexFET™ Power MOSFET technology is now available at breakdown voltages all the way up to 100V and now offers the world’s lowest on resistance TO-220 Power MOSFET devices. (read more)

Newark / element14 - freescale Embedded Development Tools

Includes IDEs, Compilers, RTOS and Stacks, Programmers, Debuggers, and Emulators. (read more)

Newark / element14 - molex® PicoBlade™ Connector System

Designed for high-density harness applications, provides the same 1.0A of current as similar 2.00mm pitch systems in a more compact design. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Portable 9.7" LVDS Display Module LCD8000-97C

A portable 9.7" LVDS display module for SABRE Lite & MarS boards (only at Newark element14!) (read more)

Newark / element14 - AT91SAM9X35 Based Single Board Computer

Designed & developed by element14. Comprised of a 4.3” LCD display and touch screen assembly, integrated with multi-functional embedded hardware. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Rugged, Industrial Power Relays

TE Connectivity: Quick installation of 5A to 10A capability with contact arrangement of 1, 2, and 3 form C. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Molex® Mini-Fit® Connectors

Designed for higher-current / higher-density applications which require design flexibility for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-board configurations. (read more)

Newark / element14 - AD8232 Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor

The Analog Devices AD8232 is a low power, low cost, fully integrated single lead ECG analog front end. (read more)

Newark / element14 - RIOTBOARD MCIMX6 SOLO - RIoTboard

The RIoTboard is an open source platform based on an i.MX 6Solo applications processor, using an ARM® Cortex®-A9 architecture. The platform is ideal for Android and GNU/Linux development and is designed for and supported by a community of Design Engineers and Application Developers. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Arca Polycarbonate Enclosures

UL and NEMA rated enclosures with superior chemical and impact resistance. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Eaton Eurorocker Switch from Newark/element14

Field-tested in the most demanding truck and marine applications. Designed specifically for use on low voltage applications. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Spider II 8TX 8-Port Network Switch

An economical, compact and highly reliable ethernet switch. All cooper/RJ45 ports are 10/100 auto-negotiating and auto-crossing. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Discover Wi-Fi

Features the SN8200 Wi-Fi module from Murata and enables Wi-Fi for your STM32F4DISCOVERY board. Easy entry with built-in TCP/IP stack to make connecting quick & easy. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Microchip - chipKIT Pi for the Raspberry Pi

The latest Arduino™ compatible chipKIT™ platform features a 32‐bit PIC32 microcontroller in a prototyping‐friendly, low pin count SPDIP package. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Atmel ATSAMA5D3 MPU Line from Newark/Element14

Designed to complement the power of the ARM Cortex-A5 core, the SAMA5D3 delivers 850DMIPS while consuming less than 150mW. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Battery BoosterPack for TI LaunchPads

Designed for Texas Instruments' LaunchPads. Allows you to add rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery technology to your existing TI LaunchPad. (read more)

Newark / element14 - TE zSFP+ Pluggable I/O Interconnect

zSFP+ is TE Connectivity's next generation small form pluggable I/O connector with SFP/SFP+ backward-compatibility for hot-swap changes and fast data handling. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Converter, USB, GPIB Interface Card E5810B

Hook up your instrument (USB, LAN, RS-232 or GPIB) between your instruments and your PC!The E5810B allows you to easily mix instruments from different vendors using industry standard protocol and connections. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Gertboard a Raspberry-Pi add-on board

A Raspberry-Pi add-on board that offers the same functionality as an Arduino Uno. Designed by Gert van Loo – part of original Raspberry Pi development team. Features dual Atmel MCU capability onboard. Arduino and Arduino Uno compatible. (read more)


Hook up your instrument (USB, LAN, RS-232 or GPIB) between your instruments and your PC!The E5810B allows you to easily mix instruments from different vendors using industry standard protocol and connections. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Gertboard, Raspberry-Pi add-on

A Raspberry-Pi add-on board that offers the same functionality as an Arduino Uno. Designed by Gert van Loo – part of original Raspberry Pi development team. Features dual Atmel MCU capability onboard. Arduino and Arduino Uno compatible. (read more)

Newark / element14 - ATSAM4L Cortex M4 MCU's & Dev Kits

ATSAM4L Cortex M4 MCU's & Dev Kits. Design with SAM4L devices and you can add more features to your low-power products, increase battery life and enhance performance. (read more)

Newark / element14 - SiC MOSFET Isolated Gate Driver Eval Board

SiC MOSFET Isolated Gate Driver Eval Board. Suitable for testing and evaluating SiC MOSFETs in a variety of applications. Drive larger MOSFETs or smaller MOSFETs at a higher frequency. (read more)

Newark / element14 - PiFace Control & Dispaly

Removes the need for a monitor or keyboard to control the Rpi. (read more)

Newark / element14 - BLC Series Board Mount DC Link Capacitors

Long life and high reliability in DC Link applications. BLC series board mount
DC link capacitors combine high capacitance and very high ripple current
capability needed for today's inverter designs for medium power wind, solar,
fuel cells, UPS systems and more. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Cree® SiC Schottky Diodes, Newark/element14

Cree® Z-Rec 1200-V diodes are now available in 2A, 5A, 8A and 10A ratings. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Littelfuse Transient Voltage Suppression

Newark / element 14 offers: Littelfuse's broad range of TVS diodes. (read more)

Newark / element14 - ChipKIT Pi for The Raspberry Pi

Arduino and Raspberry Pi together at last! Allows users to create applications including touch sensing, audio processing and advanced control. (read more)

Newark / element14 - 2nd and 3rd Generation Signal Relays

See our broad range of cost-effective, low profile relays featuring robust
designs for high dielectric and mechanical shock resistance. (read more)

Newark / element14 - ASB2 Series Micro M12 Splitters & Cord - lumberg

NEW MANUFACTURER! Two-way splitters with 5-poles and one M12 male connector and
two M12 female connectors. (read more)

Newark / element14 - CRCW Series Resistors, Now in Full Reels

Pure tin solder contacts on Ni barrier layer provides compatibility with
lead-free and lead containing soldering processes. Features a metal glaze on
high quality ceramic. (read more)

Newark / element14 - TI's Hercules LaunchPad from Newark/element14

Enables developers to gain familiarity with TI Hercules MCUs and evaluate the
platform's performance and safety features. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Solar Plug & Socket Connectors

These sleek and slim connectors are industrially pre-assembled, over-molded and tested to the highest quality standards. (read more)

Newark / element14 - TI's MSP430F5529 Experimenter Board

Based on the new MSP430F5529 MCU for ultra-low power designs, the Experimenter Board helps designers quickly learn and develop using the new F55xx MCUs, which provide the industry's lowest active power consumption. (read more)

Newark / element14 - DPi1701 Series 1/8 DIN Graphic Display Panel Meter

Unmatched display functionality and performance. The DPi1701 features a monochrome, high resolution graphic display and has a universal input that accepts thermocouples, RTD, and voltage and current process. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Mini K HV - Compact Pre-Charge Relays

Protects the main relay's contacts from extreme inrush currents Compact high voltage relay for precharge applications up to 450V; available with PCB and plug-in terminals. (read more)

Newark / element14 - Polyfuse® LoRho™ Series REsettable PTCs

For applications where ultra low internal resistance, ultra low voltage drop and
automatic resettable protection are desired. This new series allows a higher
hold current device in a smaller factor and lower profile. (read more)