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Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - How to ground your road tanker correctly

The loading and unloading of road tankers with large quantities of commonly used chemicals and powders generates static electricity which, if left to accumulate on the road tanker, could discharge electrostatic sparks with energies far in excess of the minimum ignition energies of a vast range of combustible gases, vapours and dusts. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Static Grounding for Tanker Trucks

The Earth-Rite® RTR™ is the most advanced Tank Truck Grounding (Earthing) System for protecting personnel and plant assets from static hazards during tanker truck loading and offloading operations. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Ground Monitoring System for Static Dissipation

The Earth-Rite® FIBC is a static grounding solution that prevents the dangerous accumulation of static electricity on Type C FIBC (also known as BIG-Bags or Super-sacks) located in hazardous areas. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Truck Mount Static System Wins Award

The Earth-Rite® Mobile Ground Verification System was awarded the 2012 Techical Innovation of the Year Award by HazardEx Journal . Its unique patented technology provides automatic confirmation of a positive electrostatic ground connection for vehicles collecting and transferring combustible products. SEE VIDEO DEMO (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - The OhmGuard® Hose Continuity Tester

New easy to use hose continuity tester ensures hoses do not pose an electrostatic ignition risk in potentially combustible atmospheres. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Powder Processing? Eliminate Electrostatic Charge

Powder processing operations can generate vast quantities of electrostatic charge via the movement of powder. The standard method of charging on powder processing operations is due to tribo-electrification, which is basically the contact and separation of the powder with processing equipment, the powder itself or other factors that can cause charging, like surface contaminants - Learn More (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Static Grounding Reels - ATEX Certified

Retractable static grounding reels from Newson Gale ® prevent the discharge of incendive electrostatic sparks within combustible flammable and dust atmospheres. In a robust and easy to install weatherproof powder coated steel housing they provide personnel with a convenient means of stowing static grounding clamps and cable when not in use. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Static Grounding for Type C FIBC Bags

Static grounding protection in potentially combustible dust atmospheres, safely remove static electricity from Type C FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and eliminating the risk of uncontrolled incendive static spark discharges. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - Piranha Clamp

Businesses with HAZLOC atmospheres are exposed to the risk of static electricity igniting flammable gas, vapor and dust atmospheres. This ignition risk can be eliminated by ensuring equipment is bonded and grounded in accordance with NFPA 77 “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity”. (read more)

Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC - OMEGA II

Static Grounding for Process Plant & Equipment (read more)

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Newson Gale's latest innovative multichannel static grounding system provides cost effective measures and flexible capabilities to control static ignition risks.


This 3 Step Guide poses the primary questions that should be addressed by engineers and QSHE professionals when tasked with implementing measures and precautions that reduce the risk of electrostatic sparks in hazardous locations.


New static Grounding & Bonding Handbook identifies the processes at risk of discharging incendive electrostatic sparks into HAZLOC / EX atmospheres.


Zug / Nottingham, January 7, 2016 – Effective January 4, 2016 HOERBIGER Group headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, acquired Newson Gale, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

OMEGA II Release 11/07/2015

Static Grounding for Process Plant & Equipment


Our webstore will provide you with a range of grounding and bonding solutions that have proven ruggedness and connection reliability to a range of objects at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks in Hazardous Locations. *USA Customer Purchase ONLY

Piranha Release 10/02/2015

Newson Gale has mastered the art of producing grounding clamps that don’t need the hand strength of a weight lifter but do have the features essential to ensuring reliable contact with equipment is made at all times.