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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums has promoted these products:

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - VHS110 Certified Class II, Division 2 Vacuum

The Nilfisk VHS110, single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner, is NRTL-certified for Class II, Division 2 classified (hazardous) locations. This helps facilities ensure compliance with NFPA 652 housekeeping recommendations for the safe collection of combustible dust. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - VHS110 CR Wet/Dry Cleanroom Vacuum

The Nilfisk VHS110 CR is suitable for wet/dry collection in cleanroom environments up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4). Constructed of stainless steel, this cleanroom model helps to eliminate cross contamination in the production area. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - S Series Single-Phase Vacuums

The S Series single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners from Nilfisk are designed to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning challenges. Available in a variety of configurations, these industrial vacuums feature strong solid construction and cutting-edge innovations like an electronic keypad with LED indicators that monitor the performance of the main and HEPA filters. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - Nilfisk VHT437 EXP for Combustible Dust

The Nilfisk VHT437 EXP is a continuous-duty vacuum ideal for the safe collection of explosive dust in general cleaning and process-integrated applications. The VHT37 EXP is CSA-certified for use in Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups F and G hazardous environments. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - ATTIX 33 & 44 from Nilfisk's Blue Line

ATTIX 33 & 44 models were built with real working applications in mind to deliver high performance, increased productivity and lower maintenance costs. InfiniClean filter cleaning technology automatically cleans the filter every 15 seconds to keep the working environment dust free. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - 3VT Pneumatic Conveyor

Nilfisk's pneumatic conveying process taes place in perfect hygienic conditions, respecting both the environment and the operators' health. The 3VT moves powder and granules from sacks, big bags or other containers to the required location in selected quantities and within the desired time. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - Eco-Oil Machine Shop Vacuums

Simultaneously extract sump waste while recovering and recycling coolants and lubricants with the Eco-Oil vacuums. (read more)

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums - VHO 200 Sump Pump Vacuum

The Nilfisk VHO 200, designed for the metalworking industry, collects metal chips, oily cuttings, lubricants and coolant spills. It is constructed of 304 stainless steel, with additional upgrades including a removable collection bin, new float system for automatic shut-off, and improved airflow performance. (read more)