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PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU 8D - MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Connectors

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU 38999 Series III connectors, built to meet the performance requirements of military aerospace applications and other harsh environments. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU 8T - MIL-DTL-38999 Series II

PEI-Genesis offers 38999 Series II connectors, a part of SOURIAU's line of military grade bayonet connectors designed to perform in the harshest environments. The Series II offers the RFI - EMI shielding of the SOURIAU 38999 series in a lower profile connector. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU 8LT - MIL-DTL-38999 Series I

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU 8LT - MIL-DTL-38999 Series I connectors. Initially designed to meet the performance requirements of aerospace applications, these connectors are built to MIL-DTL-38999 to function in the harshest environments. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - ITT Cannon KPT/KPSE Series MIL-DTL-26482 Series I

Available at PEI-Genesis are ITT Cannon KPT / KPSE MIL-DTL-26482 Series I Connectors, offering high-density contact arrangements in a miniature circular connector. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU UTO Series

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU's TRIM TRIO® Series Connectors – including UTO. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU UTS Series

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU's TRIM TRIO® Series Connectors – including UTS (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU UTL Series

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU's TRIM TRIO® Series Connectors – including UTL. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU SMS Series

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU's TRIM TRIO® Series Connectors – including SMS. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - SOURIAU UTG Series

PEI-Genesis offers SOURIAU's TRIM TRIO® Series Connectors – including UTG. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol Rhino Series Connectors

PEI-Genesis now offers Amphenol's Rhino Series Connectors. Amphenol combines the benefits of field proven MIl-DTL-38999 Series III circular connectors with low resistance hyperbolic RADSOK® contacts that extend the boundaries of high power connector technology. Designed to meet the latest military and industrial specifications, Rhino 38999 connectors also meet stringent safety requir... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol Black Zinc-Nickel

PEI-Genesis is offering the largest inventory of Amphenol's 500 hour salt spray, RoHS compliant, Black Zinc-Nickel 38999, HD38999, Quadrax, and 2M connectors, assembled and shipped FAST.

Designed by Amphenol, delivered fast by PEI-Genesis. For more information visit (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Enhanced Plating Option for Harsh Environments

PEI-Genesis, in partnership with Amphenol Industrial Products Group, is now offering a new plating option which is both RoHS and REACH compliant, and designed to be used in the harshest of environments. Amphenol Industrial has enhanced its standard shell plating from standard cadmium to gray zinc nickel (Gray ZnNi). (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol’s High Performance Industrial Connectors

Now in stock and ready to ship, globally from PEI-Genesis, are the Amphenol A Series™, Ecomate™ and Ecomate RM Series™. From Amphenol, the leader in industrial interconnect solutions, the A Series, Ecomate and Ecomate RM are heavy duty, high performance connectors designed for demanding industrial applications. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol Terrapin SCE2

PEI-Genesis value-adds and ships in 48 hours for the Terrapin series! Amphenol’s SCE2 Terrapin series of miniature push-pull connectors are environmentally-sealed for use in harsh environments. They offer silent mating with high mating cycles and a lockable coupling ring to prevent connector break-away. SCE2 is a great choice for harsh environments that require miniature... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Anderson Power Products 5 Position Mini SPEC Pak

PEI-Genesis offers the Anderson Power Products 5 Position Mini PL SPEC Pak; an environmentally sealed IP-68 connector delivering up to 23 amps at 600V. This series can handle wires from 24 to 12 AWG. The APP 5 Position Mini PL is very rugged, offering a touch-safe, UV and flame-resistant shell to protect contacts from extreme conditions. This connector offers a manual release latch t... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol Oval Contact System

PEI-Genesis offers Amphenol's OCS connectors (oval contact system). These are the newest high-speed interconnects delivering data rates of up to 10 Gbps per pair. The Amphenol OCS series features improved signal integrity via reduced cross talk. OCS offers enhanced attenuation performance as compared to other industry-standard quadrax high-speed connectors. This rugged, durable conne... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol BACC 5015

PEI-Genesis offers Amphenol's Boeing certified 5015 connectors that bring high performance to unique aircraft challenges. BACC connectors are qualified to Boeing specifications to satisfy general-purpose requirements and unique product challenges for shielding, environmental sealing, fluid resistance, and vibration.
The Amphenol BACC 5015 series connectors use rear-release cri... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Anderson Power Products Mid Power SPEC Pak

PEI-Genesis offers Anderson Power Products Mid Power SPEC Pak® Connectors. Like the other connectors in the SPEC Pak® family, the Mid Power SPEC Pak® is rugged and environmentally sealed (IP68). It leverages APP’s core Powerpole® flat wiping contact technology, and has power handling capabilities up to 80 amps at 600 v... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - ITT Cannon High Temp Micro-D

PEI-Genesis offers ITT Cannon High Temp Micro-D Series Connectors. With the increasing demand for compact, ruggedized interconnect solutions that can withstand temperatures up to 200° C, ITT’s Cannon brand continues to lead the industry with high reliability products customized for applications from satellites to down hole analyzers. The High Temperature Micro D-Subminiatur... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol Pegasus Series

Available from PEI-Genesis, the Amphenol Pegasus Series. These twist & lock, “scoop-proof” connectors provide the same convenience and weight savings of the Luminus Series, with the added benefit of EMI shielding and protection from ambient noise transients.

    • MIL-T-81714
      Developed to meet MIL-T-81714 requirements

.. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol 62GB Series Connectors

PEI-Genesis offers Amphenol's 62GB series connectors that give MIL-DTL-26482 performance without mis-mating.

Amphenol’s 62GB series connectors are similar to MIL-DTL-26482 but with the advantage of keyway orientation to reduce mis-mating among multiple connectors. They feature aluminum shells with brass or stainless steel options available. PEI-Genesis is one of the larg... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphe-EX™ & Star-Line EX® Connectors Available

PEI-Genesis is an authorized value-add distributor for Amphe-EX™ and Star-Line EX® product lines from Amphenol Industrial Products Group.

Amphenol Industrial Operations, the leader in explosion-proof and hazardous environment interconnects, miniature, explosion-proof threaded connector specifically designed to allow a signal to pass through Zone rated areas using coax, f... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol µCom-10Gb+ Series

Amphenol µCom-10Gb+ from PEI-Genesis is designed to meet industry demands for miniaturized connectors with rapid transmission speeds and high resistance in extreme environments. Environmentally tested to MIL-DTL-38999 Series III military specifications, these miniature connectors with a 15mm (.59˝) max. external diameter can exceed 10Gb/s per IEEE 802.3an-2006 even in the hars... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Protective Cover for MIL-DTL-38999 Receptacle

PEI-Genesis' dust covers, also known as protective caps, provide protection against live circuits and environmental contaminants when a connector is not in use. PEI-Genesis offers many styles of dust caps with a variety of chain connections available in different finishes.

Caps for circular receptacles have internal threads and are used on MS3102, MS3101, and MS3100 receptacles. C... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol 2M Micro-Miniature Circular Connectors

PEI-Genesis offers Amphenol 2M micro-miniature connectors guaranteed to intermate with Glenair Mighty Mouse. Amphenol 2M connectors are a light-weight, micro-miniature circular connector option for mil-spec performance that can withstand harsh environments. Amphenol’s 2M series meets D38999 specifications for vibration and shielding, offering better performance than Mighty Mouse. (read more)

PEI-Genesis - BACC 45 & 63/MIL-C-26500

PEI-Genesis offers the MIL-C-26500/BACC 45 & 63 (Omega) Series. This series describes a family of connectors qualified to MIL-C-26500. While maintaining the MIL-C-26500 mating interface, this product has also been expanded to include qualifications to numerous Boeing specifications to satisfy general purpose requirements and unique product challenges for shielding, environmental seal... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol Luminus Series

PEI-Genesis offers the Amphenol Luminus Series which are light-weight, cost-effective connectors that are highly reliable and simple to use. With multiple product options to choose from, they meet MIL-T-81714, accept AS39029 and Stamped & Formed contacts, and are environmentally-sealed to IP67. Ideal where space is limited, these innovative, “scoop-proof” connectors featu... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - TE Connectivity DEUTSCH 369 Series

PEI-Genesis offers TE DEUTSCH 369 series connectors. The 369 series contains high reliability in a compact, lightweight, fully sealed and cost-effective composite design. These harsh environment connectors are perfect for use in commercial aircraft cabin systems and other aerospace applications. Based on the popular DEUTSCH ARINC 809/EN4165 single module connector, 369 series connectors... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - Amphenol LMD/LMS Series

PEI-Genesis offers the LMD/LMS Connector Series. LMD/LMS was designed by Amphenol Pyle-National to provide flexibility in the assembly of wire harnesses that are used in instrumentation and avionic control environments. The modular design of the LMD provides rack and panel or cable to cable attachment. LMS allows an in-line splice using the same modules.

Design Features of... (read more)

PEI-Genesis - TE Connectivity DEUTSCH EN4165

PEI-Genesis offers the EN4165 series from TE Connectivity DEUTSCH. Highly reliable for cabin interconnections, the DMC-M has set the modular connector standard in the Aerospace & Military industries since the 1980’s, and is now standardized by European Specification EN4165. PEI-Genesis offers both the Single Module, and the 2 or 4 Way Module.
The DMC-M Single Module is a... (read more)