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Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - Q Inflatable Seals and Clamps

Q® is a new line of build your own inflatable seals and clamps. The Q design process allows you to quickly specify the seal (or clamp) you need. (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - Septa Types & Seals... for Lab Applications

Pawling Engineered Products - Cepure (se·pure), Pawling's latest product line, brings real innovation to the Analytical Laboratory market. New material options, improved designs, and unique processing methods are used to improve product quality and process efficiency in the lab. We offer a wide array of septa types that are designed for specific testing method... (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - Inflatable Seals... Fluoroelastoomer

Pawling Engineered Products - Responding to requests from semiconductor foundries & suppliers, Pawling has developed a "no compromise" fluoroelastomer (FKM) inflatable seal material for load locks and associated chambers used in semiconductor processing, which delivers superior barrier performance & extended service life. (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - Inflatable Clamps & Actuators

Pawling Engineered Products - Custom air energized elastomeric clamps and actuators are perfect for clamping fragile and/or radiused products or applying consistent linear forces. Using Pneuma-Seal® as an inflatable clamp provides uniform controlled pressure to firmly clamp pieces for bonding or to hold pieces in place during machining or cutting opera... (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. -  Septa/Cap Lining...Vial & Injection Port

Pawling Engineered Products - The Cepure® family of products is specially designed for high performance septa and cap lining/packaging applications. Applications include GC and HPLC autosampler septa, injection port septa for GC, and other special packaging applications. (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - NEW Inflatable Seals - Pharmaceutical Equip.

Pawling Engineered Products introduces a NEW line of inflatable seal compounds that meet US Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI certification is now available. The CVI™ Series meets the specific needs of pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers who seek the assurance of USP Class VI compound certification for their inflatable seals. The compounds ar... (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. -  Sealing, Actuation & Clamping Technology

Pawling Engineered Products - Elastomeric Technologies for Sealing, Clamping, Actuating. From inflatable door seals to septa for gas chromatography and workholding clamps to semiconductor processing seals... Pawling Engineered Products has the expertise and capabilities to help with your applications... SEE our VIDEO (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - Silicone Inflatable Seal - ANTIMICROBIAL

Pawling Engineering -The industry's first silicone inflatable seal with built-in antimicrobial properties. The AMS Series™ antimicrobial silicone provides an added layer of protection in food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and scientific applications and other high-performance environments, where cleanliness and inhibiting microbial contamination are criti... (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - USP Class VI Inflatable Seals

New line of inflatable seal compounds meets U.S. Pharmacopoeia (USP) Class VI certification. Available in silicone and EPDM the CVI™ Series combines the right materials for biocompatibility with the temperature and/or chemical resistance characteristics needed for inflatable seals. Ideal for door seals, hatch cover seals, fluid bed dryers, sterilizers, chromotography columns (read more)

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. - Glovebox Isolator Inflatable Door Seals

Glovebox isolation chambers are used in many different processes where maintaining a sterile working environment is critical to the success of the end product. The fact that the seals must work on this equipment is an understatement. (read more)

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Pawling Engineered Products Inc., leading manufacturer of highly specialized elastomeric products, introduced the industry’s first silicone inflatable seal with built-in antimicrobial properties, the AMS Series™ antimicrobial silicone seals


Injection Port Septa for LCGC - Samples available at PittCon, come see us at booth # 3844. Cepure Zero's revolutionary design combines very low bleed and excellent injection life into one, small package. New Orleans March 2 - 7


Rigid mechanical and magnetic clamps are fine for most industrial gripping and positioning. But what if the piece is too fragile or irregular for point-source gripping, or the factory environment is too corrosive or hostile?