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Photron has promoted these products:

Photron - High-Speed Cameras for Blood Pattern Analysis

"Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) is the science of studying the bloody aftermath of  violent crimes and accidents to help investigators gather evidence" - ESR
This past month Photron provided cameras to ESR for their Fluid Dynamics of Bloodstain Pattern Formation Course at the Northeast Forensic Training Center in Bethlehem, PA. Course participants included forensic scient... (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM SA5 raises the bar on high speed cameras

Built upon Photron's Emmy award winning high speed video camera success, the FASTCAM SA5 once more raises the bar on what a high speed camera should be capable of. (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM Mini AX200 High Speed Camera System

Photron’s Mega-Pixel FASTCAM Mini AX200 - High-Speed Camera System with the Industries’ Highest Light Sensitivity (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM Mini AX100 High-Speed Camera

Photron’s Rugged, Compact FASTCAM Mini AX100 High-Speed Camera System Features Superior Light Sensitivity (read more)


The Photron FASTCAM Mini AX50 and AX100 high-speed video camera are tested to the genuine ISO 12232 Ssat standard as published (no tungsten, or 'T' values obtained by cheating and removing IR filters during testing) to produce a quantifiable light sensitivity of ISO 40,000 for the monochrome version, and 16,000 for the color.

Built to the same exacting standar... (read more)

Photron - Miniature High Speed, 2 Headed Microscopy Camera

The FASTCAM MC2 is an affordable high speed camera specifically designed to provide production line engineers with the tools they need to be able to quickly locate and fix costly faults on the production line. (read more)

Photron - Ultra-High-Speed, High Resolution Camera System

The ultra-high-speed, high-resolution Fastcam IS-1M camera system is a revolutionary 312 x 260 pixel resolution ISIS (in-situ image storage) CCD sensor system designed to capture a wide range of ultra high-speed phenomena at up to 1,000,000 frames per second (fps). (read more)

Photron - Affordable High Speed High Definition Camera

The FASTCAM SA6 has been developed to permit high definition recording and detailed high speed analysis of large spatial areas in applications such as automotive safety testing, fluid dynamics and solid mechanics. The system provides 1920x1440 pixel image resolution at all frame rates up to 1,125fps, 1920x1080 full HD resolution at frame rates (read more)

Photron - High Def High Speed Video Camera Fastcam BC2

Full 1080 HD video cam provides up to 2,000 frames per second to address motion picture and broadcast needs. (read more)

Photron - Fastcam SA4 - When Cost Can't Effect Performance

Photron's High Speed, High Performance CMOS Camera Delivers 3,600 fps at 1,024 x 1,024 Pixel Resolution and frame rates up to 500,000 fps at reduced resolution (read more)

Photron - High Speed Imaging FASTCAM SA8

The compact size of the FASTCAM SA8 conceals powerful high speed imaging performance. A choice of two performance options provide frame rates of either 2,000 fps or 3,500 fps at 1,280 x 1,024 pixel image resolution with increased frame rates at reduced image resolution. (read more)

Photron - Multi Head High-Speed Camera System

Photron is pleased to announce a unique high speed, high resolution remote camera head, high speed camera system; the FASTCAM Multi. Providing mega pixel resolution (1,280 wide by 1,024 pixels tall) to 4,800 frames per second (fps), the FASTCAM Multi utilizes one or two compact camera heads that can be remotely connected to the central processor.

With a 1µs global shutter op... (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM Mini UX50 - Compact High-Speed Camera

Compact and rugged 1.3 megapixel high-speed imaging system suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive safety testing (read more)

Photron - New Photron Data Acquisition (DAQ) Plug-In

Photron’s slow motion cameras compatable with National Instruments data acquisition module. (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM SA-Z Ultra High Speed Imager

The Photron FASTCAM SA-Z offers scientists, researchers and engineers the ability to capture high resolution digital images at ultra-high speeds to see and understand previously invisible processes and events. (read more)

Photron - Fastcam MH4 - Multi Head High Speed Camera

The multi head Fastcam MH4 from Photron provides superb light sensitivity from an unbelievable small package. Four camera heads, each less than 1.5" (35mm) square can be connected to the compact DC processor to enable easy high speed imaging in the most difficult to access and hostile environments. (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM Mini UX100 High-G High Speed Video Camera

The Photron FASTCAM Mini UX100 high speed camera packs a lot of performance in such a small package, providing 1,280 by 1,024 pixel resolution to 4,000 frames per second (fps) and reduced resolution operation all the way to 800,000 fps, with 1,280(H) by 720 (V), equivalent to 720 HD video resolution, to 6,400 fps. (read more)

Photron - FASTCAM SA-X2 High Speed Camera

To meet the requirements of the most demanding high-speed imaging applications, a balance of high frame rate, image resolution, dynamic range and light sensitivity is required. (read more)

Photron - ultima APX-i2

ultima APX-i2: High Speed Video Camera Utilizes Image Intensifier Bonded Directly to Sensitive CMOS Sensor (read more)