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Downsize and optimize your application with a brushless slotless DC motor that also runs up to 30W continuous power at 40,000 rpm. (read more)

Portescap - The New Motor Selection Tool MotionCompass™

Portescap is pleased to announce a new motor selection tool, MotionCompass™ – a web-based application that facilitates choosing a motor based on your application needs. MotionCompass will provide you with recommendations for our brushless DC and brush DC coreless products that best fit your needs, including all relevant data and performance curves. (read more)

Portescap - Disc Magnet Stepper Motors w Multipolar Design

Portescap introduces our P760 series disc magnet motor , which outperforms standard Brushless DC motors in various applications. The unique thin disc magnet motor has been optimized to deliver high torque and acceleration up to 5,000 rpm. (read more)

Portescap - Brushless DC Slotted Motors by Portescap

Portescap's Brushless DC slotted motors are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of sterile and other demanding environments, from surgical tools to aerospace and defense applications. Portescap BLDC slotted motors provide smooth, highly efficient and quiet operation, with no load speeds ranging from 47,000 rpm to 100,000 rpm. (read more)

Portescap - High Performance Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor

The 20M020D provides up to 1.55 oz-in (10.95 mNm) of holding torque in a 20 mm frame size. The neodymium magnets provide high power density for applications that need moderate torque in a small package. It is available in 5 or 12 volt windings, and in unipolar or bipolar designs. (read more)

Portescap - MINI Brush DC Motors by Portescap

Portescap's small brush DC motors are ideal for your portable and small devices. Our continuous innovation in coreless motor technology enables us to offer: (read more)

Portescap - Brushless DC Motors by Portescap

Portescap motor technology continues to push the curve of high performance in both slotted and slotless brushless DC motors. With exceptional torque and speed, higher efficiency and package sizes suited to meet your needs, brushless DC motors meet even the most stringent requirements. (read more)

Portescap - DC Motors Excel In Uneven Loading Environments

Athlonix™ 22NT Brush DC Motors - Designed to excel in uneven loading environmentsAthlonix™ 22NT Brush DC Motors - Designed to excel in uneven loading environments (read more)

Portescap - Micromotors for Diagnostic Analyzers

Our innovative product technologies enhance the consistency and standards of workflows, resulting in improved quality and more reliable data. Portescap's extensive range of flexible and scalable automation products have solutions for every laboratory, covering the entire spectrum of size, scale and application needs. (read more)


Part of our ULTRA EC series, the 22ECS45 brushless DC slotless motor features a new patent pending magnetic design. The 22ECS45 micro motor offers long life, excellent speed capability and smooth rotation. (read more)

Portescap - Linear Actuators For Medical / Clinical Diagnostic

Great for Clinical Diagnostics and Life Science applications such as: Diagnostic Pipettes, Lab Automation, Pumps, Valve Controls, and more... and Great for medical applications such as: Pipettes, Pumps and more... (read more)

Portescap - 35mm Brush DC High Performance Motors

Portescap, a Danaher Company, has expanded its family of brush DC motors by introducing 35GLT motors. These RoHS-compliant motors have a 35mm housing and weigh just 360 grams, while delivering a 40% increase in torque-to-volume ratio when compared with standard iron core motors of similar frame size. (read more)

Portescap - High Power Density Graphite/Copper DC Motor

Athlonix™ high-power density brush DC motors. These compact, high-efficiency endurance motors deliver unrivaled speed-to-torque performance in a compact lighter weight package (15-53 grams depending on frame size) with output power up to 10 watts. (read more)

Portescap - High Power Density w Graphite / Copper Commutation

The 22NT82 Athlonix brush dc motor design offers high power density combined with graphite/copper commutation to achieve high acceleration and dynamics. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap: Slotted Brushless DC Motors

Portescap offers two types of brushless motors – slotted and slotless. Brushless DC Slotted Mini Motors use a stator that consists of stacked steel lamination with winding placed in the slots that are axially cut along the inner periphery. BLDC Slotted mini motors provide high torque density and heat dissipation, along with high acceleration. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap: CAN STACK Linear Actuators

Portescap can trace its roots back to the team who invented the first digital linear actuator. Today, this technology is found in a growing variety of applications for good reasons – they cost effectively provide linear motion with high degrees of accuracy. (read more)

Portescap - Disc Magnet Stepper Motors by Portescap

The exceptional possibilities offered by our line of disc magnet stepper motors are unequaled by any other kind of stepper motor. Their advanced technology, developed by Portescap in Switzerland, allows for truly exceptional dynamic performance (read more)

Portescap - Brushless DC Slotless Micro Motor

The 16BHS brushless DC slotless motor utilizes a self-supporting cylindrical ironless coil made in the same winding technique as our ironless DC motors. The 16BHS micro motor offers long life, excellent speed and position control and smooth rotation. (read more)

Portescap - 12 Volt Brush DC Miniature Motor

Portescap introduces the 10NS brush DC miniature motor. These brush DC motors deliver spectacular speed-to-torque performance, ensuring high nominal torque and high power up to 0.7W in a smaller envelope than motors with comparable performance attributes. (read more)

Portescap - Learn How Small Motors Deliver Big Results

Portescap's stepper motor linear actuator creates translational motion with the simple operation of a stepper motor resulting in a cost effective and reliable motion solution. Achieving linear motion internal to the motor eliminates the cost of designing a transmission into the system. (read more)

Portescap - Portescap Electric Motor Technology

Portescap's electric motor technology solutions cover a broad range of applications in instrumentation. Mobile devices will benefit from the low power draw of our brush DC coreless motors and brushless DC motors. (read more)

Portescap - Slotless Brushless DC Flat Motor

The 32BF brushless DC slotless motor utilizes 6 self supporting ironless coils. The 32BF micro motor offers long life, excellent speed and position control and smooth rotation. Using a disc magnet design, it has no iron losses and a flat shape. (read more)