Precitec, Inc. - CHRocodile IT Keeps an Eye on Wafer Thickness

The CHRocodile IT line of sensors from Precitec Optronik offers a highly accurate thickness measurement for infrared transparent materials. They are capable of non-contact scanning with a small spot size for use on all portions of the device. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Non-contact Sandwich Measurements

With Precitec's CHRocodile sensors, it is possible to analyze sandwich and laminated materials during production, getting both individual layer and total thickness information. The non-contact optical sensors work at a variety of wavelengths, making measurement possible on nearly all materials. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - CHRocodile Sensors

With non-contact thickness and topographical measurement speeds up to 14kHz, CHRocodile sensors provide accurate and reliable measurements on nearly all materials (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Inline Hi-Speed Measurement of Plastic

The thickness of plastic parts can be measured at very high speeds with new non-contact sensors from Precitec. Thanks to the robust nature of the probes, they can be integrated into harsh environments and used for continuous monitoring. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Fast Measurement for Semiconductor & PV Material

Speed and throughput are 2 important factors during manufacturing. Inline monitoring with CHRocodile sensors is an efficient way to improve your process, while achieving the highest quality product. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - On-Line Glass and Plastic Inspection

Non-contact Thickness Measurement On-Line

The thickness measurement system CHRocodile M4 from Precitec provides an economical solution for inline inspections. The high speed, multi-point measurement system is ideal for hot end or cold end glass as well as various plastic processing applications. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Non-contact Measurements for Medical Devices

CHRocodile sensors can be integrated inline, or used in R&D, to monitor thickness and topography on nearly all materials. Whether you are looking to meausre a catheter balloon or an ultrasound chip, there is a non-contact measurement well suited for you. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Glass-Thickness Measurement Option

CHRocodile sensors have become the standard in container glass measurements. Now, with the addition of new probes, brighter light sources and even higher speed sensors, there are even more options for inline measurements. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Measurement of Doped Wafers and TSVs

Modifications have been made to several existing CHRocodile sensors to enable measurement on unique semiconductor materials, ranging from glass, sapphire and highly doped wafers, to TSVs and other structured devices. Capable of measuring wafer thickness, topography or film thickness at high speeds, CHRocodile sensors are available for nearly all materials and applications. (read more)

Precitec, Inc. - Precision Non-Contact Optical Measurements

The production of high-quality parts requires an equal level of measurement precision. Using high speed non-contact optical sensors, it is possible to acheive nanometer precision with the CHRocodile. (read more)