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Progressive Automations has promoted these products:

Progressive Automations - PA-04 Linear Actuator

Our PA-04 linear actuator model is unique from all our other models in that it is the only one that comes with a built in IP-66 rating. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Actuator Parts

Recently we have started distributing actuator parts for our various actuator models in order to better serve our customer base. Now if you need a replacement part for one of our actuators, or would simply like to have some spares in case the unit malfunctions for some reason, you can now find and purchase parts on our website.

Parts we have in stock right now include DC Motors fo... (read more)

Progressive Automations - FLT-02 and FLT-05 Table Lift Sets

As we are always looking to innovate and introduce new products, we'd like to announce two of our newest table lift models, the FLT-02 and FLT-05 Table Lift Sets. Both table lift sets are almost identical but with one key difference, the FLT-05 comes with three lifting columns instead of two. These table lifts are perfect for when you need an adjustable desk/table, whether that be in the... (read more)

Progressive Automations - FLT-01 Table Lift

Our new FLT-01 Table Lift is a single lifting column model that is capable of lifting up to 175 lbs. It comes with all the tools and equipment needed for installation as well as a remote and power supply for full motion control. What seperates this table lift from our other models is that it comes with a table top included so you have everything you need for your ideal adjustable table.

(read more)
Progressive Automations - FLT-04 Table Lift Set

As we are consistently looking to expand and improve our products, we have introduced a new table lift to our selection of linear actuators. This new table lift, the FLT-04 Table Lift Set, is a four column model capable of lifting up to 700 lbs of force (175 lbs per leg) and comes with everything you need for installation. This table lift set is perfect for any type of desk, table or any... (read more)

Progressive Automations - PA-03 Linear Actuator

The PA-03 Linear Actuator is our standard actuator model the delivers lots of power and high performance. It's suitable for almost any type of project or application you have in mind with hight force output, capable of lifting up to 600 lbs at 0.39"/s. It can even be customized to lift as much as 1000 lbs, but if you don't need that much force it also comes with a faster option that move... (read more)

Progressive Automations - TY-01 TV Lift

The future of home entertainment, our TY-01 television lift is the perfect way to automate your entertainment system for the optimal viewing experience. (read more)

Progressive Automations - PA-18 Track Linear Actuator

The PA-18 track linear actuator is one of our more popular models and is designed so that no additional space is required other than its total length. This conserves space and allows the same hole to hole dimensions whether it’s fully extended or retracted. (read more)

Progressive Automations - 2 and 4 Channel Relay Modules

To get started on your custom order just contact us and give a description of how you want to control your units, e.g. 4 units moving in sync, and we will have your custom PLC produced within 10 to 15 business days. (read more)

Progressive Automations - More precise control than ever before

A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is an industrial computer control system that allows more precise control than ever before of our linear actuators. (read more)

Progressive Automations - PLC Control Systems

Introducing our new line of PLC Controls Systems and Microcontrollers, the most advanced motion control systems in the industry (read more)

Progressive Automations - Mini Linear Actuators make Robotics Possible

Today, robotics are being used for all types of scientific, intelligence and industrial applications. When exploring outer space or rescuing people or protecting workers from hazardous environments, mini linear actuators are at work. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Why Care About Electric Automation Technology?

A more energy efficient automation solution will not only promote lower energy consumption. It will give your company a better image, it will provide you with a safeguard against rising resource costs and through the benefit of lower operation and maintenance costs, it can help you funnel money into where you need it most. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Wondering how to hide your TV?

Want to put your TV away when you aren’t watching it to have more space? Whether you’re hiding your TV on a boat, in your home or anywhere else, using actuators is a low cost, efficient solution. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Introducing Our New PA-39 Control Box

Check out our newest control box model, the PA-39 Synchronized Dual Actuator Control Box! (read more)

Progressive Automations - Take Full Advantage Of The Sun!

Solar Tracking System using Linear Actuators - Progressive Automations (read more)

Progressive Automations - Custom Actuators Cut Costs

When you use a custom actuator for your application, you're not wasting unused energy, you're not just installing 'good enough' systems, and you're always sure you're using the right tool for the job

If you don't find the actuator we have in stock, we can custom produce one for you. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Mini Linear Actuators PA-14

Choose from our wide selection of mini linear actuators ranging in speed, force, voltage, stroke and dimensions. These actuators are quiet, easy to install and provide a powerful means of linear motion. We carry a large selection for every project and application, and each mini electric actuator you see on our website is available and ready to be shipped the same day you place the order. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Control Systems

Our control systems are made for any automation project and application. We offer a range of control systems that are specifically designed to fit with our entire line of linear actuators. Our control systems can control actuators with wired or wireless controls, depending on the model or convert DC to AC voltage. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Foot Switches

We offer a line of foot switches that makes controlling any actuators simple and easy. Their construction is hardy, able to stand up to the rigors of any application or project. Our foot switches come in three different models, designed to work in tandem with our control systems. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Heavy-Duty Linear Actuators PA-17

We carry a range of heavy-duty linear actuators designed for all applications and projects. Our product line displayed on our website is always in stock and available for same-day shipping. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Linear Actuators With Potentiometer PA-14P

For projects that require precise feedback, our electric actuators with a potentiometer provide the ideal solution. They are small, powerful and are easy to install. Our 12V actuators come in a wide selection, and each product we have on our website is available and can be shipped the same day. (read more)

Progressive Automations - AC-14 DC Speed Controller

For complete speed control of your electric actuator, try our AC-14 DC Speed Controller. This speed controller allows you to control the speed with the turn of a dial, and can be used with any electric actuator we have available. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Table Lfits

Table lifts provide any home, office or work area with an ergonomic, easy solution to increase productivity and your level of satisfaction. Our table lifts can be used to automate anything – tables, desks, platforms and much more. (read more)

Progressive Automations - Tubular High-Speed Linear Actuators PA-15

We carry a wide selection of tubular high-speed linear actuators for all applications and projects. When you are browsing through our online stock, you can be sure that everything you see is in stock and available for same day shipping. (read more)