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Progressive Automations - High Force Industrial Linear Actuator

We're here to announce our new heavy duty actuator model and now the strongest actuator we have in stock, the PA-13 High Force Industrial Linear Actuator. It is an industrial actuator meant for applications that require thousands of pounds of force. It is capable of producing 3000 lbs and can be found in the construction industry, manfacturing equipmment and other heavy duty industrial s... (read more)

Progressive Automations - New and Improved Mini Medium Force Actuator

We're happy to introduce our new and improved PA-09 Mini Medium Force Linear Actuator. It is an updated design of our older PA-16 model with some of the key improvements being its IP65 protection class rating as well as its lower noise level.

  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Current: 4A
  • Stroke: 2-40"
  • Force: 330 lbs
  • Speed: 0.27"/sec
  • Duty Cyc...
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Progressive Automations - Forward Thinking Starts Here

Our leading-edge custom actuator service means that when you can't find the actuator you need to complete your project, we step up to the plate. We'll work with you to manufacture a linear actuator that fits your project perfectly (read more)

Progressive Automations - Micro Linear Actuator

The PA-07 micro linear actuator is without a doubt the smallest actuator we have ever produced and depending on the stroke size it can even be as small in size as a pen. It is the perfect actuator for smaller scale projects and applications where not much force is needed.

  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Stroke: 0.8" - 4" (more coming soon)
  • Force: 5 lbs
  • Spee...
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Progressive Automations - PA-08 Mini Track Linear Actuator

Our newest actuator model combines the space conserving design of our track actuators with the compact size of our mini actuators into one efficient package. The track design means that no additional space is required other than the total length of the unit since the stroke just moves along the length of the actuator instead of extending and retracting. This design, along with the small... (read more)

Progressive Automations - PA-04 Linear Actuator

Our PA-04 linear actuator model is unique from all our other models in that it is the only one that comes with a built in IP-66 rating. (read more)

Progressive Automations - FLT-02 and FLT-05 Table Lift Sets

As we are always looking to innovate and introduce new products, we'd like to announce two of our newest table lift models, the FLT-02 and FLT-05 Table Lift Sets. Both table lift sets are almost identical but with one key difference, the FLT-05 comes with three lifting columns instead of two. These table lifts are perfect for when you need an adjustable desk/table, whether that be in the... (read more)

Progressive Automations - FLT-01 Table Lift

Our new FLT-01 Table Lift is a single lifting column model that is capable of lifting up to 175 lbs. It comes with all the tools and equipment needed for installation as well as a remote and power supply for full motion control. What seperates this table lift from our other models is that it comes with a table top included so you have everything you need for your ideal adjustable table.

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Progressive Automations - FLT-04 Table Lift Set

As we are consistently looking to expand and improve our products, we have introduced a new table lift to our selection of linear actuators. This new table lift, the FLT-04 Table Lift Set, is a four column model capable of lifting up to 700 lbs of force (175 lbs per leg) and comes with everything you need for installation. This table lift set is perfect for any type of desk, table or any... (read more)

Progressive Automations - PA-03 Linear Actuator

The PA-03 Linear Actuator is our standard actuator model the delivers lots of power and high performance. It's suitable for almost any type of project or application you have in mind with hight force output, capable of lifting up to 600 lbs at 0.39"/s. It can even be customized to lift as much as 1000 lbs, but if you don't need that much force it also comes with a faster option that move... (read more)

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