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QTC METRIC GEARS has promoted these products:

QTC METRIC GEARS - Metric Gears For North America

Other gear products, such as internal gears and gearboxes, are available as well. These products are available in many different materials, sizes and styles to fit a wide variety of applications. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Precision 20° pressure angle plastic racks

Total rack lengths range from 505 mm to 1010 mm. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Metric Stainless Gear Racks in pitch modules 1~4

These hobbed and passivated racks, identified as the SUR, SURF, and SURFD Series, are made from SUS304 stainless steel with tooth hardness of less than 187HB. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Secondary operations to miter gears from QTC

Secondary operations to miter gears from QTC can be easily made to fit your application. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - QTC Metric Gears Offer a Small Hub Envelope.

Their sizes range from 14 to 120 teeth with O.D.'s ranging from 9 mm to 102 mm. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - QTC Metric Gears Offers Quick-Turn Modified Gears

The J Series line of gears are “semi-custom” versions of standard KHK stock gears that undergo simple modification procedures, including opening the bore (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Ratchets & Pawls made from S45C steel

Number of teeth range from 50 to 100. Bore sizes range from 10 mm to 20 mm. Ratchets are stocked both with and without hubs. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - QTC Metric Worm Gear Pairs

These gears are produced by KHK Co. Ltd. under an exclusive distribution arrangement with QTC in the US. They are featured at the QTC eStore where you can order online, request a quote, download CAD models, check stock plus view catalog specifications and technical pages. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Precision Stainless Steel Bevel Gears from QTC

Other materials including plastic, injection molded, sintered metal, and steel are available from QTC. (read more)


QTC METRIC GEARS, the leading supplier of metric gears for North America is proud to announce the release of its new 2015 Metric Gear Catalog, Q430, in print and digital versions. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - QTC Rebranded for More Focused Market Coverage

QTC METRIC GEARS on Course to Becoming the Premiere Supplier of Metric Gears to North America (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Metric Miter gears with bores from 6 mm to 20 mm

In addition to these stainless steel miter gears, QTC stocks a wide variety of miter gears in other materials including: steel, plastic, injection molded and sintered metal. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Internal gears available in modules 1 through 3

Combine with available spur gears to make planetary gear drives. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Involute splined shafts & bushings from QTC

These splined shafts & bushings, identified as the SV... Series are stocked in carbon steel with a tooth hardness of 225 ~ 260 HB. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Metric Miter Gears from QTC Metric Gears

These ground, hobbed and molded miter gears are stocked in straight, angular and spiral configurations. (read more)

QTC METRIC GEARS - Induction Hardened Gear Couplings from QTC

These units are machined complete with keyways, set screw holes, and finished bores and are ready for immediate installation. (read more)