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R. STAHL, Inc.

R. STAHL, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

R. STAHL, Inc. - Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Breaker Panels

R. STAHL introduces it's new certified Explosion Protected Circuit Breaker Panels. The EPiK breaker panel is available up to 42 breakers with Main Lug Only, and Main Breaker Options. No need for heavy cast enclosures, bolts, or conduit seals. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - The Most Compact Fire Alarm Station on the Market!

The XPPS Series explosion proof fire alarm stations are the most compact fire alarm station on the market. Made of high strength metal die aluminum cast alloy, the R. STAHL series explosion proof fire alarm stations come standard with many features. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Explosion Protected VFD's up to 400+ Horsepower?

Explosion Protected VFD's up to 400+ Horsepower? Now thats a powerful Statement! (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - The NEW STAHL PurgEx Z, Y, and X is here!

Stainless steel or anodized aluminum construction for superior corrosion resistance with a light weight, small profile that reduces installation footprint. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Explosion Proof Horns, Strobes, Combination Units

Sounds like another bright idea from R. STAHL. Weight, space, and certification a concern? These globally certified compact units pack a powerful punch. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Remove The Need For Cast Explosion Proof Boxes.

New multi-functional I/O modules with enhanced diagnostics (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Modular UPS Solutions for Hazardous Areas

100% process safety with standard-compliant battery monitoring. R. STAHL provides uninterruptible power supplies for hazardous areas which ensure the safe operation of systems that require 100% availability. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - PurgEx Y/Z Purge Indicators

Introducing the most Compact, Lightweight, and Globally Certified Purge Indicator on the market.

With its UL certification, it is ideal for any integrator / panel shop. Its ATEX/IECEx certifications makes it the ideal product for anywhere in the world! Also, available in X purge. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - STAHL Now Offers Online Training!

STAHL Now Offers Online Training! For more than 80 years R. STAHL has fulfilled a unique role in protecting lives and property in harsh and hazardous (classified) locations. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - PurgEx Type X, Y, Z Purge Controllers

R. STAHL is pleased to introduce PurgEx, a complete line of X, Y, and Z Purge Indicators and Controllers. With units as small as 4.5” in diameter, and 1.88” of depth, it’s compact design is ideal for panels where space is limited. The units are certified to the latest standards of ATEX, IECEx, NEC, and CEC. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Explosion Proof Fire Alarm Stations

R. STAHL is pleased to announce their new explosion proof fire alarm stations. These units are suitable for Class I Division1, Groups B,C,D, and Class II Division 1 Groups E,F,G. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Explosion Proof Remote I/O Modules

R. STAHL Inc is pleased to announce their hot swappable Class I Division 1 explosion protected Remote I/O Modules. "Because the modules are Class I Division 1 certified, one can place these in stainless steel boxes, avoiding the need to place these units inside expensive bolted heavy cast explosion proof enclosures," said Craig Yoss, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - New ATEX IECEx Stainless Steel Fluorescent Fixture

R. STAHL, the leader in explosion protection products, is pleased to introduce their 6610 stainless steel fluorescent light fitting. This robust fixture is constructed of 316 stainless steel and meets the latest version of IEC 61892-1 Its combined ATEX and IECEx certifications makes it suitable for most regions of the world. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - New ATEX IECEx Systems Capabilities Video

R. STAHL Inc North America is pleased to debut their ATEX/IECEx, INMETRO, GOST capabilities video. From design, to build, to certification, R. STAHL is your single location to provide your explosion protected solution. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - IECEx Transformer

R. STAHL Inc. is pleased to introduce ExTran. The first IECEx certified explosion protected transformer. Ideal for all applications requiring IECEx Zone 2 explosion protected certifications. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Class I Division 2 GFCI Breaker

R. STAHL Inc is pleased to introduce the first explosion protected Class I, Division 2, Class I, Zone 1 GFCI Circuit Breaker. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Type 8485 and 7485 Grounding Monitoring Devices

Explosion Protected Static Ground Indicators - These units ensure the safe elimination of electrostatic charges during the loading and unloading of tank vehicles such as tank trucks or tank wagons. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - R. STAHL Intrinsically Safe Technical Service Dept

Houston, Texas - R. STAHL Inc, a global leader in electrical and automation interface equipment for hazardous location products, has introduced its new technical service department for intrinsically safe systems. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Video for Hazardous Location Circuit Breaker Panel

R. STAHL is excited to announce the production of its video "Out of the Box". This short video outlines the labor savings and safety factors related to the new technologies available for Class I, Division 2 Circuit Breaker Panels. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - New ATEX IECEx NEC Hazardous Location Switches

R. STAHL introduces the new 8544 series of switch disconnectors with flameproof contacts for 40 A, 63 A and 80 A rated working currents. (read more)

R. STAHL, Inc. - Fieldbus Technology 2.0 for Hazardous Areas

Houston – R. STAHL's established ISbus series, which has been providing a basic range of explosion-protected fieldbus technology until now, will be expanded by various innovative components and systems in 2009. (read more)

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