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RWM Casters Company

RWM Casters Company has promoted these products/services:

RWM Casters Company - Reduce stress on wheels and rigs due to shock

RWM Caster's SA Shock Absorbing Casters:

  • Reduce stress on wheels and rigs due to shock from rough surfaces
  • Dampen and isolate shocks and vibration from rough surfaces to protect cargo or contents in a cart or equipment
  • Reduce noise caused by casters traveling over rough surfaces
  • Equalize the load over uneven terrain among four or more caster...
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RWM Casters Company - Extreme Capacity Nylatron Wheels for Aerospace Mfg

RWM's Nylatron HD Wheels are as strong as steel. They have great rollability and are easier on production floors than steel and iron wheels. Our Nylatron HD Wheels are extremely heavy duty wheels designed for severe loads, yet they do not chunk or separate under extreme applications. They have been serving heavy duty industries such as aerospace and equipment manufacturing for many years. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Bulk Delivery Carts Make Moving Product a Breeze!

Our new Titan Bulk Delivery Truck saves time, space and money for all route delivery companies. The Titan BDT offers maximum maneuverability, zero turning radius and has a 1200 pound capacity. Heavy duty aluminum welded construction adds superior strength and durability. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Best Towing Wheel In the Industry

Everyone likes getting the best of everything. The same goes for the caster industry. RWM’s EHT wheel is perfect for smooth, ergonomic towing applications.

RWM’s Elastomeric High Tensile (EHT) wheels are a molded rubber wheel. They are one of the best wheels for towing applications because the highest quality, high tensile premium rubber is bonded to a heavy-duty alumi... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - RWM’s Core Coat Can Weather Against Corrosion

At RWM, we test our products to ensure they do in fact perform in the harsh and demanding environments as you expect them to. RWM is constantly taking customer feedback to improve the many solutions available. Based on feedback, a need for additional corrosion resistance for heavy duty wheels has become apparent in the field. As such, RWM has developed a coating for Cast Iron & Steel... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - RWM Welding: An Often Overlooked Process

The welding process is often overlooked in the manufacturing process. At RWM, we take pride in this process because we know it is important to create a product that will last during strenuous use (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Medical Equipment Wheels

If you need tough proven industrial casters to support expensive medical equipment, or light duty clean, efficient and economical casters for hallway carts, then RWM Casters is the place to be (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Medical Application Casters

If you need tough proven industrial casters to support expensive medical equipment, or light duty clean, efficient and economical casters for hallway carts, then RWM Casters is the place to be (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Tire Manufacturing Wheels

For an easy approach to your application solution, we've listed the most popular industrial casters for each industry above, from automotive casters to aerospace casters and beyond, RWM Casters can custom design caster solutions to keep your assembly lines moving reliably and cost effectively. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Tire Manufacturing Casters

When strength and durability are essential to getting the job done in the manufacturing industry you need heavy duty caster and wheel products that meet and often exceed your expectations. RWM Casters is proud to offer a line of heavy duty kingpinless casters that will outlast the competition and are made right here in the USA (read more)

RWM Casters Company - 2D & 3D CAD MODEL Downloads

RWM Casters offers oer 30,000 CAD download models directly from our website to help you streamline your design process. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Heavy Duty Kingpinless Casters - 76 Series

RWM Casters 76 Series industrial casters feature the patented Kingpinless™ caster design. This is the design that RWM patented, and that has proven to be the best solution for demanding heavy duty applications. This is the caster design that all others are copying because it is simply unmatched in extending service life, reducing all possible causes for caster failure.

The 7... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Material Handling Solutions For Any Industry

RWM Casters Company offers a full line of aluminum handtrucks including both fixed frame and convertible frame construction as well as U-Boat material handling carts, folding personal handtruck devices (Handi Carts) and conventional folding carts of both aluminum and steel construction. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Industrial Aerospace Casters

With applications ranging from luggage distribution to aircraft construction, maintenance and repair, it is important to select the right casters and wheels to keep things moving efficiently, while minimizing down time. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Tough proven industrial wheels and casters

The medical field has a series of high standards and specifications that RWM Casters is pleased to meet. If you need tough proven industrial casters to support expensive medical equipment, or light duty clean, efficient and economical casters for hallway carts, then RWM Casters is the place to be (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Prevent equipment from shifting or creeping

Floor Locks prevent portable equipment from shifting or creeping when in the locked position. Engaging the floor lock is accomplished by depressing the foot pedal. Depressing the kick bar releases or retracts the floor lock. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Continuous towline wheel requires no maintenance!

The RWM Torus Wheel™ requires no wheel maintenance and offers an outstanding blend of features that garner exceptional perfomance! (read more)

RWM Casters Company - USA Custom built Carts, Racks, Work Tables...

At RWM, we can provide any custom, new, innovative fabrication to enhance the ergonomics of our customer’s needs. RWM uses the latest technology and machinery in our fabrication process. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - 75 vs. 76 RWM Kingpinless™ Casters

75 and 76 Series Casters are RWM Kingpinless™ Casters. Having patented this design, it is now copied by all other manufacturers because it is simply unmatched in extending service life. By extending service life, this design reduces all possible causes for caster failure. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Titan BDT Truck Optimizes Bulk Deliveries

Our Titan BDT Truck Offers Optimum Application for Bulk Deliveries

  • Saves time, space, and money on route delivery.
  • Heavy duty aluminum is lighter than steel and has 1200 lb. capacity.
  • Allows for less product handling.
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RWM Casters Company - Caster Wheel CAD Models At Your Fingertips

RWM Casters offers over 30,000 CAD models that can be downloaded directly from our website. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Aerospace Casters For the Right Application

RWM manufactures aerospace casters and wheel to provide high quality products for any aerospace application. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Lower Push/Pull with the Freedom 58 Series

Have a product that’s hard to move? Make it easier with the RWM Freedom 58 series maintenance free line of caster products! The 58 Series is a proven design for improving ergonomics, towing performance, reducing noise and lowering the amount of force required to initiate movement. The rig comes standard with a black e-coat finish for superior long term durability and is Made in the... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Lower Push/Pull Freedom 58 Series

The 58 Series features an ultra-quiet sealed precision raceway design which eliminates swivel chatter for silent operation when towing. The 58 is optimized for superior ergonomic performance providing some of the lowest push/pull results of any series of caster and comes with a standard black e-coat finish. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Redesigned RK-48 Eliminates 50% of Thread Buildup

The new Rol Kleen 48 series combines the RK Series caster design with the Freedom 48 Series’ completely maintenance free raceway. The RK-48 offers ultra-quiet operation and significantly reduces thread and fiber build up. Zinc plated to protect against corrosion, the series has up to 500lb capacity and fits up to 2″ wide wheels. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Use Infinity Wheels For High Dynamic Load Capacity

RWM Caster's Infinity Wheels are made from the highest quality Vulkollan® polyurethane in the world and are proudly Made in the USA. Load capacities are greater than similarly designed wheels, enabling the use of a smaller diameter wheel if required. The Infinity Vulkollan Wheels are excellent for towing applications and offer reduced downtime and maintenance costs. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Easy, Smooth and Quiet Rolling Solid Poly Wheels!

New and improved from RWM, our 60D premium solid polyurethane wheels take performance to the next level. High quality PTMEG polyurethane and extensive product testing have lead to a drastic increase in performance over current industry solid poly type wheels. When you're ready to take a step up in quality, performance and service life these wheels offer an excellent solution in noise red... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Waste Management Casters That Make Sense

Waste and Scrap management is often shouldered by the industrial casters carts and bins ride on. The last thing an operation needs is issues with the casters and wheels on critical production and logistics material handling equipment. RWM Casters has the right product to keep your equipment rolling! (read more)

RWM Casters Company - US Made Automotive Towline Casters

RWM Caster's 65 Series casters feature their original, time tested patented kingpinless caster design. Heavy duty Made in the USA construction makes this caster excellent for automotive, aerospace, towline and general purpose manufacturing applications. Wheel diameters from 4" to 8" with 2" wide wheels for capacities up to 2,000 lbs. are available with multiple top plate, brake and swivel.. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Handi Carts Make Moving Easy

RWM Casters collapsible Handi Carts offer safe, convenient and easy material handling management. Great for around the office, at the airport, on deliveries and in any light duty material management application. RWM offers 5 material handling handi carts for your application needs. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Omega Wheels Reduce Noise and Absorb Shock

The RWM Caster Omega Wheel is a patented urethane wheel developed for towline caster applications such as automotive plants to provide noise reduction and shock absorbing capabilities through a web / spoke design. The Omega Wheel can carry high loads at high speeds, retains its bond at high speeds which increases the service life of your equipment, resists chunking and tearing whe... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Ground Support Equipment Casters

Heavy duty industrial casters custom designed and produced in the USA for the aerospace and ground support equipment industries. From ultra high capacity dual wheel casters for the heaviest applications to pneumatic and shock absorbing casters for a cushioned ride across the tarmac. RWM Casters has a solution to meet your needs! (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Quality Custom Racks, Carts & more made in the USA

Carts, Racks, Mounting Equipment, Powder coating, Shelving, Work Tables, Custom Brackets, Weldments, Plasma Cut Parts Lobby-Cart


At RWM we want to help you take an innovative idea and make it a reality. We have the latest technology and machinery to build custom products. Our machinery can cut virtually any 2D shape or contour up to ¾ inch t... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Quality Fabrication for your Custom Applications

At RWM, we can provide any custom, new, innovative fabrication to enhance the ergonomics of our customer's needs. RWM uses the latest technology and machinery in our fabrication process. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - WHY RWM?

At RWM, we can provide any custom, new, innovative fabrication to enhance the ergonomics of our customer’s needs. RWM uses the latest technology and machinery in our fabrication process. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Need a caster design for a new project?

RWM has over 30,000 models for direct, easy download right off our website. Need a caster design for a new project? Check it out. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we can create a model or build completely new and custom designs. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Build A Custom Hand Truck
  • 500 pound capacity as a hand truck
  • 1,000 pound capacity as a platform truck
  • 2-in-1 hand truck easily converts from a hand truck to a platform truck
  • Easy release mechanism operates smoothly and quickly
  • Strong, light-weight frames l Extremely durable and long lasting
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RWM Casters Company - RWM Casters offers a variety of Swivel Locks

WM Casters offers a variety of Swivel Locks including Demountable Swivel Locks, Passive Swivel Locks, Heavy Duty Threaded Swivel Locks and Foot Operated Swivel Locks. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Powder Coating vs. Wet Paint

RWM now offers Powder Coating on many of our caster series. It is just another example showing how we lead the way in the industry. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Maintenance Free Casters Reduce Operation Expenses

RWM Casters 68 Series is 100% maintenance free and designed for medium to heavy duty industrial applications. The sealed precision raceway provides precision swivel movement with zero slack and does not require maintenance in the form of greasing like conventional casters. Another benefit of our Maintenance Free Caster Series is the reduction in operating noise from the sealed precision... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - GT Wheels for easy rolling of immense loads!

The GT Wheel's premium blend of high strength, high performance elastomers, plus it's state-of-the-art wheel architecture combine to provide 5%-15% more capacity than any other solid elastomer wheel available on the market. Made in the USA and great for both manual or towing applications these wheels continue to perform under the most demanding towline applications. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Hand Truck Wheels

RWM Casters offers a complete line of hand truck wheels for use in any application or environment. Choices include: Pneumatic Hand Truck Wheels, Rubber Hand Truck Wheels, Solid Foam Maintenance Free Wheels and Premium Signature Hand Truck Wheels. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Material Handling Solutions!

Looking for a high quality, easy rolling, extremely durable caster or wheel for your next material handling project. Improve ergonomics, reduce cost and improve efficiencies by utilizing RWM Casters quality caster and wheel products. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Custom Casters Present Application Solutions

The right caster, wheel or material handling solution may not always be straight from the catalog. Often times applications require specific solutions catered to unique industry requirements. RWM Casters offers full in house engineering services to design and build the ideal caster for each situation. Best of all, RWM Casters produces all Kingpinless Casters and custom design solutions i... (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Minimize Overall Height and Maximize Load Capacity

with Heavy Duty Kingpinless Dual Wheel Casters. RWM Casters 2-125 Series Dual wheel casters are the solution to the problem of how to minimize overall height and maximize load capacity. These casters feature all of the benefits of our patented Kingpinless™ raceway and offer twice the capacity load - up to 40,000 lbs! We proudly make our 2-125 Series Casters in the USA. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Super Compact Casters Keep Heavy Equipment Mobile

RWM Casters Super Compact Casters are the ultimate solution for demanding situations requiring super capacities in a compact package. These heavy duty casters are available in six standard offerings with custom design and manufacturing capabilities for an assortment of potential application specific uses. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - The Newest Arrival in Safety by RWM Casters

Keep safety in mind with RWM Casters new Field Installable Foot Guards (FIFG for short). The FIFG is designed to shield workers' feet from heavy carts which could potentially cause injury. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Premium Polyurethane Wheels = Longer Service Life!

Polyurethane tread wheels are an excellent way to provide a layer of durable, long lasting, shock absorbing cushion between your valuable products and the floor. This reduces noise, improves rollability and carries heavy loads at speed. Available in a wide array of durometers and thickness these wheels can dominate in almost any application. (read more)

RWM Casters Company - Non-Marking Premium Rubber Wheels

Smooth and Quiet are the first two things that will come to mind when using our signature premium rubber wheels. Now available in smaller sizes, these wheels offer quality elastomeric high tensile non-marking rubber treads with reinforced nylon cores. Great for tow lines, drywall carts, in plant dollies, hospitals, assembly lines and countless other applications. (read more)