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RainWise, Inc.

RainWise, Inc. has promoted these products:

RainWise, Inc. - Measure & Record Weather Data Anywhere

compact rugged industrial grade data logging weather station (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - The Premier Rainfall Data Logger
  • Increased capacity – Flash memory has been increased to 2 MB from the original 256K.
  • AAA Batteries – The difficult to source lithium CR2477N battery has been replaced with two AAA battery compartments allowing for easy un-interrupted replacement in the field.
  • Battery monitor- The RainLog 2.0 includes a battery monitor LED t....
(read more)
RainWise, Inc. - Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
  • Global Irradiance Sensor
  • Plane-of-Array Irradiance Sensor
  • 1 or 2 x Back-of-PV Panel Temp Sensor(s)
  • Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
  • Upgraded with a high precision Ultrasonic Anemometer for wind speed & direction. The Ultra Sonic Sensor has no moving parts which enhances sensor durability & practically eliminates maintenance. Marine g...
(read more)
RainWise, Inc. - Spotlights Importance of Agricultural Weather Data

RainWise, Inc.,, believes monitoring weather data can assist farmers in making smarter decisions on the farm, especially with planting, harvesting, insect and disease control, irrigation, fertilization rates and crop selection. (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - Davis-Compatible Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

Continuing the progression of their top of the line wind sensors, LCJ Capteurs provides us another superior ultrasonic wind sensor, the Sonic-Anemo-DZP. (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - 1 mile Line-of-Sight Transmission

The long range MK-III-LR features a powerful new 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio that increases range to 1 mile line of sight. It also features an industry best , real time 2 second wind speed and direction update interval. (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - The System 12 Display Console and Data Logger

The System 12 has two serial ports and will display real time values, record 24 hour maximums and minimums, process the data in a preferred format and output directly to a printer and/or a computer. (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - Display Console and Data Logger

The WeatherLog® System 12 Control/Display Console was developed to meet those applications which require a large number of sensors and/or a number of extra display parameters, such as averaging, daily records, etc. (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - The HM-1 HAZMAT weather station

The HM-1 HAZMAT weather station is designed for first responders to hazardous material incidents. The weather station provides important real-time information for monitoring and responding to incidents (read more)

RainWise, Inc. - Commercial Modbus Weather Stations

The RainWise MB series of fully assembled, compact wired weather stations offer an economical option for many Industrial applications. Equipped with the Modbus RTU interface, the RainWise MB line easily integrates with building automation, large agricultural operations, and industrial control systems. (read more)