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Remke Industries - Cord Grip & Cable Connector Comparison

Quickly Compare Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors (read more)

Remke Industries - Stainless Steel Connector Comparison

Remke Delivers More than Other Manufacturers!

Stainless Steel Connector Comparison
From the connector size to the type of SS, number of parts in stock to the bushing options available, Remke has more.

Quickly compare manufacturers and see how their product lines and options stack up for standard SS, liquidight and custom connectors. (read more)

Remke Industries - Silicone Connectors are the Answer

Where Absolute Reliability is Required, Silicone Connectors are the Answer (read more)

Remke Industries - Molded Silicone Cable Connectors for Extreme Temps

Silicone Cable Connectors are Ideal for Extreme Temperatures

Mini-Link™ Electrical Connectors & Cordsets molded with Silicone are ideally suited for industrial applications for very hot or cold temperatures, extreme temperature ranges and may types of severely harsh environments. (read more)

Remke Industries - IP-Rated Electrical Connectors

Ensure Connectors are IP Rated for Each Type of Application (read more)

Remke Industries - The Oil-Rig Challenge

An off-shore oil drilling platform was having problems with miswiring, condensation, corrosion and electrical shorts. They were facing downtime and increased costs because of it.

Turning to Remke to solve their problems, the Engineered Solutions team went to work developing a distribution box that would flawlessly handle the environmental demands and space considerations. (read more)

Remke Industries - Industrial Strength Connectors-New Remke Catalogue

Remke Today and Tomorrow… bringing you industrial-strength electrical connectors with personalized service, order flexibility and custom solutions. (read more)

Remke Industries - 5 Important Things About Molded Connectors

5 Important Things About Molded Connectors
Specify the right molded connector for each application.

1. Extreme environments demand tough materials
2. Contact materials seal the deal
3. Strain relief is important to long-term reliability
4. Little extras go a long way
5. Distribution boxes make installation and maintenance simple (read more)

Remke Industries - New! Liquidtight Connectors for Solar Applications

Remke's Helio-Seal Solar Cable Connectors provide unmatched sealing protection.

  • UV-Resistant Nylon
  • Santoprene Membrane Seals in 1-13 Wires Easily
  • Faster Installation
  • IP68, UL and CSA Certified
(read more)
Remke Industries - New! LiquaSeal Connectors Fight Corrosion

Aluminum LiquaSeal Connectors
New! LiquaSeal Connectors Fight Corrosion

Remke’s new Liquidtight Aluminum cord grips are made of high-quality, forged aluminum with a natural sleek finish.
These connectors were made for superior strength and durability in many different applications including hazardous environments. Learn More >

Bringing You Industrial-St... (read more)