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Remke Industries - Cable Connectors for Extreme Temps

Silicone Cable Connectors are Ideal for Extreme Temperatures
Mini-Link™ Electrical Connectors & Cordsets molded with Silicone are ideally suited for industrial applications for very hot or cold temperatures, extreme temperature ranges and may types of severely harsh environments. (read more)

Remke Industries - Engineered Solutions: Custom Electrical Connectors

Custom Electrical Connectors – Level 3: Completely Custom Connectors (read more)

Remke Industries - Compliance for Remke Cable Connectors

Remke Cable Connectors and Cord Grips are in compliance with regulations across the board! This guide will help you determine which materials and products you need to comply with your application. Find IP & NEMA Ratings plus UL, CSA, NEC, RoHS, WEE and ISO product compliance for RSR Series, Watertight Conduit Hubs and more. (read more)

Remke Industries - Easier to Handle and Quicker to Install

Dome Cap Cable Glands are easy to install in either clearance or threaded holes. Simply insert the cord and tighten the “dome-nut” to create a tight seal and relieve any strain on the cable. No disassembly is required. (read more)

Remke Industries - Superior Strain Relief

Get industrial-strength impact and abrasions resistance, even in wet or damp environments or at low temperatures with Remke's Dome Cap Cable Glands. (read more)

Remke Industries - Add Protective Anodized or Nickel Plating

Add Protective Anodized or Nickel Plating to Any Remke Cord Grip (read more)

Remke Industries - Introducing the new MELINI connectors

Now you can say No to Specialized Tools & Time Consuming Processes! (read more)

Remke Industries - Custom Electrical Connectors Deliver Better WiFi

The Link Between WiFi and Custom Electrical Connectors

Sometimes the standard electrical connectors aren’t the right solution. (read more)

Remke Industries - Cord Grip & Cable Connector Comparison

Quickly Compare Manufacturers of Cord Grips and Cable Connectors (read more)

Remke Industries - Stainless Steel Connector Comparison

Remke Delivers More than Other Manufacturers!

Stainless Steel Connector Comparison
From the connector size to the type of SS, number of parts in stock to the bushing options available, Remke has more.

Quickly compare manufacturers and see how their product lines and options stack up for standard SS, liquidight and custom connectors. (read more)