Remke Industries - Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Connectors

Manufactured to perform in the toughest applications, Remke Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Connectors provide the greatest durability against corrosion, harsh climatic conditions, harmful environmental influences and high humidity. And they are recommended for use in washdowns or high moisture environments. (read more)

Remke Industries - Flexible Solutions Center at Remke Industries

Remke Industries recently introduced The Flexible Solutions Center on This new section on the company website is 100% dedicated to designing custom products, specials, adaptations & variations. The Flexible Solutions Center has the ability to fast-track design & create prototypes within days depending on the level of modification required. (read more)

Remke Industries - Cord Connectors / Cord Grips

The breadth of the Remke line of Cord Connectors encompasses conduit sizes from ¼" to 3" in straight, 90º and 45º styles and fittings offered in machined aluminum, nickel plated aluminum, steel, stainless steel, nylon and Valox®. Wire Mesh Grips are the answer for any application where you need cable supported vertically or horizontally, indoors or out. (read more)

Remke Industries - Remke Expanded Line of Metal Clad Cable Connectors

Remke has expanded its line of Metal Clad (MC) Cable Connectors to include sizes up to 4 inches in 3 different materials - aluminum, nickel plated aluminum (which many others don't offer) and stainless steel. (read more)


Tuff-Link Industrial Interconnects & Cordsets are used wtih sensors and control devices for easier installations & quick component replacement in all types of industrial applications. (read more)

Remke Industries - Dome Cap Cable Glands

Exceeding NEMA 6 specifications, Dome Cap Cable Glands are also rated IP 68 making them suitable for use underwater to 300 feet. (read more)


If you have an idea or a need, the Remke Flexible Solutions Center is the best at taking your precise requirements and creating a custom designed solution that will help you operate more efficiently and make your job easier. A wide variety of modifications can be applied to any of our standard Mini & Micro Molded Connectors and Cordsets. (read more)


Rated IP 68 and NEMA 4X, Remke Stainless Steel Liquidtight Connectors offer all the corrosion resistance you need PLUS the strength of stainless steel. (read more)

Remke Industries - Corrosion Resistant Products

The family of Remke Corrosion Resistant products are available as either metallic or non-metallic cord connectors in a wide range of conduit sizes (including up to 2" in stainless steel) that either meet or exceed IP 67 or IP 68 standards. (read more)

Remke Industries - New Remke Digital Master Catalog

Remke's new Master Catalog 70 is now available in a digital format on the Remke website. (read more)

Remke Industries - Remke Liqua-Seal Connectors

Remke Liqua-Seal Connectors are made of steel with a chromium zinc plating on the body, ferrule, locknut and clamp nut to help prevent corrosion under the most adverse of conditions. Die-cast zinc versions are also available. (read more)

Remke Industries - Remke Multiple Hole Bushings

In stock and ready to ship - the Remke family of Wire Mesh Grips are the answer for any application where you need cable supported vertically or horizontally, indoors or out. Using Remke strain relief grips eliminates a potential safety issue where cable is insufficiently supported by the electrical terminations. (read more)

Remke Industries - Remke Festoon Cable Connectors

Remke Festoon Cable Connectors are specially designed for heavy-duty flat cable or festoon system applications. Unique to the U.S. market, these cord grips are used in place of the traditional two-screw connector at the critical point of termination between the plant environment and the internal wiring of the festoon system. (read more)


When you can't live with delivery dates another electrical products manufacturer gives you then contact Remke. Qualifying orders can ship in a fast as 5 days with REMKE EXPRESS. Get the turnaround time you need instead of having to accept delivery dates that are weeks out! (read more)


Remke Micro-Link Connectors are available in four different materials - PVC, PUR, TPE and Rubber. (read more)