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Restek - GC Multiresidue Pesticide Kit

Fortify or Calibrate for 203 Pesticides by GC-MS/MS With This Single Restek® CRM Kit (read more)

Restek - First to Contain all Major PAH Interferences

The new PAH interferences standard from Restek is the first and only certified reference material formulated to contain all major PAH interferences for priority PAHs. Analysts can use this mixture to quickly confirm the presence of common interferences by retention time comparisons. (read more)

Restek - New GC Column Separates Critical PAHs

Rxi®-PAH GC columns provide a unique selectivity to separate PAHs for food safety that cannot be distinguished by MS. Even difficult priority compounds, such as the EFSA PAH4, are easily separated and accurately quantified, results that cannot be achieved on typical GC columns. (read more)

Restek - Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis by LC-MS/MS

Stop spending your time and money developing LC-MS/MS multi-residue pesticide methods and mixing reference standards when you could be running samples! Restek’s trusted food safety experts have already done the work for you—with guaranteed accuracy and at a lower cost. (read more)

Restek - Experience Selectivity Accelerated With New Raptor™ SPP LC Columns and Guards

With Raptor™ columns, Restek has combined the speed of superficially porous particles (i.e., SPP or “core-shell”) with the resolution of highly selective USLC® technology. This new species of column more easily achieves peak separation and faster analyses without expensive UHPLC instrumentation. The first phase released—Restek's unique Biphenyl—is ideal... (read more)

Restek - Air Canisters for VOC Monitoring

SilcoCan® & TO-Can Air® Monitoring Canisters

TO-Can® Canisters:
• Proprietary electropolished surface maintains compound stability.
• Ideal for TO-14A and TO-15, ASTM D5466, and other VOC methods.

SilcoCan® Canisters:

• Siltek® passivation offers unsurpassed inertness.
• Especia... (read more)

Restek - 2nd Source Gas Standard Requirements With 1 Order

Restek Features a wide selection of air monitoring gas calibration standards. Each mix is independently manufactured by both Spectra/Linde and Scott/Air Liquide (Pi-marked for EU regulations), so you can purchase from 2 separate sources with the convenience of placing 1 order! (read more)

Restek - Resprep® Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Tubes

Resprep® solid phase extraction (SPE) tubes are manufactured with specially cleaned sorbents and high-purity plastics to minimize background and help eliminate troublesome interference. In order to ensure reproducibility, every finished product goes through rigorous QC testing, targeted to specific applications whenever possible, and an extensive certificate of analysis de... (read more)

Restek - Sky 2.0 mm ID Single Taper Inlet Liner with Dimple

Exceptionally Inert Sky™ Inlet Liners—Now for Agilent MMIs Designed specifically for solvent vent injections using the Agilent MultiMode Inlet (MMI), our newest Sky™ liner features a 2.0 mm ID, a single taper, and dimples, making them ideal for the analysis of food or environmental extracts using an MMI. (read more)

Restek - USLC® Selection Guide for Method Developers

USLC® columns and our new guide will help you easily choose the right stationary phase to target nearly any analyte in reversed phase or HILIC method development. It will also help you adjust your mobile phase to further improve results without guesswork or wasted time. (read more)

Restek - ISO Guide 34 and 17025 Accreditations

It takes exceptional quality and service to earn these ISO accreditations and offer certified reference materials (CRMs). Whether or not you’re required to use CRMs, you can source your reference standards—even customs!—from us and enjoy the benefits. (read more)

Restek - Alumina MAPD PLOT Columns in Fused Silica

The industry's best PLOT columns just got better! We’ve expanded our PLOT line to include Rt®- and MXT®-Alumina BOND/MAPD columns, which are stable up to 250 °C and provide better temperature stability than any other alumina MAPD PLOT column available! (read more)

Restek - Rxi GC Columns

New Restek® Rxi®-1301Sil MS GC Columns Are Ideal for MS (read more)

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