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Rieker, Inc.

Rieker, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Rieker, Inc. - Dual Axis, Multi-output, All-weather Tilt Sensor

FLEX Series now available - Rugged All-weather accurate multi-output inclinometer! 0.1º Accuracy over -40..+85º C. 100% tested 100% guaranteed! Rieker Inc manufactures rugged, reliable, all-weather inclinometers and tilt sensors for harsh environments. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - ALL-Weather Mechanical Boom Angle Indicators

Rieker's rugged ALL-Weather Mechanical Boom Angle Indicators are not affected by outdoor elements. These instruments are made tough and will not rust, freeze, or otherwise "hang up" like old fashioned pendulum style boom angle indicators. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Digital Display BOOM ANGLE INCLINOMETER

RDSR3-BA-09 Digital Boom Angle Indicator:

  • LCD Display Box, 0.1º Resolution
  • Audible (buzzer) & Visual warnings (LED's, field adjustable trip settings)
  • Single Axis measurement-10/+90º
  • Rugged Remote Sensor Box, ALL-weather
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Rieker, Inc. - ATEX or CSA Inclinometers for Hazardous Locations

Intrinsically Safe Inclinometer Package

  • ATEX or CSA Certification
  • Rugged ALL-weather Housing (IP67)
  • Dual or Single Axis Inclination (Tilt) Measurement
  • Angle Ranges up to ±80º
  • 4-20mA current loop output
  • CE
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Rieker, Inc. - Flex Series H6 Inclinometer

The H6 inclinometer provides highly accurate tilt sensing in a rugged metal IP68 rated ALL-weather housing. Dual Axis Inclinometer with 4-20mA, RS485, CAN (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - All-weather 360º Single Axis Inclinometer

The H4 inclinometer provides accurate tilt sensing in a compact rugged All-weather metal housing. Each output type is temperature compensated to increase accuracy over the full temperature range. Applications: 360º rotation, Blade Angle, Boom Angle, Clamshell Bucket Rotation, Platform Level, Pitch and Roll Monitoring and Smelting Bucket Tilt. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - SUB-SEA Inclinometers Tough Under Pressure

Stainless Steel housing adds formidable protection against extreme environments, aggressive media, and seawater.

  • single or dual axis measurement
  • Measuring ranges up to ±80º
  • 4-20mA or 0-5VDC output
  • pressure resistant to 100 meters below sea level
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Rieker, Inc. - Remote Angle Display Inclinometer System

RAD Remote Angle Display System

  • Provides Instant Feedback of Angle at Remote Location.
  • 9V power, Digital LCD Portable Display Box
  • Multiple sensors can be used interchangeably with one display box to coordinate multiple remote locations
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Rieker, Inc. - Low Cost Tilt Warning Switch - ALL-Weather

SlopeAlert is a Low-Cost Tilt Warning System for Off-Road Vehicles and Equipment in Motion!

  • Dampened to eliminate false triggers
  • Shock proof to 500g
  • Weatherproof
  • Single or Dual Axis
  • Open Collector or Rela...
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Rieker, Inc. - All-weather Tilt Sensing - Rugged Inclinometers

Rieker H4 Inclinometers provide accurate angle output in harsh environments.

  • Rugged ALL-Weather IP67 Housing
  • Temperature Compensated 0-5VDC or RS232 Output
  • 8-30VDC Input
  • ±30º, ±45º, ±70º angle ranges
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Rieker, Inc. - Precision Gradiometers

These precision instruments aid the operator with quick visual indication of grade or slope. Applications include bulldozers, excavators, motor graders, pavers, plows, trenchers or other equipment. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Precision


  • Precision Tube
  • Custom Size Tubes
  • Custom Color Warning Zones
  • Backlit Models Available


  • Quick Visual of Angle
  • Platform Level
  • Roll Over Early Warning
  • Slope Indication
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Rieker, Inc. - Boom Angle Indicators

Boom Angle Indicators: Digital Remote LCD & Mechanical (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Digital Inclinometer, RDI Series LCD display

Rieker Inc Advanced RDI Digital LCD Inclinometers:

  • angle monitoring & early tilt warning system
  • Analog 0-5V, RS232, 4 switch outputs
  • Single or Dual Axis
  • LCD Display, 0.1º or 0.01º Resolution
  • Up to ±70º Measuring Range
  • Semi-custom-multiple options
  • Remote packages including Wireless!
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Rieker, Inc. - Circular Bulls-Eye Bubble Levels

Rieker Instrument's Precision Circular Bubble Levels

  • Quick Accurate Level Measurement
  • ALL Weather Machined Aluminum Housing
  • Salt Fog per ASTM B117
  • Precision Ground Glass
  • Permanently Fused Ceramic Markings
  • Min Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +75°C
  • Multiple Sizes and Sensitivities
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Rieker, Inc. - Inclinometer Analog 0-5V and 0-10V Output Rugged

Rieker Inc introduces the H5 Series: a rugged new line of liquid capacitive inclinometers for measuring tilt in reference to gravity. The H5 Series of Inclinometers provides both Analog 0-5V and 0-10V output or a Digital Serial (RS232) output in ranges up to ±90º. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Boom Angle Indicator: Model 4120WWL-12v

Rieker Inc's industry leading 4120 "ball in tube" Boom Angle Indicator (or inclinometer)

  • now available in a highly visible backlit model for
  • increased visibility
  • available in right and left hand versions
  • OSHA Compliant Standard 1926.550 Cranes and Derricks
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Rieker, Inc. - Backlit Inclinometers for Night Visibility

Backlit Inclinometers From Rieker - When Low Light or Night Visibility Must Be Maintained. These highly visible backlit models were specifically developed for fire trucks, however, these are well suited for any industry when instrumentation must be visible in low light or night operation. Available in single piece and OEM volumes alike. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - New H4PD1-22, Dual Axis, MEMS, PWM
  • DUAL Axis MEMs
  • Rugged Zinc Metal Housing IP66
  • Operating Temperature -40/+85ºC (-40/+185ºF)
  • Angle Range: ±22º
  • PWM Output
  • Common Footprint
  • EMC Protected
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
  • OEM Pricing
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Rieker, Inc. - Precise Servo Inclinometer ±1º Very Accurate

SBS1U Servo Inclinometer Package

  • ±1º Range
  • Extremely Precise Inclination Measurement
  • Single Axis
  • Analog Output
  • Rugged IP65 Aluminum Housing
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Rieker, Inc. - Precision "Bulls-Eye" Levels

Also referred to as a "bulls-eye" level, the C000X Series of Circular Bubble Levels provide accurate measurement of level in a rugged machined Aluminum housing (Anodized black). Several sizes available to fit any space requirement. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Precision Racing Sail Boat Clinometer

2056 Dual Scale Inclinometer with 2 scales 2 ranges. The Upper Scale: accurate 1º readings - platform leveling. The Bottom Scale: 5º readings in a ±60º. Comes in Rugged white or black acrylic. Raised hot stamped markings - Read from 12ft. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Gradiometers, 5012P Accurate Grading Instrument

5012P Gradiometer

  • Low Cost Manual "Ball-in-Tube" Type
  • Two (2) scales, two (2) ranges
  • Upper Scale in Inch Per Foot Rise: accurate 1/8" (0.125") readings up to ±1.5"/Ft Rise
  • Lower Scale in Percent Grade: accurate 1% readings up to ±13% Grade
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Rieker, Inc. - All-weather Accuracy Dual Axis Inclinometer

The H6 inclinometer provides highly accurate tilt sensing in a rugged metal IP68 rated ALL-weather housing. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Line Array Remote Alignment Display System

Remote Angle Display (RAD) for Sound Engineers: Fast, safe, accurate remote angle viewing, Battery power hand held LCD display, Rugged all-weather remote sensors, PA Speaker & Line Array remote precision alignment. (read more)

Rieker, Inc. - Accurate Accelerometer Sensors

Compact Static Accelerometer: for acceleration or angle measurement in frequency ranges 0Hz to 550Hz. (read more)