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Rosenberg USA has promoted these products:

Rosenberg USA - Low-Noise High-Performance Axial HVAC Fans

Rosenberg USA now offers an expanded range of AC axial fans, complete with shrouds and finger guards for HVAC condenser applications. They feature profiled aluminum winglet-style blades that reduce noise up to three (3) dBA and boost fan performance by decreasing turbulence at the wing tips. Airflows range from 5,800 to 15,900 CFM. Most models are available for immediate shipment from th... (read more)

Rosenberg USA - More New Constant Pressure/Airflow Blowers

Rosenberg USA is expanding its offering of constant pressure and constant airflow blowers to include new 180x180L 230V EC double inlet models with speeds as high as 2255 RPM and airflow up to 1010 CFM at free air. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Ultra-Reliable ETRI Fans: 80,000 hours at 40C

ETRI AC axial fans are built to take the heat long term, 80,0000 hours L10 at 40°C, with an operating temperature range of -10°C to 70°C on most models. They are are ideal for sophisticated systems in the demanding applications, including bakery ovens, marine air conditioning, equipment cooling, and variable frequency drives (VFDs). (read more)

Rosenberg USA - New 250-mm Fans Boost Airflow, Reduce Noise

New 250-mm Ecofit backward-curved AC fans featuring our unique E Series impeller are now available in both 115 and 230-V models, offering dramatic performance advantages over ordinary backward-curved fans: more airflow, less noise, wider operating temperature range and ERP 2015 efficiency compliance. Upgrade your product design with Ecofit E-Series impellers. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Expanded E-Series Saves Energy, Reduces Noise

The high-efficiency, high-flow Rosenberg E-Series backward curved impeller line now includes 12 models ranging from 12.4 to 22 inches in diameter. Designed for applications like computer room cooling, energy recovery, box- and roof-fans, the E-Series provides up to four percent greater energy efficiency with three to five dB(A) less noise. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - EC Blowers Hold Constant Airflow Or Pressure

Rosenberg USA has introduced a new family of single-inlet Ecofit forward-curved centrifugal blowers with 115 or 230-Volt UL-Recognized EC motors. They are available in standard airflow/pressure, constant airflow and constant pressure models. The new blower family is designated GREuG9 and features 160-mm x 62mm impellers. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - ECFanGrid™ Improves Airflow, Efficiency In AHUs

Rosenberg’s new ECFanGrid™ consists of a series of electronically commutated (EC) backward curved fans operating in parallel to form a perfectly matched unit that is easier to install, provides higher volume airflow and more uniform airflow than traditional large radial fans. The ECFanGrid also produces less low-frequency noise and offers built-in redundancy for greater relia... (read more)

Rosenberg USA - AC and EC UNOBOX Fans Simplify Data Center Cooling

Rosenberg's UNOBOX fans, with electronically commutated (EC) or standard AC motors, are designed to make energy-saving data center cooling retrofits easier for both under-floor and in-cabinet applications. The Rosenberg UNOBOX extract fan consists of a high-efficiency backward-curved motorized impeller mounted inside a cube-shaped cabinet with an aluminum frame and double skinned side pa... (read more)

Rosenberg USA - 500-MM Backward-Curved Fans Now AMCA Certified

Rosenberg high-efficiency 500-mm backward fan module Model GKHM 500-CIB.160.6IF IE (460-Volt) is now AMCA certified for air performance. The AMCA-certified fan is powered by an ErP 2015 compliant 3.3 kW EC motor and delivers up to 7500 CFM of airflow at free air and is widely specified for data center cooling applications. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Constant Pressure/Constant Airflow EC Blowers

Rosenberg USA has introduced six new double inlet Ecofit forward-curved centrifugal blowers with speed-controllable EC motors, including constant pressure and constant airflow models. Constant pressure blowers automatically adjust speed to maintain the same pressure at varying airflow conditions. Constant airflow models maintain the same airflow at vary... (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Ecofit® Backward-Curved Fans For Cooling, HVAC

Rosenberg’s Ecofit® brand backward-curved motorized impellers deliver low-noise and highly efficient air movement for equipment cooling and HVAC applications. The Ecofit line includes fans with diameters from 180 mm (7.09 inches) to 315 mm (12.4 inch) providing maximum airflow of more than 1,260 CFM. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - EC Fans With Modbus Controls Cut HVAC Energy Use

Rosenberg electronically commutated (EC) fans with built-in Modbus controls increase fan efficiency and significantly reduce power consumption. They are available in axial and backward-curved radial configurations for forced air heaters, heat pumps, condensers, cooling units, evaporators, chillers, electronics cooling, air handling and other applications. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - New AC Axial Fans For Condenser Applications

Four new Rosenberg AC axial fans, complete with shrouds and finger guards for HVAC condenser applications, are now available for immediate shipment from Rosenberg USA. The fans feature profiled aluminum blades with winglet tips that reduce noise and improve fan performance. The new fans include Rosenberg AKSD 500-mm and AKFD 560-mm, 630-mm and 800-mm models. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - New ErP-Ready 500 mm / 20-Inch Low Noise Axial Fan

Rosenberg's new AKSD axial fan features aluminum blades with profiled winglets that meet the demand for lower noise and higher performance in the OEM refrigeration marketplace. Other applications include data centers, heat pumps, condensers, cooling units, evaporators, and chillers. The new fan delivers up to 5585 CFM with an improved mix of airflow and static pressure. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Backward Curved Fans With Integral Inlet

Rosenberg USA has introduced two new high-efficiency backward curved impellers equipped with integral inlet cones for optimal airflow. The new DKHR Series fans are available in 630 mm and 710 mm and are suitable for a wide range of HVAC and air movement applications. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - High-Efficiency E-SERIES Backward Curved Impellers

New high-efficiency Rosenberg E-Series impellers have the same external dimensions as existing impellers and a similar airflow/pressure mix, but system energy efficiency is increased by 4% while the noise level is lowered by 3 to 5 dB(A) depending on system airflow and static pressure. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Explosion Proof Evaporator Fans

Rosenberg’s explosion-proof evaporator fans are made safe for use in areas where there is danger of explosive atmospheres. Rosenberg Ex evaporator fans are motorized impellers designed specifically for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations, such as refineries or chemical storage. They are designed, manufactured and tested to EN 1127-1, EN 13463-1, EN 13463-5, and EN... (read more)

Rosenberg USA - B-Wheel Plug Fans With ErP 2015 3.3 kW EC Motors

Award-winning Rosenberg B-Wheel backward curved fan modules are now available with ErP 2015 compliant 3.3 kW EC motors. The B-Wheel features a seven-blade design (instead of the standard eight) with a unique wheel geometry that provides for impeller efficiencies up to 78% while reducing noise by up to three dBA. It also increases airflow compared to standard impellers. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - New ETRI® Aluminum-Body AC Axial Cooling Fans

Rosenberg USA is introducing a new version of its popular ETRI 148V Series AC axial fan featuring an aluminum body that reduces weight by nearly 20% to .9kg, less than 2 lbs. The new fans outperform competitive models in airflow by 9% and life expectancy by 33% to 50%. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Forward-Curved Fans For Wind Power Cooling

Rosenberg's single-inlet and double-inlet forward-curved radial centrifugal AC fans deliver critical cooling of generators and switchboards in modern wind energy plants and windmills. Rosenberg is the world's leading supplier of cooling fans to the wind power industry. The fans are also use in other OEM applications. Find out more. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Award-Winning B-Wheel Trestle 100% ErP-Ready

Rosenberg's new trestle-design GKHB 5.5kW backward curved fan module combines an electronically commutated (EC) motor with the high-efficiency, award-winning Rosenberg B-Wheel impeller for even greater efficiency and easy installation. The new B-Wheel Trestle Module meets all requirements of the new ErP Directive for fans, now in effect in the European Union. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Rosenberg AC Axial Fans Now ErP-Ready

Rosenberg’s AKFD Series AC axial fans with winglet tips now meet all requirements of the ErP Directive for fans to be used in the European Union. They are ideal for HVAC applications, including condensers, heaters, evaporators, heat pumps and air-cooled water chillers. The Rosenberg AKFD line includes seven models from 22-inches (560 mm) to 40-inches (1000 mm) offerin... (read more)

Rosenberg USA - High-Efficiency Spider Module Cools Tight Spaces

Rosenberg has introduced a new configuration of its innovative high-efficiency “B-Wheel” backward curved impeller fan that features a smaller motor mounting plate and thinner support legs for low-rise units in restrictive environments. The new B-Wheel Spider Module provides improved performance for 180˚ airflow discharge applications. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - New Backward-Curved Impeller Wins Innovation Award

Rosenberg's high-efficiency B-Wheel backward curved impeller has received recognition in the Ventilation Category of the 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. Its unique design provides for impeller efficiencies up to 78% while reducing noise by up to three dBA. The B-Wheel will be featured at Rosenberg's AHR Show booth, #636, in New York, January 21–24, 2014. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Rosenberg EC Fans Meet ErP Requirements

Rosenberg GKHR and GKHM backward curved radial fans combine an electronically commutated external rotor motor with newly designed integrated power electronics. Like all Rosenberg EC fans, these highly energy efficient units meet all requirements of the new ErP Directive for fans, now in effect in the European Union. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Rosenberg Single Inlet EC Fans Lower Costs 35%

Rosenberg’s EHAG Series single-inlet backward curved radial fans with EC motors can reduce energy consumption by up to 35% in many applications compared to standard AC fans. They are available in five sizes from 355 mm to 560 mm. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - 400 Hz and 28 VDC Fans Offer 35K Hours Service

ETRI® 400 Hz and 28 VDC fans designed for the reliable cooling of critical avionic and marine electronic systems are now available from Rosenberg USA as axial impellers or forward curved blowers with a service life of 35,000 hours or more based on stringent MIL or D0160 avionics standards. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Compact 200mm DC Axial Fan for Railway HVAC

Rosenberg USA has introduced a new compact DC fan with a special conical housing design that significantly increases air pressure output. The fans were developed for transportation applications, specifically in rail car air movement. They deliver up to 970 m3/h (571 CFM) with a maximum noise level of 75 dBA. They are available in both 28V and 110V versions. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - Flange-Mounted "Drop-In" Design ECOFIT Impellers

ECOFIT®-brand flange-mounted backward curved impellers from Rosenberg USA provide optimal airflow and substantially lower installed cost for OEM customers. These impellers are ideal for clean rooms (fan/filter units), fume hoods for factories, ventilation hoods for commercial kitchens and in HVAC systems. (read more)

Rosenberg USA - ECOFIT Single- And Double-Inlet Centrifugal Fans

Rosenberg offers its UL-listed ECOFIT centrifugal fans in a range of air flows, power levels, rotational speeds, noise levels, dimensions and finishes. The fans are an ideal fit in high-performance air conditioning, home ventilation and heat recovery systems. (read more)