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Rousseau Metal inc.

Rousseau Metal inc. has promoted these products:

Rousseau Metal inc. - Rousseau, a solution for every industry

Choose our solutions to help you save time, money and space. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Do you dream of having a garage to be proud of?

Do you dream of having a garage to be proud of? Well, Rousseau products are the solution (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Tailored solutions for each individual situation

Rousseau does not create "one-size-fits-all" solutions, but rather tailored solutions for each individual situation. Rousseau specialists know all about our many products and the possibilities they provide, so they are perfectly positioned to offer you the best configuration for your specific needs. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - The Added Value of a Network

As you already know, Rousseau sells its products through a network of specialist distributors throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom. It is through these hundreds of specialists that Rousseau can offer a wide range of modular products to ensure your solution is tailored to your specific needs. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - See colors differently

Choosing a color for furniture may seem like an easy task, but it can become quite a dilemma for some, especially businesses. Because Rousseau products are highly durable and are used for a long time, getting the color right is highly important: you cannot repaint a cabinet easily like you can a wall. Furthermore, color can be a very efficient way to organize your work environment. To th... (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Record Storage Mini-Racking


• Functional design that ensures it's easy to use.
• The unique shape of the SpiderĀ® post is a Rousseau Metal inc. trademark.
• Load capacity and design adapted to storage in most industrial and commercial sectors. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Computer Cabinet R5MCA-2453


• The polycarbonate surface is demagnetized to avoid image distortion and also protects the screen.
• The fan with filter will help prevent dust from entering and promote proper air circulation. (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Stationary Compact Cabinet with Partitions


• Includes partitions and dividers in the drawers.
• L drawer registered industrial design.
• 100% drawer extension... (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - NC Mobile Standing Station (Taper 50)


• Patented tool rack.
• Made of sturdy PVC, racks protect tools against shocks and corrosion.
• Tool identification zone on rack allows for quick retrieval of tools... (read more)

Rousseau Metal inc. - Technician Workcenter (Corner)


• Wide range of accessories available for efficient organization.
• 100% drawer extension.
• The Rousseau drawer rolling mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty.
• Heavy-duty construction... (read more)