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SKF/North America has promoted these products/services:

SKF/North America - Testing and Laboratory Services

SKF North American Technical Center (NATC) in Plymouth, Mich., houses a 25,650 square-foot testing laboratory dedicated to rotating equipment applications. The laboratory provides technical support - including new product development and qualitative testing - for SKF customers around the world. (read more)

SKF/North America - Logistics Services

SKF - has invested in the human, physical and IT resources necessary to maintain near flawless Supply Chain Service, drawing on years of logistics experience to help our customers be as efficient as possible. SKF's world-class logistics ensure reliability throughout the supply chain with unique, innovative processes.

(read more)

SKF/North America - Solar Hub ...accurately track the sun

SKF Solar Hub enables solar panels to accurately track the sun and increase solar power generation

The SKF Solar Hub is a rotary drive that provides the necessary mechanical movement and torque to allow solar panels to track the sun from sunrise to sundown to maximize solar power generation. SKF Solar Hub is designed to custom solar industry requirements and offers improvem... (read more)

SKF/North America - Automatic Lubricant Dispenser

SKF - automatic lubricant dispenser—TLMR—designed to supply grease to a single lubrication point. With a relatively high pressure of 30 bars, this lubricator provides optimum results in difficult-to-reach and unsafe locations. With a wide temperature range and robust design, the TLMR is suitable for operating conditions with various levels of temperature and vib... (read more)

SKF/North America - Bearing Units-self lubricating ..for baking ovens

SKF high-temperature Bearing units provide self-lubricating and drip-free solutions engineered for continuous baking oven applications typically hostile to conventional bearing types. A unique graphite internal cage delivers the required lubrication to promote cost savings in time and money otherwise spent on grease and related maintenance. (read more)

SKF/North America - NEW...Bearing end covers - safety in food industry

New MRC® end covers for Marathon® series bearing units introduce reliable and effective solutions to eliminate exposed shaft ends and promote compliance with increasingly stringent health and safety regulations governing the food manufacturing and processing industries. (read more)

SKF/North America - NautilusTM Bearing.... wind industry

SKF NautilusTM bearing for the wind industry has signed a three-year supply agreement, worth around SEK one billion for the new generation SKF Nautilus bearing, with a major wind turbine manufacturer. The new multi-megawatt turbine that will utilize the new bearing is intended for both onshore and offshore installations around the world. (read more)

SKF/North America - Couplings... standard/customized

SKF offers an extensive range of standard and customized couplings engineered for high performance and reliability in power transmission applications. A wide variety of coupling types combined with a wide range of sizes and bores equips users with ideal solutions to mechanically connect two rotating shafts and transmit power from one shaft to the other. (read more)

SKF/North America - Bearings - for electric vehicle powertrain

SKF is supplying Volkswagen with energy efficient bearings to the E-powertrain of their first full electric vehicle, the e-up!. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Deep Groove Ball Bearings ...MRC® HNCR

SKF MRC® brand HNCR deep groove ball bearings offer unprecedented corrosion resistance to harsh operating conditions in food and beverage processing applications. These uniquely engineered bearings are made from high nitrogen corrosion resistant steel (HNCR) to provide superior corrosion resistance, hardness, and fatigue life compared wit... (read more)

SKF/North America -  MagneticBearings...enable electric compressors

SKF S2M Magnetic Bearings enable electric compressors

Driven by fluctuating prices, natural gas suppliers often must buy, sell and move product on a daily basis. The short lead times mean suppliers must inject and extract gas from reservoirs quickly. But conventional gas-turbine compressors are not designed for such rapid responses. They require significant warm-up times be... (read more)

SKF/North America -  Power Transmission High Performance Belts...

SKF offers a range of comprehensive standard, high-performance belts engineered to deliver efficient and reliable power transmission in drive-system applications across industries. All SKF belts benefit from innovative materials, designs, and manufacturing to accommodate the most demanding working loads, provide extended service life, and transmit power effectively f... (read more)

SKF/North America - Solar Hub...cost-effective way to track the sun

SKF - Solar Hub provides a virtually maintenance-free, reliable, and cost-effective way to track the sun. SKF Solar Hub integrates a self-locking gearbox, bearings, lubricant, and robust sealing solution in a housing for optimal tracking performance in severe outdoor conditions. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF BeyondZero portfolio

SKF today announced the launch of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio which enables SKF customers to reduce their own environmental impact. The environmental improvements provided by solutions within the SKF BeyondZero portfolio are validated through a life cycle assessment methodology developed by SKF sustainability engineers. Results will be reviewed yearly by KPMG. (read more)

SKF/North America - Monitoring Vibration and Condition-Multilog DMx

SKF Multilog O-line system DMx combines intrinsically safe, vibration and axial position capabilities in a single device. Along with combining protection and condition monitoring in one device, the SKF Multilog DMx features a small design footprint and distributed architecture. No more bulky cabinets, and the ability to offer end-users additional troubleshooting serv... (read more)

SKF/North America - Roller Chain Solutions...for power transmission

SKF extensive range of chain solutions for the demanding requirements of power transmission and conveyor applications in food and beverage, mining and cement, and steel industries, among others. The chains join a growing portfolio of SKF PT products offering optimized performance and long service life. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Roller Bearing... Nautilus bearing solutions

SKF - next generation of Nautilus bearing solutions. Expanded and improved using knowledge gained from many Nautilus-equipped designs developed in cooperation with turbine manufacturers and design consultants, these new solutions offer updated, versatile and integrated features to meet the industry’s demands. (read more)

SKF/North America - Bearing Solution ... for Sub Sea Screw Pump

SKF announced the availability of its specialized bearing solutions for sub-sea screw pumps, to help enable oil extraction as low as 3,000 meters in a single-step process. Sub-sea screw pumps operate in extreme conditions and test the performance limits of standard steel bearings, journal bearings and magnetic bearings. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Lubricators-Automatic... single-point solution

SKF SYSTEM 24 LAGD Series single-point automatic lubricators are timely and accurate “hands-off” solutions that deliver the proper pre-set amount of lubricant needed for bearings in machinery across industries. These cost-effective, gas-driven feed versions are engineered to perform on a 24-hour basis without manual intervention. (read more)

SKF/North America - Tapered Roller Bearing...for truck final drive

SKF launches the (E2) tapered roller bearing (TRB), especially designed for truck final drive applications that reduces friction, enables less fuel consumption and reduces emissions in heavy trucks. This product is part of SKF’s BeyondZero portfolio*. (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF makes Vendor Managed Inventory available

SKF makes Vendor Managed Inventory available to its global network of distributors. Higher service levels, faster delivery and higher quality of inventory management (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF System Solution for EHS Information Management

SKF Sustainability Services, in partnership with ProcessMAP®, introduces the capability to create customized EHS (environmental, health, and safety) information management systems serving multiple facilities anywhere in the world. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Deep Groove Ball Bearings... Extreme Conditions

SKF® deep groove ball bearings for high-temperatures can operate reliably in the most extreme conditions and often can eliminate a need to specify expensive special bearings or costly lubricants. They can serve in countless industrial applications, including kiln truck wheels, support rollers, general wheel arrangements, and other equipment where beari... (read more)

SKF/North America - Split Pillow Blocks - Quick Mount Easy Alignment

SKF® Type SAF Split Pillow Blocks incorporate unique design features to enable easy alignment and installation, proper bearing lubrication, and longer bearing life. These two-piece assemblies mount quickly to shafts and can accommodate heavy radial loads. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Roller Bearings... with Polymer Cages

SKF® polymer cages offer superior thermal, friction, and wear properties compared with conventional steel, polymer, or brass counterparts to allow rolling bearings to serve longer and more reliably in compressor applications. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Cylindrical Roller Bearing - Wind Turbine

SKF® New high-capacity cylindrical roller bearings for wind turbine gearboxes have been uniquely engineered to promote longer gearbox service life and optimized performance. Their innovative cage design and other special features offer enhanced reliability compared with conventional bearing types for such applications. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Steel Bearings - Corrosion resistant ...Custom

SKF USA - MRC® custom "HNCR" steel bearings are made from high nitrogen corrosion resistant steel and offer superior corrosion resistance and fatigue life compared with conventional stainless steel bearings. MRC "HNCR" bearings perform ideally in excessively harsh corrosive environments … (read more)

SKF/North America - Save with prelubricated-for-life bearing units

MRC® brand Marathon® series prelubricated mounted bearing units offer sustained maintenance benefits by eliminating any need for regreasing over their lifetime. They can save substantial time and money usually spent on the lubrication process and additionally can contribute to "green" conditions on ... (read more)

SKF/North America - Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings

SKF® "super-precision" angular contact thrust ball bearings are designed to provide optimum performance in applications requiring high reliability and superior accuracy. They especially suit machine tool screw drives and spindles by providing safer radial and axial support and precise axial guidance of shafts. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Linear Ball Bearings - Sealed - Pre-lubricated

Time and money typically spent on the bearing lubrication process can be especially significant in high-volume applications. Users of SKF's pre-lubricated sealed linear ball bearings can further realize environmental benefits by avoiding the "non-green" conditions associated with grease application. Available both in compact and ... (read more)

SKF/North America - Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearings- Wind Generators

MRC® hybrid ceramic ball bearings have been introduced in extra-large bore sizes ideally suited for wind power generator applications. These bearing solutions combine traditional 52100 steel rings precision matched with silicon nitride (ceramic) balls offering inherent insulating properties to protect against electrical arcing ... (read more)

SKF/North America - Angular Contact Ball Bearings

SKF® New "super-precision" angular contact thrust ball bearings are designed to provide optimum performance in applications requiring high reliability and superior accuracy. They especially suit machine tool screw drives and spindles by providing safer radial and axial support and precise axial guidance of shafts. (read more)

SKF/North America - Hybrid Bearings with Silicon

SKF® hybrid bearings with silicon nitride rolling elements and steel rings provide insulation against stray currents in large variable speed electric motors to eliminate electric arc bearing damage and resulting premature bearing failure. The ceramic rolling elements further make these bearings lighter, harder … (read more)

SKF/North America - Ball Bearings inch size...for smaller shafts

SKF MRC® Brand "R Series" small inch-size ball bearings can fit smaller shaft diameters in rotating machinery while providing the capability to carry significant radial loads and substantial thrust loads in either direction, even at very high speeds. Their availability in stainless steel versions broadens their suitability for applications subje... (read more)

SKF/North America - Angular Contact Ball Bearing- pump applications

SKF PumPac® angular contact ball bearing arrangements available from MRC® Bearing Services are ideally suited for centrifugal pump applications. Their optimized internal designs promote reduced operating temperatures and vibration levels to deliver smoother operation and longer service life in demanding pump conditions. (read more)

SKF/North America - MRC Mounted Bearing Units

MRC® brand Marathon® composite mounted bearing units incorporate lightweight and durable thermoplastic housings with the capability to resist citric acids, cooking fats, and most washdown chemicals and sanitizers used in food and beverage processing applications. Their housings (up to 61% lighter than cast iron) additionally integrate embedded ... (read more)

SKF/North America -  Roller Bearings... uniquely designed SKF CARB®

SKF CARB® toroidal roller bearings serve ideally as non-locating bearings in large electric motors (125 Hp and above) with their capability to accommodate very heavy radial loads and compensate for misalignment from overhung loading and to perform well under lower radial loads. Their suitability for both coupled and belted loads provides users with... (read more)

SKF/North America -  ‘Y-bearing’ mounted units..extreme temperatures

SKF® "Y-bearing" mounted units perform reliably at low speeds with extreme temperatures and can withstand widely fluctuating and large temperature differences. Typical applications include conveyor systems for ovens, industrial furnaces, kiln trucks, high-temperature fans, and others where service life of normal rolling bearings is unsuit... (read more)

SKF/North America - Bearing units... offer dual-sealing protection

SKF Marathon® mounted bearing units integrate a patented stainless steel dual-sealing system designed to protect against contaminants, resist corrosion, and extend service life. They are among the growing family of MRC® solutions engineered to withstand harsh conditions in the food and beverage industries … (read more)

SKF/North America - Stainless Steel Rings...for harsh conditions

SKF NILOS® stainless steel rings can protect ball and roller bearings against tough abrasive particles and debris in industries generating excessive contaminants, such as mining, paper, agriculture, and construction. Their inherent corrosion resistance broadens suitable applications to food processing, beverage, ... (more) (read more)

SKF/North America - Cylindrical Roller Bearing - high-speed operation

SKF® cylindrical roller bearings feature unique logarithmically "crowned" rollers providing improved contact geometry between roller and raceway. This roller profile reduces stresses under high loads, enables excellent performance even under misaligned conditions, and promotes cooler running to allow for high-speed operation and . . . (read more)

SKF/North America - Sensor Bearing Units

SKF USA - SKF Sensor bearing units are mechatronic machine components covering the fields of both sensor and bearing engineering. They are virtually an ideal combination of versatile deep groove ball bearings with sensor units provided with shielding from external influences. (read more)

SKF/North America - Ball Transfer Units.promote optimized performance

SKF - New heavy-duty ball transfer units can be accessed easily for thorough cleaning or to replace internal ball components. Their cost-effective "rework" capability can extend product and service life and promote optimized performance over time in the most demanding applications. (read more)

SKF/North America - Miniature Ball Transfers enable easy positioning

SKF Miniature ball transfer units provide solutions to transfer and position of small parts easily and smoothly in material-handling settings where maneuvering room may be restrictive. They offer practical alternatives to cumbersome carts, casters, and related bulky equipment and install quickly and securely. (read more)

SKF/North America - Steel Disk Seals - enhances sealing performance

SKF NILOS-Ring Steel Disk Seals offer protection for grease-lubricated roller bearings in applications where wash-down or regular exposure to liquids may be required. Their design uniquely incorporates a VITON® gasket, which further enhances sealing performance. (read more)

SKF/North America - Shaft Seals - Heavy-duty

SKF heavy-duty mechanical shaft seals can simultaneously protect bearings against harmful solid and liquid contaminants and prevent loss of lubricant to promote optimized service life and reliability. These dual-face seals have been specially designed to perform under the most severe operating conditions at relatively low peripheral. . . (read more) (read more)

SKF/North America - Machine Shaft Sealing Solution

SKF "Speedi-Sleeve" offers a cost-effective sealing solution when machine shaft surfaces have been damaged or worn in operation. Simple replacement of the original radial seals over a worn surface cannot provide effective sealing performance. These wear sleeves eliminate the need to replace or rework (read more)

SKF/North America - Shaft Sealing - V-ring shaft seals

SKF® V-ring shaft seals for rotating machinery can be applied either as a primary or backup sealing solution and can additionally be combined with other components to create a highly effective sealing system. These all-rubber seals mount directly on a shaft and serve to retain lubricant, exclude contaminants, and promote longer bearing service … (read more)

SKF/North America - Linear your specifications

SKF - extensive experience and knowledge of actuation systems allow us to satisfy the most demanding requirements utilizing linear actuators, telescopic pillars, rotary actuators, and control units. (read more)

SKF/North America - Profile Rail Guides - unique sealing system

New SKF® "LLT" profile rail guides integrate a unique "all-around" sealing system and unprecedented design features to protect against contaminants, increase repeatability, provide smooth-running performance, and promote longer service life requiring minimal maintenance. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Telescopic Lifting Pillars

SKF "TMS" telescopic lifting pillars can provide fast, quiet, and precise movement of diagnostic imaging tables used in Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Imaging, X-Ray, and similar medical applications. Their optimized stroke/retracted length ratios provide the capability to lift centric loads . . . (read more)

SKF/North America - Linear Actuators - custom solutions

SKF® 'CAR Series' linear actuators can easily be equipped with a wide range of specialized components to deliver custom solutions for industrial applications. These compact and robust actuators benefit from high-efficiency SKF ball screw, sturdy gearbox assembly, and high-quality DC or AC motors contributing reliable performance and … (read more)

SKF/North America - Compact Linear Actuator...industrial use

SKF CALA 36 is a compact 12 or 24V DC actuator, intended for industrial use. The motor and drive spindle are connected in-line through a planetary gear assembly. This makes the compact design suitable in applications where space is restricted. (read more)

SKF/North America - Linear Actuators -


Designed to operate in temperatures from -40 to 85 °C at a 25% duty cycle, SKF electromechanical actuator CAHB family features robust metal gears and corrosion-resistant housings. (read more)

SKF/North America - CAP Series Linear Actuator

SKF - The base for CAP positioning actuator series is the existing CAR linear actuator series and CAT Modular Range with a vast number of possibilities such as motors, front & rear attachments etc. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Solar Linear Actuators - by SKF

SKF® - introduces a new advanced Solar Linear Actuator.

(Type CASD-60) enables precise tracking of the sun from sunrise to sunset throughout the seasons to improve solar power generation. It is designed for a 20-year service life and can be applied for the full range of photovoltaic, concentrating photovoltaic, or concentrating solar power systems (read more)

SKF/North America - Rotary Actuators

SKF - rotary actuators are designed to provide rotary motion. Fast or slow. Heavy or light duty. Complex or simple arrangements. You can chose from a wide variety of application areas. (read more)

SKF/North America -  Vibration Monitoring Technology - customizable

SKF Microlog Analyzer AX features advanced technology, customizable to users' specific applications. The analyzer, with simultaneous triaxial or 4-channel vibration measurement capability, speeds data collection and saves time in monitoring rounds. The 806 MHz Xscale processor means faster real time rate and display updates, all viewed on the 6.4" VGA color d... (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF® WindCon 3.0 Proactively Monitor Wind Turbines

The SKF® WindCon 3.0 offers a proactive solution enabling wind farms to extend turbine maintenance intervals, effectively manage maintenance resources, reduce unplanned downtime, predict remaining turbine service life, and decrease operating costs per KWh. (read more)

SKF/North America - Machine Monitoring System...Wireless

SKF New Wireless Machine Monitoring System V/T is designed to improve reliability, reduce installation costs and increase personnel safety. Data is automatically uploaded via a standard WiFi 802.11b wireless network to SKF Machine Suite for analysis. Ideal for monitoring machines in areas that are inaccessible. (read more)

SKF/North America - Wireless Machine Condition Detector

SKF introduces the Wireless Machine Condition Detector (WMCD) that combines with the SKF MARLIN data manager to provide a safe, fast and flexible system for operator inspections. The system measures vibration, enveloped acceleration and temperature on a variety of machines in virtually every industry. (read more)

SKF/North America - Thermometers...portable Infrared

SKF -Infrared thermometers are portable, lightweight instruments for safely measuring temperature at a distance. They are extremely user-friendly; simply aim and pull the trigger and the temperature is shown on the display. (read more)

SKF/North America - Stroboscopes...compact easy to use

SKF Stroboscopes, TKRS 10 & TKRS 20 are portable, compact, easy-to-use stroboscopes that enable the motion of rotating or reciprocating machinery to appear frozen. They allow applications like fan blades, couplings, gear wheels, machine tool spindles and belt drives to be inspected while running. (read more)

SKF/North America - Electronic Stethoscope - TMST 3

The SKF - TMST 3 is a high quality, sensitive instrument enabling the determination of troublesome machine parts by the detection of machine noises or vibrations. (read more)

SKF/North America - Thermal Camera - TKTI Series

The SKF Thermal Camera TKTI Series (TKT1 10 & 20) is an extremely user-friendly camera designed especially for use by maintenance technicians to visualize troublesome hotspots quickly and easily. This unique thermography camera requires no special training and by simply pointing at the application, hotspots are rapidly identified. (read more)

SKF/North America - Belt Alignment Tool

The SKF BeltAlign, TMEB 2, aligns the pulleys where it counts most, in the grooves. V guides and powerful magnets allow the BeltAlign to be fitted in the grooves of the pulley. With only two components, a laser emitting unit and a receiver unit, the BeltAlign is easy and fast to attach. (read more)

SKF/North America - Shaft Alignment

The SKF Shaft Alignment Tool - Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50% of all costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns. Accurately aligning shafts can prevent a large number of machinery breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime that results in a loss of production. (read more)

SKF/North America - Endoscope TKES 1S

The SKF video endoscope TKES 1S is a compact handheld instrument that allows the user to view applications in restricted spaces that could not normally be seen with the naked eye. (read more)

SKF/North America - Roller screws for factory automation

SKF® roller screws provide ideal linear actuation solutions for factory automation applications by delivering accurate and precise repeatability, rapid acceleration and deceleration, and optimized performance at very high rotational speeds. They can sustain static loads up to 1,000 tons and dynamic loads up … (read more)

SKF/North America - Bearing Grease - LGET 2 Extreme Condition

SKF Bearing Grease - LGET 2 is premium quality, synthetic fluorinated oil based grease using a PTFE thickener. It has excellent lubrication properties at extremely high temperatures exceeding 200 ºC (392 ºF) up to 260 ºC (500 ºF). (read more)

SKF/North America - Contaminant-free compressed air for pneumatics

The SKF® "SFD" dryer system is uniquely engineered for industrial applications to deliver compressed air free of oil, contaminants, and water. In conjunction with large air compressors and systems, this compact unit dries compressed air for pneumatic applications directly from the tank, eliminating a need for ... (read more)

SKF/North America - SKF MECH-TRONIX, complete system solution spindles

SKF® Mech-Tronix spindles with integral AC motors introduce a complete system package offering high power capabilities and variable speed performance. Their factory-matched drive, chiller, and other component options allow users to specify solutions for the most demanding milling, boring, or grinding application requirements ... (read more)