Saint-Gobain Specialty Films has promoted these products:

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Polyimide Films

Striving to be the best supplier of high performance polymeric films, Saint-Gobain continually strengthen its techniques on research, development and production, persistently producing high value-added product while building up strategic alliance with related industries and individual companies outstanding in their respective fields. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Outstanding Quality: Unique Multilayer Casting

Saint-Gobain has been an innovator in the industrial application of fluorocarbon resins for over 40 years. We have pioneered many sophisticated and novel film and tape products using a multi-laminar casting process. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Matte Fluoropolymer Film for Unique Applications

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is proud to introduce our new surface texture technology available on ETFE films up to 60 inches (1524mm) in continuous width. Our technology directly imparts a permanent surface texture to the film yet still maintains excellent edge to edge gauge control across the full width of the material. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Medical Liners for Transdermal Applications

For more than 30 years Saint-Gobain has been selling Silicone Release Liners into various Transdermal Patch Applications. Saint-Gobain provides custom formulations and has a number of FDA permitted coatings as well as DMF (Drug Master File) coatings that are available for use in this market. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - NORFILM(TM) Sputtered Films

Using state of the art facilities, Saint-Gobain provides roll-to-roll sputtering using a wide variety of precious metals and oxides, adhesives and hard coats to meet customer requirements. Saint-Gobain Films works with customers in wide range of markets that demand the highest quality products, including medical, electronic, automotive, and security. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Coated Films

NORFILM(TM) product line consists of optical grade, clear film release liners with super-clear, super-smooth coatings designed for use against optical PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives) or for applications which require very smooth coatings. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Film Materials for Packaging Closures

Films manufactured with FDA-USDA-CSA compliant materials for septa, stoppers and other medical closures, low friction films for prosthetics, ultra-pure filtering membranes, sampling bags, blood bags, anti-microbial, fungal and bacterial surface and work station protection -- from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Specialty Films. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - ZITEX® Membranes

As one of the world's largest processors of fluoropolymer resins, Saint-Gobain is constantly evaluating new avenues to put their polymeric expertise to work. One of the byproducts of its ongoing research and development pursuit is Zitex®. (read more)

Saint-Gobain Specialty Films - Films for Aerospace Composite Molding

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a wide range of high temperature consumables used in the Vacuum Bagging Process for advanced carbon fiber composites. Chemfilm® products such as FEP, ETFE, MR, and polyimide are used as release and chemical barriers which come in direct contact with the composite part. (read more)