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Sandvik Coromant Co.

Sandvik Coromant Co. has promoted these products:

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Fine Boring Head

The versatile 391.37A/B system can be used for both fine boring and face grooving applications. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - External and Internal Threading

T-Max Twin-Lock is designed for threading in the oil, gas, and related industries, primarily in areas of high volume, such as tubing, casing, and coupling production. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Auto Roughing Face Milling Cutter

Extra close pitch face milling cutter primarily intended for roughing and semi-finishing of cast iron components. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Solid Tool Holding System

Sandvik Coromant offers a broad assortment of HSK solid and modular tool holding systems that can be used in spindles with both automatic and manual tool change. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Light Cutting Face Mill for High Speed Finishing

CoroMill® Century is a face mill tool system with aluminium or steel body for high speed machining. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - High precision hydraulic chuck, CoroChuck 930

Need a hydraulic chuck that won’t let you down? Look no further than the new CoroChuck 930. This new generation of hydraulic chucks can rightly claim the best pull-out security on the market, designed to eliminate vibration and ensure the highest precision for milling and drilling applications. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - CoroDrill-870 from Sandvik Coromant

Introducing a completely new type of exchangeable tip drill from Sandvik Coromant. The CoroDrill 870, for the intermediate hole-tolerance area of IT9-IT10, is designed to save time and reduce hole costs. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - CoroReamer: High-Performance Reaming

Sandvik Coromant's CoroReamer solid carbide reamers are the solution when high surface quality finish and close tolerances are required. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - CoroMill Plura End Mills from Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant launches a new series of CoroMill® Plura end mills for use in multiple materials. This new 1-series range is designed for high performance and secure machining in a variety of applications, component sizes, shapes and materials, reducing the requirement to change tools for every different operation. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Modular system – Coromant EH

Sandvik Coromant’s exchangeable-head (EH) system includes a wide assortment of solid carbide heads, indexable milling cutters, boring heads, integrated machine adaptors and different shanks.

The modular EH design delivers great advantages in large machining centres requiring long reach as well as in small to medium-sized machining centres and turning centres having critical... (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - SANDVIK Oil and Gas Subsea Production Systems

Oil and gas subsea production systems

The need for oil and gas will continue to grow over the next decades, mainly driven by an increasing standard of living in Asia. At the same time, crude oil production from existing fields will drop over two-thirds by 2035, and must be replaced by new findings.

These facts indicate that there will be a strong need for products fo... (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Grade GC4325 revolutionizes steel turning

Sandvik Coromant introduce GC4325; a new-generation coated cemented-carbide grade for steel turning.

This latest innovation in tool material provides a new, higher potential for increasing cutting speeds and a longer, more predictable tool life with very high reliability, over an extended broad ISO P25 application area. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Choose Inveio for steel turning, cast iron milling

On March 3, 2014, Sandvik Coromant will introduce new insert grades for steel turning and cast iron milling with Inveio. This technical breakthrough in material science gives these inserts exceptional wear resistance and tool life. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Grade GC3330 leads the way for cast iron milling

Sandvik Coromant takes cast iron milling to a new level on March 3, 2014 when the insert grade GC3330 is introduced. (read more)

Sandvik Coromant Co. - Secure efficient parting off w/plug & play coolant

On March 3, 2014, CoroCut QD – the reliable system from Sandvik Coromant for deep grooves and parting off with long overhangs – expands the offer of inserts and durable tools with over and under coolant. The system is supported with plug and play adaptors for easy handling and efficient coolant supply. (read more)