Sartorius Group - High Capacity Scale for Five Gallon Mixes

Sartorius is pleased to announce a new high-capacity scale for five-gallon mixes. PMA.Power EX offers your shop a true high-capacity/high-resolution scale with an incredibly stable 0.1g readability through the entire weighing range. Visit us at SEMA Booth # 11215 or contact your Paint Supplier today for more information. (read more)

Sartorius Group - TopMix2Touch Premium Terminal

Sartorius is pleased to announce the launch of our new premium terminal, TopMix2Touch. The large 15-inch XGA “pinch and swipe” multi-touch display allows the user more freedom to work with the application software right in the mixing room. Visit us at SEMA Booth # 11215 or contact your Paint Supplier today for more information. (read more)

Sartorius Group - BUY Sartorius Balance GET Free ph Meter

Purchase a Satorius Cubis Ultra-Micro/Micro, Cubis Semi-Micro/Analytical or Secura Analytical balance before December 31st, 2013 and receive a FREE ph Meter. Must redeem by January 31st, 2014. Not valid with any other offer. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Secura® Easy, Reliable Weighing in Regulated Areas

The new Secura® laboratory balance from Sartorius sets new standards in metrological specifications. Secura® is designed for customers who work in regulated environments and need high-quality results without any risk. Secura® ensures the quality of your measurements, compliance with regulatory requirements, and your efficiency, too! (read more)

Sartorius Group - The New Practum® - Start Weighing Right

You can’t go wrong with the new Practum® from Sartorius, a foolproof, exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance. Practum® has everything you need for standard applications. So you pay only for what you really need. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Quintix® - Redefining Standards in Lab Weighing

The new Sartorius Quintix® sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances: features, technology, ergonomic style, and, above all, the entirely new, user-friendly operating design of the Quintix® that helps make workflows much more efficient. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Cost-Effective/Reliable Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer

Complex production processes and products place high demands on fast, reliable, and highly precise moisture analysis. The Mark 3 Moisture Analyzer meets these requirements exactly and cost-effectively. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Moisture Direct Wastewater Treatment Applications

Sartorius offers a number of products specifically for water treatment applications. (read more)

Sartorius Group - BIOSTAT® B Gold Standard of Benchtop Bioreactors

Designed to meet your specific needs, BIOSTAT® B covers a wide range of applications, extending from use as a flexible basic unit for preclinical research to a fully qualified system that complies with the requirements of a validated GMP environment. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Cubis Balances

Cubis® was developed for users who expect the best possible performance from a lab balance across the board but only want to invest in what is necessary. For this reason, Sartorius has gone far beyond simply further developing what already exists. (read more)

Sartorius Group - SARTOFLOW® Study Your Best Assistant in Filtration

The SARTOFLOW® Study will prove to be your best assistant in ultra- and diafiltration applications. This manual benchtop Crossflow system has been optimized for ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes. (read more)

Sartorius Group - BIOSTAT® RM New Generation Bioreactors

The BIOSTAT® RM is the new generation of disposable bioreactors utilizing rocking motion for low shear stress cell cultivation. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Microsart® @vance® Microbiological Applications

The Microsart® product family consists of all the most recent products from SSB for microbiological analysis, which are especially characterized by innovation and clever design. Simple handling on less working area in comparison to conventional products that's where Microsart® products have always stood out. (read more)

Sartorius Group - UniVessel® SU Single-Use Bioreactor

UniVessel® SU – The first completely single-use, culture vessel for lab scale, cell culture and process development. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Microsart AMP Mycoplasma Detection Kits

Rapid methods for the detection of mycoplasma contamination, a major risk associated with cell culture derived products, are essential for improving monitoring of the production process of biologicals. Microsart AMP Mycoplasma enables reliable and sensitive detection of mycoplasma DNA in just a few hours. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Sartopore® Platinum Sterilising-Grade Filtration

Sartopore® Platinum defines the new benchmark for sterilising-grade filtration and is specially designed to meet the requirements for filtration of a broad range of biopharmaceutical products. (read more)

Sartorius Group - DENARASE Enzyme Used in Large-Scale Bioprocesses

DENARASE is a genetically engineered endonuclease obtained from Serratia marcescens and is used in purification processes of biological molecules. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Vivaspin® Turbo New Generation of Ultrafiltration

Sartorius is introducing a new generation of ultrafiltration devices to the market. The disposable Vivaspin Turbo 15 is optimally suited for protein, virus or nanoparticle concentration as well as desalting, dialysis and buffer exchange. (read more)

Sartorius Group - arium® Systems: Water Purification w/Added Value

For scientists and lab technicians who need a reliable source of ultrapure water, Sartorius offers a complete range of water purification systems. The arium® pro family provides water that exceeds ASTM type 1 specifications at unmatched cost of ownership. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector

Clipster® Aseptic Disconnector is a single-use device to disconnect single-use transfer lines and bag assemblies used in biopharmaceutical applications. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Revolutionize your Pipetting with Biohit Picus

Meet Picus – the Red Dot awarded electronic pipette that eases your work load, protects you from injuries by ensuring optimal working posture and allows accurate and precise pipetting results! (read more)

Sartorius Group - pH Combination Electrodes

Sensors for the Highest Measuring Quality. All types of pH measurements. pH| ATC combination electrodes and glass membrane electrodes (read more)

Sartorius Group - Moisture Meter LMA200

Moisture meter LMA200 for the moisture analysis in liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100 %. The humidity meter uses microwave drying which produces results up to 300 x faster than a drying oven for samples with high moisture content. (read more)

Sartorius Group - BioWelder® — Sterile Connection,Total Containment

The BioWelder® TC is a fully automated device for connecting thermoplastic tubing in a sterile welding operation. (read more)

Sartorius Group - EcoMix.Compact for EX zone 1 EM02-X

Sartorius terminals for the paint-mixing sector are the No. 1 choice for convenient computerized formula retrieval and safe paint mixing, even in hazardous areas. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Sartorius SPH Safety Powder Hoods

Are You Taking Your Work Home With You?

The potential long-term effects of working with powders in the workplace are difficult to assess.

The best approach is to limit exposure altogether with the new Sartorius Safety Powder Hoods
(read more)

Sartorius Group - Professional pH Meter PP-15 (pH meter / mV meter)

Sartorius Professional Meters - For professional measurements and optimal testing in laboratories. Easy to operate with the highest measurement accuracy - also for data management. (read more)

Sartorius Group - High Precision OEM Weigh Cells

Sartorius is more than just a supplier of products. Working together with you, we will engineer a solution for integration of a weighing sensor (or a force sensor) into your equipment or machine. (read more)

Sartorius Group - Pipette Calibration Balance

Premium microbalance for pipette calibration. (read more)

Sartorius Group - MD8 Air Samplers

MD8 air samplers for the sampling of airborne microorganisms and viruses as well as background monitoring and impaction measurements. (read more)