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Sensirion AG - siloxane-resistant SGP multi-pixel gas sensor

Sensirion solves long-standing stability problem in metal-oxide gas sensors
The SGP gas sensor is based on Sensirion’s multi-pixel platform, which integrates four gas sensing elements into a very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring a fully calibrated air quality output signal. The unique combination of long-term stability and multi-pixel technology ope... (read more)

Sensirion AG - Protective cover for SHT3x humidity sensors

Sensirion offers a protective cover for selected humidity sensors of the SHT3x series. It covers the SHT3x’s complete sensing area and thus acts as a reliable shield against pollution during SMT assembly of the sensor and subsequent processes, such as conformal coating or potting. (read more)

Sensirion AG -  Ultra-Small Digital Humidity Sensor

The second generation of WLCSP (wafer-level chip-scale package) humidity sensor. The SHTW2 humidity sensor comes in a flip chip package – an established technology that represents one of the simplest and smallest possible ways of packaging a semi-conductor chip and results in a tiny footprint of 1.3 x 0.7 x 0.5 mm3. (read more)

Sensirion AG - World’s smallest differential pressure sensor

The new SDP3x differential pressure sensor is considerably smaller than other sensors in its segment. It can be built into devices which previously lacked sufficient space for any sensory technology at all. The SDP3x sensor measures differential pressure and is ideal for the measurement of mass flow in a bypass configuration. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Most Accurate Digital Humidity Sensor

The SHT35 humidity sensor is the most accurate sensor of the versatile SHT3x series and has an outstanding accuracy of 1.5% RH (relative humidity) and a temperature accuracy of ΔT = ±0.2°C. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Autoclavable Mass Flow Meters

Sensirion is introducing two brand new mass flow meters: the SFM3200-AW and SFM3300-AW. Both products are suitable for repeated, inter-patient use thanks to their multi-cycle, autoclavable and washable properties which allow them to be sterilized. The sensors are particularly well-suited for expiratory and proximal applications in medical ventilation and anesthesia. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Disposable Liquid Flow Sensors

Sensirion's disposable liquid flow sensor solutions for medical devices, will change the field of drug delivery from the ground up and enable solutions to be provided which are safer, more reliable and more mobile for care in the hospital and at home. The liquid flow sensor provides liquid flow measurement capability from inside medical tubing. (read more)

Sensirion AG - A sensor professional in every discipline

Sensirion is taking sensor technology to a new level this year. The technology pioneer is presenting the most advanced platform for humidity and temperature sensors: the Platform3x with the powerful SHT3x sensor series. As the market leader, Sensirion is launching an innovation that excels across the board and a sensor that outperforms all previous models. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Incredibly Small Liquid Flow Sensors

Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion AG has announced the launch of the new liquid flow series LPP10 and LPG10 in an unsurpassed small size. The new technology is based on planar microfluidic substrates and the sensors are available with a glass (LPG10) or a plastic (LPP10) packaging. Both versions have a footprint of a mere 10 x 10 mm. The glass version is extremely durable, while the pl... (read more)

Sensirion AG - Chemically-resistant sensor for low flow rates

Sensirion is offering the compact, chemically-resistant liquid flow sensor LS32-1500 for low flow rates in the 0-40 ml/min range. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Environmental Sensing for a Smarter Life

Sensirion is presenting its latest humidity and temperature sensor SHTW1, which opens up new possibilities in the wearable and mobile market with its chip-scale packaging technology. This global innovation combines minimal size with maximum performance to define the latest generation of humidity and temperature sensors, enabling unprecedented opportunities. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Sensirion's low-pressure-drop digital flow meter

Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion presents new digital SFM3000 mass flow meter for high-volume applications in medical devices, process automation and burner control at the MDM West 2013 (Annaheim, CA USA). (read more)

Sensirion AG - Sensirion's Low-cost humidity & temperature sensor

The SHT20 is a low-cost member of the SHT2x family of sensors, which are already being used in the millions in various applications. With a typical accuracy of 3% RH, the new sensor is especially suitable for price-sensitive applications and shows that high production volumes can be combined with low cost and proven quality. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Highest precision for measuring liquid flow

The newest liquid flow sensor from Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion excels thanks to its ultra-pure materials and outstanding precision. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Measuring flow in a bypass configuration

The SDP601 and SDP611 sensors are differential pressure sensors specifically calibrated for measuring mass flow in a bypass configuration. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Liquid flow sensor for dosing applications

Sensirion's liquid flow sensor SLQ-QT105 for flow rates below 2 cc/sec (120 ml/min) with hydrocarbon-based liquids such as photoresists and solvents. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Nano Flow Sensor for UHPLC applications

New Nano Flow Sensor for Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) applications. Key features are a pressure rating of 1000 bar (15000 psi) and a short response time of 30 ms. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Micro Flow Switch and Bubble Detector for Liquids

Sensirion's LG01 micro flow switch for ultra-low liquid flow rates and bubble detection makes fluidic systems more reliable. It enables the detection of liquid flow within the range of a few ml/min and less and is designed for integration into bio-medical applications and general process control solutions. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Digital Humidity SHT25 (RH&T)

The SHT25 is the high-precision version of Sensirion's digital humidity & temperature sensors. The sensor features a typical accuracy of 1.8% relative humidity and 0.2°C over a wide measurement range. Moreover, the reflow solderable SHT25 is characterized by the same features as the standard version SHT21: I2C interface, high stability, low power consumption, s... (read more)

Sensirion AG - Mass Flow Meter - SFM4100

The mass flow meter SFM4100 is designed as a versatile OEM gas flow meter for demanding volume applications. The SFM4100 measures air and nonaggressive gases with excellent accuracy over an impressively wide dynamic measuring range. Each sensor can be calibrated for the use with multiple gases and for numerous flow ranges. (read more)

Sensirion AG - Digital Humidity Sensor SHT7x (RH&T)

The digital humidity and temperature sensor SHT7x is the pin-type version of Sensirion's familiy of relative humidity sensors. The capacitive humidity sensor provides digital and fully calibrated output, excellent long-term stability and features a cutting edge low energy consumption (read more)

Sensirion AG - Analog Differential Pressure Sensor SDP1000/2000

The SDP1000 family of differential pressure sensors provides precise differential pressure measurement with an analog 0 to 4 voltage output. It is available in several ranges up to 3'500 Pa (14 inch water) and measures even miniscule pressure differences below 0.1 Pa (0.0004 inch water) (read more)

Sensirion AG - New Liquid Flow Meter SLQ-HC60

The new liquid flow meter SLQ-HC60 operates without moving parts and grants highest reliability and chemical compatibility. The small and fast, highly sensitive flow meter detects the flow through the straight glass flow channel and enables precise and fast flow measurement down to lowest dynamic flow rates (read more)

Sensirion AG - Digital Mass Flow Controller SFC3000

Sensirion's SFC3000 is a small, fully digital mass flow controller for high-volume OEM applications. It offers fast and accurate control of gas flows over a very wide range. The mass flow controler's excellent stability and repeatability make it ideal for analytical instruments. Different gas types and control ranges can be calibrated and switched by software (read more)

News articles and press releases for Sensirion AG:


The next generation of wafer-level chip-scale package humidity sensor. The SHTW2 humidity sensor comes in a flip chip package which results in a tiny footprint of 1.3 x 0.7 x 0.5 mm3. The SHTW2 pioneers a new category of ultra-small humidity sensors.


Sensirion presents a new multi-pixel gas sensor, plus a new barometric pressure sensor. Both new sensors, which rank among the smallest yet most accurate in their class worldwide


The newest liquid flow sensor from Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion excels thanks to its ultra-pure materials and outstanding precision.


The SDP601 and SDP611 sensors are differential pressure sensors specifically calibrated for measuring mass flow in a bypass configuration.


Sensirion presents the world's smallest humidity and temperature sensor, setting new standards for size, power consumption, production volume and price.


Universal SLI Series for the measurement of liquid flow in the microliter and milliliter range. No moving parts, a patented media isolated microsensor principle, and a straight ‘see through’ flow channel guarantee highest reliability.


Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion is launching the new digital SFM3000 mass flow meter for high-volume applications in medical devices, process automation and burner control.


Sensirion, the world's leading sensor manufacturer, has launched the SPD500 low-cost positive differential pressure sensor.


Sensirion recently launched new differential pressure sensors in the SDP600 series. The new SDP6x6 sensor line features especially low energy consumption, making it suitable for long-term battery operation.


Following the successful market launch of the SHT2x family of humidity and temperature sensors, Sensirion is now launching a sensor designed exclusively for temperature measurement.


Sensirion has recently launched two new versions of its differential pressure sensors within the SDP600 series.


EK-P3, the new evaluation kit from Sensirion, represents a straightforward and costeffective option for testing the digital differential pressure sensors of the SDP600 series.


Since March 2011, Sensirion has been certified in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001.


Sensirion is launching the SDP2108-R as a high-quality sensor solution for measuring air flows in medical ventilation applications.


Sensirion’s new SHT21 humidity sensor has now been qualified in accordance with the AEC-Q100 automotive standard. This confirms the outstanding reliability, stability and robustness of the sensor, which has been in regular production since April 2010.


With the new SHT21, Sensirion launched the world’s smallest digital humidity and temperature sensor. The fully calibrated humidity and temperature sensor features an I²C digital interface, outstanding stability and cutting-edge low power consumption.


With its SDP600 series, Sensirion has launched the world’s first digital dynamic differential pressure sensors. The fully calibrated sensors feature highest sensitivity and accuracy (even < 10 Pa / 0.04" H2O), and long-term stability.