Sesotec GmbH has promoted these products:


High-performance metal separator for free-fall applications (read more)


VARISORT COMPACT C is a multi-sorting-system for the recycling industry. Compared to conventional belt sorting systems the VARISORT COMPACT sorting system is characterised by its compact design with little required space and by corresponding mobility. (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - PET Bottle Recycling with VARISORT

The multi-sensor sorting system VARISORT is used to automatically separate impurities from PET-Bottle streams. The VARISORT series is based on a modular concept in which up to three sensors can be combined (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - LIQUISCAN VF+, Metal Separation System

LIQUISCAN VF+ metal separation systems remove magnetic and non-magnetic impurities (steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc) from pumped, liquid and paste products. It is easily mounted won vacuum fillers and pumps. (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - VARICON+

The VARICON+ metal detection system detects all metal contaminants (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel) – even when enclosed in the product. Designed for a wide range of packaged and unpackaged products. (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - FLAKE PURIFIER+: Multi-sensor sorting system

FLAKE PURIFIER+ from Sesotec

The FLAKE PURIFIER+ is a Multi-sensor sorting system for plastics recycling. It can combine up to three sensors for contamination detection. In addition to metal and color separation the FLAKE PURIFIER+ can also separate different types of plastics, like PVC and PLA. (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - ECOLINE-D Detector

The ECOLINE-D system detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - The new RAYCON D X-ray Product Inspection System

RAYCON D product inspection system will consistently and precisely detect a multitude of contaminants such as magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, and some types of plastics, even when products are packaged in aluminium or other metallic foils. (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - CAPTURA FLOW food sorting system

CAPTURA FLOW food sorting systems are used to remove vegetable and non-vegetable contamination and to thus guarantee consumer protection. The systems also detect and remove product defects and thus maximize the quality of the end product. (read more)

Sesotec GmbH - The new metal detector INTUITY - Purity with ease

The all new Sesotec INTUITY with multi-simultaneous frequency technology provides up to 50% higher detection accuracy compared to existing metal detection systems in the market–even in the most challenging applications.

Come to see the new INTUITY live on our Booth at interpack 2017! (read more)

News articles and press releases for Sesotec GmbH:


OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) presented for the first time


Presentation of innovative solutions for PET recycling


Presentation of innovative solutions for PET recycling


Smart Factory - Increase in efficiency and quality through digitisation


All service sectors combined at one place


Differentiation of used PET bottles by means of UV fluorescence markers.


Sesotec at Interpack 2017


RAYCON EX1 entry-level X-ray inspection system


Sesotec multi-sensor sorting systems for a value-adding recycling process


Sesotec product inspection systems are reliable, easy to operate, and easy to clean


Sesotec moved the head office of its subsidiary to the Shivane industrial area.


Increase in efficiency and quality for the plastics industry and for plastics recycling


180 Degrees is a rapidly growing Auckland company producing a range of baked biscuits, snacks and crackers.


PT. Rejeki Adigraha is a well-known plastics recycling company in Indonesia primarily specialising in the recycling of PET and PVC materials.


Co-exhibitor KRS Recycling Systems presents glass sorting system


Aeiforos SA, for its End-of-Life vehicle (ELV) recycling process, is one of the first companies in Europe being able to prove compliance with the recycling rates according to the End-of-Life vehicles ordinance in force since the beginning of last year.


At the IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt (hall 9.1, stand C58) Sesotec GmbH presents sophisticated metal and contaminant detectors and separators especially for the meat industry.


For more than 100 years the Reiling group has collected and recovered recyclable materials and has thus contributed to the preserving of resources and to environmental and climate protection.


Sesotec product inspection and sorting systems guarantee highest quality


Marangoni Meccanica S.p.A, located in the Italian town Rovereto near Trento, is a globally leading company in the development and production of tyre machinery both for the production of new tyres and retread tyres.


Automatic product sorting is becoming ever more important in the food-processing industry


Use of metal detectors is a competitive advantage


BTB PET-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG, established in the year 2006, and headquartered in Bad Salzuflen (North Rhine-Westphalia) processes approx. 20,000 tons of PET bottles per year.


Already 60 injection-moulding machines for the production of inhalators, eye drop dispensers, and nasal spray containers equipped with Sesotec metal detectors


System catalogue available again in printed and digital form for downloading


Simultaneous inspection of different products without any manual change


Sesotec service engineers at your service all over the world


Sesotec for the first time presents X-ray scanners for the quality inspection of plastic products


Highest Detection Accuracy And Reliable Function


Plastic products for medical applications must meet highest quality requirements


At the Anuga Foodtec 2015 that will be held in Cologne from 24 to 27 March, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH, in hall 5.2, stand D010, presents magnet systems, inductive metal detectors and separators, as well as X-ray scanners.


S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH, a leading supplier of machines and systems for product inspection and for the sorting of material flows, acquired 100 percent of the Italian special machine manufacturer ASM Advanced Sorting Machines s.r.l..


S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH expands its business areas and as of now also offers machines and systems for the sorting of fresh, frozen, dried, cut, and bulk food. S+S for this purpose established a new business unit: SORTING FOOD.


S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schönberg, Bavaria, as from the end of March 2015 will present itself with a new company name and a new logo.


SABIC chooses S+S high performance metal separator RAPID PRO-SENSE.


Magnet and metal separators prevent machine downtimes and thus increase efficiency in plastics production and processing.


S+S white paper with information about magnet technology especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


For companies in the meat industry it is a given that product quality has highest priority both during production and in retail stores.


S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of machines and systems for contaminant detection/separation, for product inspection, and for the sorting of material flows, establishes subsidiary in Italy.


For IFS and WS Food contaminant separation is essenti


European plastics industry is subject to considerable international competitive pressures. To maintain long term competitiveness companies must supply high-quality products and must operate at the highest possible efficiency throughout their operations.


Since July 2012 S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH has a new trading partner with Sunnyvale in Sao Paolo, Brazil.


For the new management team of S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH the fo-cus lies on further internationalisation


X-ray technology removes optically undetectable contaminants from bulk food products


At IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 (hall C1, stand 407/506) S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schönberg in Bavaria will launch the new K9 FLASH glass sorting system.


Sophisticated recycling technologies turn plastic waste into high-quality raw materials.


At Anuga Foodtec 2012 which takes place in Cologne from 27- 30 March, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH will be exhibiting magnet systems, metal detectors/separators, and X-ray scanners at our stand D010 in hall 5.2.


The new S+S microsite, focussing on "PET recycling with S+S" went live on 18 May 2011.


The plastics industry continues to struggle with rapidly rising raw material prices. As a result there is an increased pressure to use recycled material for which waste and rejected plastics are very well suited for reuse in many production processes.


At Interpack 2011, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH will show its new inline magnet, the MAGBOX MXF Food/Pharma with maximum field strength, durable stainless steel housing, and improved sanitary design.


At this Interpack exhibition, S+S will launch the new, revised Raycon product inspection system. In redesigning the RAYCON concept S+S focused on sophisticated, proven X-ray technology and on components manufactured in house and from local suppliers.


At this year’s Interpack exhibition, S+S will launch the new SOLUTOR-HF metal detector head with improved stainless steel sensitivity, a high quality, sanitary design housing and virtually universal application in food and packaging lines.


The ownership of S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH in Schönberg has changed. With effect from from 1 January 2011 the Munich based VTC Group has acquired a 70 percent interest in the business.


At Interpack 2011 in Dusseldorf, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH will show a range of product inspection systems based on magnet, X-ray, and inductive technology.


S+S supplied an in-line magnet system, specifically matched to meet requirements of a sugar-processing company. The combination of very high throughput rates and the removal of slightly magnetised stainless steel particles demands high magnetic strength.


At K 2010 S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH under the focus of "All about PET and Plastics" presented wide ranging separation and sorting solutions for the complete plastics life cycle - from primary processing through to recycling.


At the K-2010 trade fair in Düsseldorf S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH presented the Magbox MXP inline magnet in a completely re-engineered version.

All about PET 10/12/2010

At the K 2010, the international no. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber, S+S presents contaminant detectors and separators for production and recycling. Germany, Düsseldorf, 27 October - 3 November 2010, Hall: 10, booth: 10E60


Superior technology of the VARISORT COMPACT combined system: New S+S sorting system for the Swiss company RecyPET AG.


Brückner Maschinenbau is world market leader in the field of film stretching technology and for decades has acquired metal separators from S+S for the inspection and purification of film raw materials.


S+S sorting systems extract valuable secondary raw materials from electronic waste.


VDMA working group prepares a standard concept for manufacturer-independent machine integration for process optimisation in the food industry


For over 30 years, ISO 9001 certified Nutrichem, develops, produces and packages specialized dietary products. The RAYCON X-ray, by S+S, is used for the detection of contaminants & quality defects in the simultaneous inspection of parallel product lines.


S+S Separation and Sorting Technology provided ten SAFEMAG magnet systems for a test phase. The test results were excellent and by now over 1000 injection moulders are equipped with magnet systems.


S+S presents a new metal separation unit called PRESEP at the tradeshow FAKUMA 2009. The unit can be installed on conveyors to analyse plastic granulate or as a stand-alone unit to analyse grinding stock, regenerate or rejected material.


With many thousands of metal detection and separation systems installed worldwide, S+S is one of the leading manufacturers and the only one with such a wide and flexible product range. Meet S+S at Pack Expo in Las Vegas,Oct 5th-7th, booth S5254.


The S+S Flake Purifier will be introduced to the public at the PetPoint 2009 trade show in Germany, after its American launch at NPE 2009. The Flake Purifier is equipped with a module to recognise contamination, including different types of plastic.


S+S now offers for the plastics industry a system that combines the advantages of magnet separators and inductive metal separators. This combination is the optimal solution for the separation of both magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations.


The PNEUMAG inline magnet was designed for applications in vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes involving higher flow speeds (up to 25m/s). It is mainly used in the food and pharm. industry for products such as flour, sugar, starch & other materials.


The modular VARISORT COMPACT sorting system for use with loose bulk materials provides a number of special features that allow a flexible and easy adaptation to changing sorting jobs – for example in the recycling of electronic waste.


The S+S RAYCON product inspection system operating with X-ray technology allows highly accurate inline detection of a great variety of contaminants such as magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, and some types of plastics.


The ECOLINE-D system detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, special-steel, aluminium, etc) - even those enclosed in the product. It is used for examining packed and unpacked piece goods.