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Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Sierra Instruments, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Breakthrough in Flare Gas Mass Flow Measuring

Flare and combustor gas measurement is a challenging application because each well has its unique and constantly changing characteristics that include depth, temperature, pressure, flow rate, soot content, and varying gas composition. Sierra Instruments' advanced QuadraTherm 640i Thermal Mass Flow Meters offer a more reliable solution than turbine meters and orifice plates. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New InnovaSonic 207i Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

Sierra Instruments introduces its new InnovaSonic® 207i ultrasonic liquid flow meter with thermal energy/BTU capability for superior flow measurement. Designed for non-intrusive liquid flow metering, and optimized for thermal energy/BTU measurement, the 207i transit-time ultrasonic flow meter is the ideal turnkey solution for building and district metering, and sub metering. The firs... (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Flow Meters to Comply with EPA Boiler MACT Reg.

Sierra offers a complete suite of Boiler MACT compliant thermal, vortex, and ultrasonic flow meters to meet EPA’s Boiler MACT regulations which are designed to limit hazardous air pollutants (HAP) from commercial and industrial boilers and process heaters. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Do You Have the Thermal Mass Flow Advantage?

Do you have the thermal mass flow advantage? Try Sierra's SmartTrak® 100 designed for systems integrators/OEMs & researchers. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Using Thermal Mass Flow Meters Conserves Energy

Using Sierra Instruments' Thermal Mass Flow Meters improves sub-metering accuracy. Learn how to cut costs with submetering and conserve energy and save on your natural gas bill. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - One Thermal Flow Meter Manages Gas Composition

For the first time in history, use one QuadraTherm® thermal flow meter with qMix™ app to comply with EPA emissions requirements for flare & combustor gas, vapor recovery units (VRUs), & storage vessels. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Precision Mass Flow Controllers

SmartTrak mass flow controllers and mass flow meters provide researchers, systems integrators, and OEM's with high performance gas mass flow control and measurement for nearly any application requirement: multi-gas capability, low flows (0 to 0.1 sccm), high flows (to 1000 slpm), corrosive gases, low pressure drop (4.5 psid), high pressure (up to 5000 psig), small footprint, and easy sys... (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Sierra Online Store - Next Day Shipping

Shop Sierra instruments' online store for the entire Sierra product line! We offer the largest factory direct selection on the web, with next day shipping and lifetime support. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Advantages of Mass Flow Controllers for Labs Video

NEW VIDEO: How Mass Flow Contrllers Application Flexibility & Custom Engineering Provide Solutions for Research Labs (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Revolutionize Your Productivity with InnovaMass

Revolutionize your productivity, expand capabilities, and reduce cost with InnovaMass inline vortex flow meter (240i) and new insertion vortex flow meter (241i) for all steam, liquid, and gas applications. An industry first! With its field adjustability apps, Sierra builds to stock and ships next day. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Video from Sierra: Shared Technology Benefits

Sierra’s InnovaMass iSeries multivariable and volumetric vortex flow meters share the same technology stack as the QuadraTherm thermal mass flow meters. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Maximize Steam Productivity w/Vortex Flow Meters

Revolutionize your flow energy metering with Sierra Instruments' new InnovaMass® iSeries Next Generation Vortex Flow Meters. The steam productivity partner you can't live without. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - FastFlo™ 620S Air Flow Sensor

The FastFlo™ 620S – an insertion thermal air flow sensor that contains FastFlo® Sensor Technology and Smart Electronics – was designed to give you a highly reliable, responsive and affordable mass flow meter for light industrial applications where a NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure is acceptable. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - BoilerTrak™ 620S BT Mass Flowmeter

BoilerTrak™ is designed to provide an economical and easy to install solution for precise natural gas measurement to heaters and boilers to increase efficiency. The instrument also suited for compliance to new regulations for burning natural gas in commercial boiler applications. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Find the Right Flow Meter in Just Two Clicks!

Sierra Instruments' new website is designed with YOU in mind. Find products fast with quick drill down filtering to sort based on the fluid you want to measure, your application, the flow technology you are interested in, and even filter by pipe size and flow rate. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Sierra’s InnovaMass iSeries has Arrived!

Now Benefit from Next Generation Volumetric Vortex Flow Meters & Multivariable Mass Flow Meters (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Find The Right Flowmeter For Your Application

Let's face it, specifying the best flow instrumentation for your application can be a daunting task. That's why we created a new Full Line Flow Product Catalog with all Sierra's products, key specifications, and application benefits in one, easy-to-use brochure.

Quickly specify the right flow meter for you application...

  • View all flow measurement & control...
(read more)
Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Gas Mixing Software for Flow Meters

Sierra Instruments to Showcase New Gas Mixing Software for Flow Meters at ACHEMA

qMix Eliminates Need to Send Flow Meter Back to the Factory for Gas Composition Changes (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Change Your Gas In the Field - No Accuracy Lost

NOW....Field Adjust Gas Composition on Thermal Flow Meters.

Stay ahead of EPA Requirements by Installing Sierra's QuadraTherm thermal flow meter with NEW qMix gas mixing software and, for the first time, you can update your gas composition in the field for your flare, Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) & storage vessels - all without sending the meter back to the factory for cos... (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Slash Your Facility’s Natural Gas Bills

Psst. We’ve got a secret. One that could save you money. How much, you ask? Thousands. That’s right. You could be saving thousands on your facility’s natural gas bill.
Traditional diaphragm flow meters used for natural gas measurement can’t account for changes in gas composition, resulting in a utility bill that can be less than accurate. Verify... (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Effortlessly Meet EPA Reporting Requirements

For the first time, oil/gas engineers can field adjust their gas composition on thermal mass flow meters in the field for flare, Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU), and storage vessels without sending the meter back to the factory for recalibration with Sierra’s QuadraTherm 640i/780i with qMix gas mixing software. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - In-Situ Thermal Flowmeter Calibration Validation

Before you trust thermal flow meter in-situ calibration validation, look beyond the internal sensor wire windings and make sure sensor design materials won't create drift and change over time.

Beware of False Positives. Get the Inside Story:

  • Learn how to make smart, fully informed decisions about in-situ calibration
  • Explore the differences between wet....
(read more)
Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New White Paper: In-Situ Validation Calibration

Learn how to make smart, full informed decisions about the best in-situ calibration method for your application. Sierra's new white paper explains how new technologies and sensor design make in-situ calibration more accurate and cost-effective. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Thermal Mass Flow Meters from Sierra

Consistent Thermal Flow Meter Measurement for Increased Accuracy and Profitability (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Improved Mass Flow Control Performance Through Advanced Sensor Technology (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - QuadraTherm® Flow Meters: Now with Fieldbus

Sierra Instruments Announces QuadraTherm® Thermal Mass Flow Meters Now Have Full Device Description Foundation Fieldbus (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Mass Flow Controllers for Control of Gases

Mass Flow Controllers for Dependable Control of Gases (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - QuadraTherm® 640i/780i: Global Agency Approvals

QuadraTherm® 640i/780i Now With Full Suite of Global Agency Approvals-cFMus, ATEX and IECEx (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Flare Gas Measurement White Paper

Sierra Instruments, a leading global mass flow instrument manufacturer, announces their new flare gas measurement white paper available now for free download. Sierra’s new white paper offers oil & gas company decision makers, facilities managers and engineers a new cost-effective flare gas mass flow metering alternative to comply with increasingly stringent government regulations. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Video: Learn How Thermal Mass Flow Meters Work

Sierra's new principle of operation video shows how the physics of thermal dispersion technology allow for accurate and reliable direct mass flow measurement. Step inside the pipe to learn how total mass flow is calculated and why thermal mass flow meter technology offers an economical solution for gas measurement in large pipes and ducts. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Flow Totalizer Software For Multiple Gases

Sierra Instruments, a leading global mass flow meter manufacturer, releases new free flow totalizer software module for their QuadraTherm® 640i/780i mass flow meter. Through their QuadraTherm Software Interface Program (SIP), end users now have an efficient management tool to totalize and monetize all gases with one instrument. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Biogas Flow Measurement White Paper

Sierra Instruments, a leading global mass flow instrument manufacturer, announces their new biogas measurement white paper available now for free download. Sierra’s new white paper offers engineers, as well as plant and facilities managers, solutions for precise biogas measurement even with the changing gas composition, an inherent application challenge in biogas energy flow measur... (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Sierra Introduces New Chlorine Flow Meter

Sierra Instrument's new Chlorine-Trak™ 760S Thermal Mass Flow Meter was specifically designed to perform as an accurate and cost-effective mass flow measurement solution for chlorine injection processes found in typical waste-water treatment applications. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Sierra Clean Energy Guide Radically Expands..

Sierra Instruments announces the publication of its free 40-page Sierra Clean Energy Guide in printed format. The guide offers engineers, scientist, plant managers, and designers alike an up close look at how Sierra is partnering with customers from all over the world to develop sustainable solutions to some of today's most pressing environmental problems. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - New Economical OEM Line of Flow Controllers

Sierra Instruments introduces their new economical OEM digital high-performance mass flow controller the Smart-Trak 50 today. The Smart-Trak 50 comes with 316SS or Aluminum; Available with off-the-shelf delivery lead-times; Accuracy of +/- 1.5% of full scale, and flow ranges from 0-10 sccm to 0-50 slpm in one compact footprint. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Sierra Helps California WWTP Harness Biogas

In the conversion of solid wastes to high-efficiency fuel, digestion plays a critical first step in producing raw biogas. For Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility, Sierra's Immersible Thermal Mass Flow Meters deliver critical readings indicating exact digestive status while controlling the final step of precisely blending the cleaned and compressed biogas with natural gas. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. - Sierra Introduces Range of GHG Mass Flow Meters

This week, Sierra Instruments introduced a line of mass flow meters Certified by Sierra for Green House Gas (GHG) reporting. All Sierra GHG meters now conform to the new EPA rule (40 CFR Part 98), which mandates that as of January 2, 2010, companies in the United States that emit more than 25,000 tons/year of CO2 equivalent must report GHG emissions. (read more)

Sierra Instruments, Inc. -  New Large Duct & Stack Mass Flow Meter

Sierra Instruments' new Multi-Trak™ Model 670S is an advanced state-of-the-art instrument for measuring mass flow rates in very large ducts or stacks that have non-uniform velocity profiles, high turn-down requirements, dirty gas streams, wide temperature ranges and fast velocity and temperature changes. (read more)