Software Cradle - SC/Tetra V10 CFD Software

The release of Cradle SC/Tetra V10 general purpose, unstructured grid CFD software continues to set the standard by which other CFD software are measured.

SC/Tetra is recognized for its hallmark robust preprocessor with integrated geometry repair tools, flexible and controllable and fully parallelized hybrid grid generator which makes for exceptionally fast meshing. (read more)

Software Cradle - scSTREAM and HEAT Designer V10 CFD Software

Software Cradle announces the release of scSTREAM and HEAT Designer Version 10 structured grid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software. scSTREAM is the counterpart of Cradle's flagship unstructured grid, general purpose SC/Tetra CFD software. HEAT Designer is a specialized application of scSTREAM for electronics cooling. (read more)

Software Cradle - About Cradle Heat Designer

Heat Designer is used for electronics cooling analyses. It provides a simple user interface and uses appropriate pre-set parameters for electronics cooling analysis. Heat Designer provides maximum performance and requires less memory consumption than competitive software. This results in faster computational speeds and the ability to analyze more complicated geometries. (read more)

Software Cradle - About Cradle scSTREAM Software

scSTREAM is general purpose, structured mesh (Cartesian or cylindrical) thermal fluid analysis software often used for simulating HVAC systems, building aerodynamics, and electronics cooling. STREAM has been used in a wide variety of commercial applications since 1984. (read more)

Software Cradle - SC/Tetra V10 CFD Software

SC/Tetra V10 is general purpose, unstructured grid CFD software that contains significant new features designed to increase software functionality.

  • Direct import of most native CAD formats
  • Accomodates models up to 1 billion elements
  • Density based solver
  • and more
(read more)
Software Cradle - CFD Software for fluid flow analysis

The ALE function (Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian for moving and/or rotating boundaries) in SC/Tetra is useful for analyzing fans, turbines, and pumps. This function can be applied to the steady calculation and the parallel computation.

Axial Fan

Fluid flow analysis of an axial fan is difficult because the blade shape significantly affects performance. Accurate... (read more)

Software Cradle - CFD Software for analyzing power supply

CFD is primarily used for analyzing electrical and electronics equipment thermal performance. CFD enables analysis of thermal conduction in the solid and between air and solid simultaneously.
For cooling fans applications, please refer to Turbomachinery.

Power Supply Unit

The power supply unit which transforms voltage emits large amounts of heat. ... (read more)

Software Cradle - Software Cradle CADthru Software

CADthru is a data translation tool used to prepare CAD data for CFD analysis purposes. CADthru's robust functions enable fast and automatic repair of geometric and topological data defects in the original CAD data. (read more)