Sulzer Metco - Cold Spray Gun... dense, oxygen-free coatings

Sulzer Metco. Kinetiks 8000 Cold Spray Gun. This Cold spray gun is ideal for dense, oxygen-free coatings on substrates that should not be thermally stressed. (read more)

Sulzer Metco -  Plasma Spray Gun - SinplexPro™

Sulzer Metco - NEW... SinplexPro synergistically incorporates the efficiency advantages of cascaded arc technology into a single-cathode spray gun. This all-purpose gun yields significantly higher throughput on existing and new plasma spray systems at an economical investment cost. (read more)

Sulzer Metco - Universal Plasma Spray Gun: TriplexPro-210

Universal Plasma Spray Gun: TriplexPro-210 from Sulzer Metco

Our TriplexPro-200 customers spoke and we listened. The result? The best plasma spray gun on the market just got better. (read more)

Sulzer Metco -  Plasma Heat Treatment: IONIT®

Plasma Heat Treatment: IONIT® from Sultzer Metco...

IONIT® is a plasma nitriding and plasma nitrocarburising techno- logy for alloyed steel, cast, sinter, and special materials. (read more)

Sulzer Metco - LF Spray Controller...EvoCoat™-

Sulzer Metco - EvoCoat-LF spray controller is a compact, mobile HVOF controller that employs the latest technology for economical operation. Oxygen and liquid fuel are mass-flow controlled. Start-up time is optimized to save time, oxygen and kerosene (read more)

Sulzer Metco - EvoLink™ Intelligent Gun Technology

Sulzer Metco - A new era in thermal spray processing has arrived with intelligent spray gun technology from Sulzer Metco. Imagine, thermal spray guns and controllers that actually talk to one another, collect data automatically and give feedback that will simplify your thermal spray process and improve process reliability! (read more)