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Tanis Incorporated has promoted these products/services:

Tanis Incorporated - Fused Flexible Strip Brush by Tanis

The fused flexible strip brush is the newest technology in brush seal. With exceptional flexibility, the brush contours to irregular surfaces, solving sealing challenges and allowing attachment to an incredibly diverse range of materials. These brushes are offered in nylon and polypropylene filament and can be purchased in nearly any length. When needed, filament is easily cut with heavy... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Custom Rotary Brushes by Tanis

Design a rotary brush that is right for your specific application. Our technical sales and engineering team will work with you to select the right materials and dimensions for optimal brush operation. We offer rotary brushes in flexible and water repellant nylon, heat resistant brass and high performing abrasive CeramiX® Brushes.

The team will consider various brush characteri... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Mini Disc Brushes that Succeed with Angles

Ideal for deburring and improving surface finish – these high filament density, small diameter brushes solve challenges on small and angular parts. With flexibility to maneuver over sharp edges and small surfaces, the mini disc brush is successful on jet fan cases and turbine blades. They offer deburring answers to other edge filled parts such as pump housings and transmission bloc... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Plater's Hand Brushes by Tanis

Plater's Hand Brushes are ideal for general industrial cleaning in the metal finishing, plating, aircraft and military industries. The softer, less abrasive filaments are ideal for polishing and buffing less scratch-resistant surfaces. Select from various filament material, including tempered steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon, bristle or white tampico. (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Get A Better Brush Solution™ with Tanis

Enhance the efficiency of your application with a custom brush. Our engineering team will work with you to design a brush that is right for your job. Many factors can influence optimal brush operation, including: correct point of contact between the filament and object, achieving the right level of bristle aggressiveness and selecting filament texture that intera... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Hand Held Twisted Wire Brushes by Tanis

Ideal for industrial use, Tanis offers a range of hand held twisted in wire brushes for polishing, blending, burr removal and cleaning hard to reach areas.

Our twisted in wire brushes are available in a diverse variety of materials and sizes. Miniature and micro brushes perform ultra-fine deburring and polishing in small diameter holes. For tougher applications, our heavy duty tub... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Tanis End Brushes with Bridals

For added aggressive action and to prevent flaring, Tanis now includes bridals on abrasive end brushes. The band holds filament tightly together to increase stiffness and stops stray bristle breakage.

Use end brushes on CNC machines or with electric tools to deliver targeted abrasive performance on small areas. They are ideal for machined parts to blend end-mill tool marks, deburr... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Abrasive Nylon Twisted Wire Brushes

Tanis abrasive twisted wire brushes, otherwise known as tube brushes or spiral brushes, are ideal for cross hole deburring and cleaning threads; they are also used for debris removal from machined blocks, crankshaft bores and general deburring.

These brushes are even more powerful in our CeramiX® Brush line. Made with an abrasive grain developed by 3M™, these brushes red... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Tanis Flexible PVC-Backed Strip Brushes

Tanis offers a full line of standard stapled set brush products, and with the latest in engineering and machining technology, Tanis can also manufacture custom brushes to meet limitless specifications. (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Patent Pending Wheel Brush Adapters

Our new Wheel Brush Adapters allow easy attachment to shell mill holders while adding support to the brush frame. The two part adapter fits on both sides of the wheel brush and the assembly is secured to the holder with a screw. This tool also strengthens the wheel brush - preventing fracture at the hub and improving brush life. Made to support automated deburring.

For more inform... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - On Tough Steels: The Blue Brush

Deburr tough steels better with CeramiX® Brushes – working faster and longer. 

This brush will deburr stainless steel, titanium and iconel three to five times faster than traditional abrasive filaments. The brush also has a longer life due to the way the grain wears– it breaks off in smaller pieces.  (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Tanis Abrasives for Deburring Automation

Increase efficiency and streamline processes with Tanis abrasives for automation. Moving deburring away from manual applications to machining centers will not only help with surface consistency, but it will also remove secondary operations.

View our Abrasive Nylon Disc Brushes with Disc Brush Drive Arbor or our CeramiX® Shell Mill Holder Disc Brushes and our Abrasive Ny... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Round Bridled Glue Brushes by Tanis

Round Bridled Glue brushes are manufactured by fastening grey bristle to a wood handle with a metal ferrule. The bristles are originally bridled by a wire for stiffer, more controlled brushing action, but this wire can be cut when bristles wear down, extending the brush life. (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Custom Abrasive Brushes

Custom may be best for deburring large or micro parts. Precision deburring is an essential function in producing optimally functioning parts and so using the right abrasive brush is important. Irregularly sized parts may not have a standard deburring brush solution that is an exact match for the job. Tanis Brush engineers brushes in lengthened or micro filament to match exact specificati... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - CeramiX® Stem Mounted Narrow Face Wheel Brushes

CeramiX® Stem Mounted Narrow Face Wheel Brushes are used for cleaning, polishing and deburring recessed applications such as small openings, slots, machined grooves, fine deburring on medical instruments and gear splines. (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Aerospace: Twisted, Disc and Rotary Brushes

Tanis provides a variety of twisted, disc and rotary brushes for surface conditioning and deburring applications within the aerospace and aircraft industries. Working closely with engine parts manufacturers and other aircraft design engineers, we design brushes that meet the rigorous needs of both internal and external parts finishing.

Our abrasive product line works to round shar... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - CeramiX® Collet Ready Twisted Brushes

Ideal for internal deburring and finishing applications, tubular component parts and drilled and tapered holes. These power tube brushes are fitted with a solid galvanized steel shank for ease of use in CNC machine tools, drill presses and manual machine tools.

Tanis is committed to providing a full range of standard and custom design twisted brushes, capturing the versatil... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Finish More with Cylindrical Brushes

Abrasive nylon cylinder brushes are ideal for a diverse range of treatment applications. Silicon carbide brushes deburr automotive stamping parts such as metal disc brake pad backings. Cylinder brushes with CeramiX® create distinctive patterns on stainless steel sinks. These brushes also remove paint, rust and other contamination from metal surfaces. And with 360 degrees of abrasive... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Conveyor Guide Rail Brush by Tanis Incorporated

For Seamless Product Handling Equipment: The Conveyor Brush

This brush buffers moving product at risk of bumping conveyor sides – creating seamless, noise free conveyor operations. Enhanced cushion design, the lengthy filament provides extra support to ensure a damage free operation. Install easily by sliding onto conveyor edge. For custom options contact our s... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - CeramiX® Abrasive Nylon Wheel Brushes

Tanis Abrasive nylon wheel brushes are made with CeramiX® filament molded into a urethane based composite hub construction. The propriety grain mineral in CeramiX is exclusive to Tanis, and was developed with 3M. CeramiX provides enhanced cutting action up to 3 to 5 times faster than traditional abrasive filaments. The mineral wears away in smaller pieces, consistently leaving more m... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Deburr recessed, angular parts easily

Deburr recessed, angular parts easily. Tanis End Brushes and Copper Center Wheel Brushes are designed for fine point deburring on a range of challenging parts across industries. (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - CeramiX® Shell Mill Holder Disc Brushes

CeramiX® shell mill disc brushes provide a consistent, flat brush for superior dimensional precision. CeramiX filament provides exceptional abrasive action in deburring applications on flat surfaces, improving metal finish on milled and machined surfaces as well as blending rough edges on machined parts. Shell mill disc brush has built-in keyway to mount directly to a stan... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - CeramiX® Small Profile Wheels by Tanis

Call us about our new CeramiX® small profile wheels for cleaning, polishing and deburring recessed areas such as small openings, slots, machined grooves, fine deburring on medical instruments and gear splines. CeramiX® contains 3MTM mineral grain which provides enhanced cutting action up to 3-5 times greater than traditional abrasive filaments. (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - Tanis Food Processing Brushes

Innovations in Food Processing Equipment with BrushesPatented Designs: Brushes have been an important part of agricultural processing equipment for many years and remain so in today's technology. We did a patent search of the most recent equipment plans and found the smartest designs using brushes. Here are a few!Fruit & Vegetable Washer: ... (read more)

Tanis Incorporated - NEW Diamond Brushes by Tanis

Diamond brushes are most effective on super hard materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, diamond and glass. These tools are used for polishing, edge radiusing and deburring applications. Diamond wheel brush tools are effective on drill honing and polishing indexable cutting tools inserts. (read more)