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Tekscan, Inc. - New A101 Sensor: Less than 1

The A101 is our smallest sensor optimized for high volume manufacturing and ideal for embedding into products. The 2-pin sensors are currently our smallest standard sensor. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - New eBook: Semiconductor Quality & Manufacturing

Tekscan's Pressure Mapping technology can measure interface pressure to increase reliability & yields. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - New High Temperature Pressure Mapping Sensors

Tekscan's high temperature pressure mapping sensors can map the pressure distribution between two surfaces that are as hot as 200°C (400°F). High Temperature sensors are ideal for process/design improvement, machine set-up, and quality control. These flexible, 0.2 mm (0.008 in.) thin sensors can unobtrusively measure pressure distribution in a variety of applications.

(read more)
Tekscan, Inc. - New White Paper- Designing Geriatric Med Devices

Download our white paper "Assisting an Aging Population: Medical Devices with Force Sensing Technology" to learn how integrating force sensors improves geriatric medical devices and explore a variety of geriatric-focused medical applications that benefit from force sensing technology. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Comparison: Interface Pressure Measurement Options

Download this white paper to learn how product development, manufacturing, research, and quality control can be improved through utilizing interface pressure sensing technology. This white paper analyzes three interface pressure measurement options and how engineers can use these technologies in various applications to help solve design challenges. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - New ESS301 Sensor for High Temps and Humidity

The new ESS301 sensor is made from Tekscan's new Enhanced Stability Series (ESS) pressure sensitive ink that allows for the same high quality performance as our other standard sensors, but with the added benefit of measuring force in a wider range of temperature and humidity. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Wireless ELF 2

The Wireless ELF 2 is a user-friendly, cost effective wireless load measurement system. This system allows customers greater freedom and flexibility in using force and pressure sensors in their product research, quality assurance, and testing. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiForce® QuickStart Board

The FlexiForce® QuickStart Board is a finished single voltage source circuit designed for OEMs to quickly drop into a prototype, or even easily design into a product to obtain force measurements. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Custom FlexiForce Sensors

With its paper-thin construction, flexibility, and force sensing ability, the FlexiForce® FSR Sensor can measure force between almost any two surfaces and is durable enough to stand up to most environments. The unique construction and durability of these FSR sensors enables Tekscan to create custom-designed FSR sensors to meet the specific needs of many OEM customers. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Improve Medical Devices w/Force Sensing Technology

Tekscan's FlexiForce®sensors can be easily integrated into medical devices such as drug delivery systems and help improve surgical outcomes by quantifying force data that enables surgeons to make data supported adjustments. Download our eBook: "Improving Medical Devices with Force Sensing Technology" to learn how integrating force sensors improves medical devices. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Improve Design/Efficiency w/Pressure Mapping

Used throughout the automotive industry, Tekscan's pressure mapping systems measure interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor. The unique data offers vital information and insight to validate and enhance product design, manufacturing, and quality. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Reveal contact pressure in semiconductor processes

Establishing and maintaining evenness between contacting surfaces is often both crucial and difficult to achieve. For testing and inspection in semiconductor manufacturing, this can be a key factor in order to produce a higher quality, or simply a functional product. Tactile pressure mapping technology from Tekscan® gives engineers the insight needed for various applications in this... (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Increase Efficiency w/Tactile Pressure Sensing

Tekscan, Inc. is pleased to share a recent customer success story: After looking to develop a more efficient product for its pharmaceutical customers, Bonfiglioli Engineering, of Ferrara, Italy, found a solution by integrating Tekscan tactile pressure sensing technology into their product. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - New API Improves Efficiency of Data Analysis

Tekscan introduces two new software add-ons: the Pressure Mapping Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Data Reader Toolkit (DRT). These products allow users to access and manipulate Tekscan software functions, allowing more control over the acquisition and analysis of pressure data. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - New TireScan CrossDrive System

Tekscan's newest ruggedized TireScan system is capable of measuring large tire footprints at a high resolution. The CrossDrive TireScan system includes integrated data acquisition electronics and sensor designed to withstand harsh testing enviornments. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Ergonomics - Grip System

Tekscan systems measure and record the dynamic pressures and forces hands and fingers apply while grasping, gripping, holding, moving, lifting, and using objects; allowing a subject to sequentially grip several objects in many ways. They can also interface with robotics, offering insight into their force distribution. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - CONFORMat™ Pressure Measurement System

CONFORMat™ Pressure Measurement System utilizes the CONFORMat sensor which is the first fully conforming, non-hammocking pressure sensing mat available in the market! (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Measurement & Analysis of Sealing and Packaging

A poor quality seal, produced by a packaging machine, can result in large quantities of product waste for a manufacturer. This can be a result of uneven bars, low forces or worn parts in the clamp sealing assembly. The I-Scan® system has been utilized in packaging applications to help troubleshoot these mechanical problems. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - CMP Wafer Polishing Pressure Distribution

The I-Scan® system provides the diagnostic tools necessary to evaluate, view, and balance the forces acting on a silicon wafer during the polishing process. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Pinch Roller Pressure Profiler

The I-Scan® system is used to aid pinch roller nips in the setup and adjustment of machines by studying the real-time force and pressure distribution nip of pinch rollers. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - The I-Scan® System

This versatile tactile pressure measurement system is tailor-made by choosing from over 200 pressure sensors to meet your specific application requirements. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Brake Pad & Shoe Pressure Distribution Measurement

Reducing brake noise, vibration and harshness are just some of the challenges facing brake design engineers. The I-Scan® system enables designers to measure pressure distribution between mating surfaces and provides the diagnostic tools necessary to measure, view and evaluate dynamic forces acting between a brake pad and rotor or brake shoe and drum. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Windshield Wiper Pressure Distribution

Tekscan's WiperTM system can measure force distribution along the entire length of the blade at different positions on a windshield. This provides important insights to improve blade and wiper system performance under various testing conditions, such as "lift-off". (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Body Pressure Measurement System

BPMS™ measures the pressure distribution of a human body on support surfaces such as seats, mattresses, cushions, and backrests. The thin and conforming sensing mat can measure body pressure distribution with minimal interference of the support surface. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - TireScan

The TireScan™ system is a unique tool used to capture tire footprint pressure patterns. Tire footprints can be captured statically or dynamically and are displayed as high resolution, multi-colored images of the tire contact pressure pattern. The system's intuitive, application specific graphing and image analysis software enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of the tire f... (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Economical Load & Force System (ELF)

Tekscan's ELF force measurement system matches the market's need for an inexpensive load and force measurement system with Tekscan's ability to deliver innovative load and force measurement solutions. The ELF system combines Tekscan's FlexiForce® single element force sensors with advanced electronics to produce a simple but powerful, cost-effective force measurement system. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - FlexiForce® Single-Element Force Sensors

FlexiForce® is the best ultra-thin, flexible, reusable force sensor on the market with the highest repeatability among its competitors. FlexiForce load sensors are used for testing/R&D and OEM applications. Applications include: Occupancy Detection, Medical Instrument Design, Grip, Automotive, Fitness & Martial Arts Equipment, Garment Fitting, and Footwear Design. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - Walkway

The Walkway™ gait analysis system provides objective information on force and plantar pressure, plus temproral (time) and spatial (distance) parameters for a complete gait analysis. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - F-Scan In-Shoe Pressure Mapping System

The F-Scan® system provides dynamic pressure, force and timing information for foot function and gait analysis. Information obtained from the F-Scan is used in real-world applications, like designing and testing orthotics, offloading diabetic feet, and evaluating footwear and techniques in elite athletes. (read more)

Tekscan, Inc. - K-Scan Pressure Measurement System

The K-Scan System is a flexible pressure assessment platform used by orthopedic implant companies and research institutions worldwide in the study of prostheses design and articulating joint research. (read more)