Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters

Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters conserve energy by using a 1/4" thick ceramic fiber insulating blanket reducing power consumption by 25 to 30 percent. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - TEC Temperature Controllers

Temperature Controllers

Complete line of temperature controllers includes simple analog controllers to complex microprocessor based units with multiple programmable outputs and universal input. Sizes include 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 DIN. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Temperature Sensors RTDs Thermocouples Thermistors

Tempco offers one of the most complete quality engineered and manufactured Thermocouple and RTD selections in the industry, along with a wide array of related sensor accessories such as Metal Sheathed Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable (MI), Thermowells, Jack Panels and Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wires. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Custom Process Tubular Forced Air Duct Heaters

Process air duct heaters are used for tempering forced air in many industrial processes. Heater wattage is dependent on air outlet temperature (up to 1200°F [650°C]) and air velocity. Smaller duct heaters can be tandem mounted in place of one large unit to meet space limitations and simplify installation.

Heavy wall Incoloy® tubular heating elements (field replaceable) provide pro... (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Hi-Density (Swaged) Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters are suitable for temperatures up to 1400ºF (760ºC), except 1/8" which is suitable to 1200ºF (650ºC), and are available in the following diameters: 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" 1", 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, 16mm and 20mm.

NOTE: If you require a Hi-Density Cartridge that is not available from stock Tempco will manufacture one to your sp... (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Cool TO-THE Touch Heating & Air Cool Shroud System

Tempco's Cool TO-THE Touch extruder heat/cool systems are custom engineered to provide optimal heating and cooling while providing personnel safety with a Cool Touch perforated outer layer. These systems are designed with finned cast-in heaters that optimize overall system efficiency.

The reflective inner layer of the shroud decreases the heat-up cycle, reducing energy consumption... (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Spooled - Lead, Thermocouple, and Resistance Wire

LDWR - Spooled High Temperature Lead wire, LDWR - Teflon® / PTFE Spooled Lead Wire, TCWR - Stock Thermocouple Wire, Resistance Wire (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Benchtop Point-of-Use Temperature Control Consoles

Tempco TPC Portable Temperature Control Consoles are quality built self-contained systems for monitoring and controlling process temperatures in a wide range of fixed or portable applications. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Temperature Control Panels Standard & Custom

Tempco's Process Controllers provide integrated solutions to manage your thermal loop system. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Finned Strip Heaters

TEMPCO Finned Strip Heaters are used for both forced (mounted in a duct) and natural convection air heating (mounted at the bottom of cabinet type ovens).

The Finned Strip Heater's basic design consists of a helically wound resistance coil placed in a specially designed ceramic insulator. The resistance coil is mechanically connected to screw terminal for positive conn... (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

Screw Plug Immersion Heaters consist of tubular elements welded or brazed into a threaded screw plug which can then be inserted into a threaded opening in a tank wall or through a mating full or half coupling. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - KTE - Quartz Mini-Tube Infrared E-Mitters

Standard industry sizes and ratings up to 60wsi. (interchangeable with CRC, CRB, CRN, CRZ Ceramic E-Mitter heaters)

  • Designed for use in CRA linear structural housings and easily adapted to any CRA array assemblies
  • Two mounting styles available; Single point ceramic header with clip(s) in center of unit or two 10-32 x 1" studs on centerline.
(read more)
Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Silicone Rubber and Kapton Heaters

Tempco's Flexible Heaters made with Silicone Rubber or Kapton insulation are capable of operating with excellent performance under many adverse conditions, including: moisture, outdoor exposure, or ambient temperatures, radiation, ozone, compression set, vacuum, fungus, oils, solvents, and many other chemicals. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Mightyband Coil Heaters with Square MI Cable

Tempco's dedication to quality and product improvement has led us to the development of a second generation of Mightyband heaters.

Manufactured for trouble-free performance in operations involving heating of cylindrical, flat and irregular-shaped surfaces where precise temperature control is essential. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Flat Panel Ceramic Fiber Heaters

²ºTempco Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters combine a heat source with superior high temperature insulation - an ideal solution for an unlimited number of industrial heating applications. Tempco Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters produce fast, efficient and reliable uniform heat to temperatures of 1100º C (2012º F) @ 10W/in². (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Cast-In Heaters

Tempco is widely recognized as the industry leader in manufacturing Cast-In heater/coolers for the plastics industry. Our capabilities and the application possibilities for utilizing Cast-In Heater Technology extend far beyond the scope of plastics machinery. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Tempco Terminator Lead Conversion Program

The Tempco Terminator Lead Conversion Program guarantees 1 to 3 day shipping on custom terminated heaters.

By maintaining over 65,000 Hi-Density Cartridge Heaters in stock in order to offer you over 1000 standard sizes and electrical ratings and 26 lead terminations to select from. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Videographic Data Logger

The PPR-1800 is a high specification graphic recorder capable of plotting up to 18 channels of analog input or 36 channels of digital data or a combination of both. Engineered in a heavy gauge sheet metal, the case is designed to meet the requirements of an industrial environment. The recorder is ideal for continuous and batch processes as well as test and QA environments. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Cast-In Ring Heaters

Cast-In Ring Heaters are frequently used in Blown Film Die, Extrusions Die, Screen Changer and Extruder Barrel Adapter applications where long life and minimal maintenance concerns are prevalent. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Industrial Accu-ohm™ RTD's - Style R4 Connection

Tempco's RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors) are designed to meet IEC Publication 751, DIN43760, JIS1604-1989 and BS1904-1984. They are normally supplied to Class B, but can be manufactured to Class A as an option. RTD's offer greater repeatability and interchangeability than thermocouples or thermistors over the standard temperature scale from -260ºC to 630ºC (-436 to 1166ºF). (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - OEM Replacement Flanged Immersion Heaters

This design consists of tubular heating elements silver brazed or TIG welded to a flange cut from steel or stainless steel plate. Flange plate size, thickness and shape are determined by the application. A fiber gasket is supplied with each heater. The various style heaters are direct replacements for heaters in many OEM applications. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Circulation Heaters

Circulation Heaters consist of Screw Plug or Flanged Immersion Heaters, depending on kilowatt rating and size, mated to a pressure vessel. All welded joints on the vessel and heater are hydrostatic pressure tested. Mounting brackets provide easy and quick installation. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Ceramic Emitter Style CRE

Tempco's Edison Screw-In Bulb Style E-Mitter® has the resistance coil embedded into the specially designed circular ceramic emitter surface, providing extremely uniform heat transmission with low element surface temperatures. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - The "Pennybottom"TM Cartridge Heater

The "Pennybottom"TM Cartridge Heater is designed for plastic injection runnerless molding hot tip bushings pin-point gating torpedoes/probes and manifold bushings. (read more)

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation - Mi-PlusTM

Mi-PlusTM is a mineral insulated band heater designed for applications that require high watt density and/or high operating temperatures. (read more)