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Thermotron Industries

Thermotron Industries has promoted these products/services:

Thermotron Industries - Thermotron Chambers Perform a Battery of Tests

Thermotron has developed testing solutions for every size and type of battery. Whether the application involves testing small lithium ion battery cells used in portable electronic devices, medium-sized battery modules, or large lithium ion battery packs used in hybrid electric automobiles, trucks, and buses, Thermotron has a chamber sized to fit the application. (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock

By altering the electromagnetic response of our armatures, Thermotron can tailor any of its electrodynamic shakers to match specific shock tests without altering the vibration test system’s random and sine capabilities. (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Case Study: Sat-Com Communications Solutions

Sat-Com Communications Solutions uses an AGREE chamber (model number F-16-CHMV-5-5) to simulate temperature and humidity with a removable floor to interface with an electrodynamic shaker (model number DSX-2250) for simultaneous vibration testing to test their products. (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Feature Focus: Universal Port

The patented Universal Port is an oversized portal installed into the side wall on the SE-Series, expanding their capabilities by increasing and diversifying test system utilization and lab productivity. (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Feature Focus: Shock Absorbing Pallet Design

Thermotron recently introduced a new pallet to ensure more reliable deliveries of environmental test chambers, as well as reduce damage to products from vibration that sometimes occurs during shipment. (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Case Study: Central Michigan University - Walk-in

Central Michigan University uses a Thermotron Panel Walk-In environmental test chamber in the university’s Human Environmental Studies department. “It is used almost every day.” (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Case Study: Mide - Environmental Chamber

Mide, an engineering company outside of Boston, used a Thermotron SM-8 environmental test chamber to test if temperature affects air pressure in footballs after the Deflategate game. (read more)

Thermotron Industries - Feature Focus: ThermoTrak II Software - Controller

Control up to 32 Thermotron Environmental Chambers from a single computer using ThermoTrak II software. This free software provides a private test chamber network and is your central hub for all chamber programming, operating, data acquisition, and display functions. (read more)