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Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Titan Tool Introduces New Portable LED Videoscope

New FreedomView® LED Videoscope by Optim LLC is designed to conduct and record inspections quickly and safely. The handheld, portable device features a patented, integrated LED light source, and the unit will capture still images and streaming video. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Centering Microscopes for Job Set-up/Inspection

Designed for job set-up and inspection with vertical milling machines, large jig borers, boring mills, lathes, electrical discharge machines, tape-controlled machines, drill presses and Three Coordinate Measuring Machines. Upright image, optically correct from left to right - the operator sees the workpiece with the microscope the same as without it, eliminating mistakes. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Borescopes/Microscopes..High-Output Illumination

New “LuxPro” LED Fiberoptic Light System Introduced by Titan Tool Provides High-Output Illumination for Borescopes and Microscopes Cost savings for LED vs. quartz halogen EKE fiberoptic lighting offer payback in less than 2 years. Designed to exceed the brightness of a 150-watt halogen bulb reducing energy consumption by approximately 50% (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Optical Drill Geometry Analyzer

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. Optical Drill Geometry Analyzer Model OTWD-1 for drill sizes 1/16" to 7/16" & OTWD-2 for drill sizes 7/16" to 1-1/4" are inexpensive optical instruments available for checking of proper twist drill re-sharpening. Whether this is done free hand on a fixture or on a more expensive drill sharpening machine, industry lacks a quick and easy way of checking the resu... (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. -  LED Microscope Ring Illuminator...Low-cost

New low-cost LED microscope ring illuminator from Titan Tool Supply features a constant-current design to provide maximum light output with no color shift when dimming. Only $265.00, model T30LED has 40 top-quality, high-brightness white LED lights housed in a sturdy, durable machined aluminum and molded plastic enclosure. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Video Borescope...Low Cost

Titan Tool Introduces Two New Low-cost Portable Video Borescopes for Remote Inspections

Designed for portable, on-site inspections, these two (2) videoscopes with 5.7mm diameter insertion tubes have braided stainless steel, waterproof mesh sheathing for durability. Prices start at just $3,799.00 for the 1 meter unit with the 3 meter unit at just $4,499.00. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. -  Stereo Microscopes...32% Off Sale Price

Titan Tool announces a 32% price discount off its wide-field FX-3 and FX-4 model stereo microscopes from $629.00 now to $429.00. These optically correct microscopes feature a longer focal length with a large field of view and great depth of field for revealing 3D views. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - High-Magnification Measuring Microscopes

Titan Tool Supply Inc. TM Series high-magnification measuring and metallurgical microscopes. Featuring ultra-fine focus adjustment for the Z axis, the TM microscopes are ideal for measuring fine details of height and depth in electronic, metallurgical, plastic fabricating, and other tasks. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. -  Diamond Needle Files...New Lower Cost Premium

Introducing new lower prices - Titan Tool Supply announces the availability of its complete line of Premium Diamond Needle Files in-stock, ready-to-ship. Designed for use on carbide, hardened steel, and ceramics, the diamond particles are electroplated with a nickel-chrome bonding for reduced wear and long tool life. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Economical X Axis Measuring Microscope

The Titan X Axis Measuring Microscope is a unique new concept in measuring microscopes that is not limited by Magnification, Field of View or a Calibrated Reticle for its measuring capacity. The measuring is accomplished by the microscope frame itself moving on a precision dovetail slide. This movement is then read on precision Digital Micrometer reading in .00005" divisions or .0... (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. -  Flexible Borescope...Reduced Price

Titan Tool - Based on its new factory-direct pricing structure, Titan Tool Supply announces discounts averaging 12% on four model TFBS-6 fiber-optic borescopes. A flexible borescope with a high resolution 17,000 element image bundle made in the USA, the FBS-6 models are an ideal choice for viewing otherwise inaccessible areas in a variety of quality control inspectio... (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. -  Diamond & Borazon Bottoming Grinding Pins

Titan Tool - BH Series Diamond and Borazon Bottoming Pins are manufactured for bottoming and shoulder grinding. Since they never need dressing for wear, Titan's grinding bottoming pins cut faster and cooling with minimal clogging. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Titan Tool Supply Inc. G Series Borescopes

Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, NY announces its in-stock inventory of G Series Miniature Borescopes, which feature German optic quality. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Shadow free illumination & ~6500°K spectrum

This new, highly-engineered Ring Illuminator provides a powerful, microscope-quality white light from a precision array of forty high-brightness white LEDs. Divided into four segments of ten LEDs each, the segments can be turned on/off to illuminate specific areas. The Model T-40 LED ring illuminator is controlled by an advanced PLC that has a variable dimmer control to adjust brightness (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - New Low-Cost Micro-Video-Zoom Objective

Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of its new Micro-Video-Zoom Objective that offers a wide range of magnification, fields of view, and working distances for video use in several industrial applications. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Titan's Miniature Diamond Files.

Ideal for machine or hand use, miniature diamond files from Titan Tool Supply now has the same price for any grit depending on profile. They will fit all high-speed reciprocating hand pieces whether air-powered, flexible shaft, or for new ultrasonic machines. Applications are widespread from precision burring to the polishing of plastic molds and carbide dies. Shank diameter is 0.118" (3... (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - Zoomatic Measuring Microscope

The advantage of a Zoom Optical System over a conventional system is that a large range of magnifications form 30X - 80X standard and 60X - 160X with optional 20X Eyepiece can be used interchangeably on examination of the Object. (read more)

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. - X Axis Z Axis Measuring Micro/Video/Telescope

The Titan Measuring A-I and A-II Microscope-Telescope-Videoscope is provided with a sophisticated optical tube that comes standard as a 25X and 50X Microscope, and with the purchase of an optional 10X Objective, can be converted to a 100X Microscope. From the lab to the machine shop this is a is a highly versatile instrument (read more)