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Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Marking Solutions for Plastics

There are several reasons why lasers are a better way to mark plastics. Non-contact laser marking is very fast as well as abrasion, heat and acid resistant, and many different plastics can be marked or engraved with a laser. All kinds of content including logos, codes, serial numbers and fully dynamic data from ERP systems can be used. Even smallest components and details can be marked q... (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - MOPA Laser

Trotec is now offering the MOPA fiber laser source as an option for its SpeedMarker galvo laser marking systems. The MOPA laser opens up a new world of possibilities for marking metals and plastics. You can successfully mark a wide range of metals and plastics with a conventional fiber laser, however markings on certain (especially dark) metals and plastics are less homogeneous or rich i... (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Engraving of Coated Materials

Coated materials offer the big advantage of highest contrasts since the upper layer is removed or the material changes its colour due to the heat of the laser beam. This makes the engraving clearly legible and the contrast stronger. Trotec Laser's Speedmarker 300 and 700 provide Even better contrasts and readability for engraving on Coated Materials.

Marking coated materials and p... (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Custom Built Laser Systems

Trotec Laser Custom builds Laser Systems that meet the requirements of your industry

Particularly for industry applications not every customer will find the right laser machine for their requirement among Trotec's standard product lines. For these customers Trotec offers individual custom built machines to satisfy customer requirements at the highest level. Whether it is a... (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Industrial Laser Marking With Trotec Laser Systems

Mark components, data plates and industrial parts, quickly, precisely and easily. Trotec laser systems offer durability and flexibility. Laser engravings and markings are legible and long lasting in any environment because they are heat, abrasion and acid resistant. With minimal costs for setup and operation, the costs per marking are consistenly low, no matter if you are doing single un... (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Atmos Nano Exhaust System

The ultra compact exhaust sytem for Trotec laser machines (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - ProMarker 300 - High-Speed Laser Marking

The ProMarker 300 combines all advantages of galvo marking in the smallest footprint. With the innovative laser software DirectMark, working just like a printer driver, you can mark directly from any graphics, CAD or label printing software. Mark your own components, produce type plates or create professional presents and give aways! (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Trotec Laser Remote iOS App

Trotec Laser Remote App: The first iOS App to control a flatbed laser
Monitor and control your Trotec flatbed laser with the Laser Remote App for iPhone or iPad (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - 100% Ceramic Laser Sources from Trotec Laser

Higher Quality, Faster Speeds and Longer Life with Trotec’s New Ceramic Laser Source. New Iradion laser source is a breakthrough in laser technology (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Speedy 300 Fiber

Speedy 300 fiber merges benefits of fiber laser & Trotec flatbed laser systems. Low maintenance costs, high speed at the highest resolutions, safe operation make laser marking a great alternative to other methods.

Speedy 300 fiber is "flexx ready"
Speedy 300 fiber can be equipped with a CO2 laser: add the additional laser when you need it & upgrade your laser to a Sp... (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Engraving with Trotec Laser Systems

Nobody knows laser engraving like Trotec. Trotec's state-of-the-art laser engraving equipment is designed to deliver quick, clean, quality results for a broad range of needs. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Marking with Trotec Laser Systems

Industrial laser marking is a rapidly growing industry because there is virtually no limit to the number and types of materials that can be marked by laser equipment - whether you're laser marking metal, plastic, leather, and more. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Trotec's Speedy 400

The new dimension in laser engraving --this laser offers a generously sized 39 x 24 inch work area that suits most standard material sizes, saving you time and money on pre-cutting and increasing efficiency due to the size of the engraving area. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - SpeedMarker FL - Galvo Marking Laser

Galvo fiber laser for industrial marking & labeling. The Speedmarker FL series uses pulsed Yb fiber lasers, which are unmatched in terms of size, efficiency and durability. The combination of the proper laser power and Galvos allow for the fast marking speeds in almost every application. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Trotec & i-Cut -Perfect Finish of Print Material

Trotec laser systems and i-Cut® create perfect finishing of printed materials

Create perfect cutting results when processing printed materials such as acrylic, MDF, polyester, paper, cardboard and many more. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - ProMarker - galvo laser, easy as an office printer

ProMarker galvo marking laser

  • Fast, high volume marking
  • Highly economical & productive
  • As easy as an office printer
(read more)
Trotec Laser, Inc. - Speedy 300 - add a second laser source anytime

Trotec's Speedy 300 is a flatbed laser that can be used as a laser engraver or laser cutting machine.

Save money and save space with the Speedy 300. Start with a CO2 laser and add a fiber or start with a fiber laser and add a CO2 as your business grows. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - SP500 - Large Format, CO2, Laser Cutting & Marking

The SP500 is the ideal CO2 laser cutting and engraving system for those who process large surface materials and need high speeds and precision. The system has a work area of 49" X 28" and X-Axis clearance of 12". The SP500 is offered in power levels from 60W-200W. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Laser Cutting with Trotec Cutting Systems

Whether you are die-cutting or cutting acrylic…are in the field of architecture or woodworking…whether you are working with ceramics or cardboard…laser cutting with Trotec laser systems has never been so simple, accurate, and fast! (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - Speedy 300 flexx - endless applications

Trotec's new Speedy 300 flexx offers both fiber and C02 lasers all in one system. Mixed materials can be processed in one step. It marks and engraves wood, glass, metal, leather, and even cuts acrylic. One laser, two wavelengths...endless possibilities. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - LWS 780 Workstation for Galvo Marking Systems

The LWS 780 Workstation is an industrially-suited work station for the Speedmarker series Fiber Laser and CO2 Galvanometer laser markers. Thanks to full integration of the marking laser, the user has a turnkey system at his disposal. A large number of available options increases the flexibility of the system even more. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - RayJet Laser - Engraving has never been this easy!

With the Rayjet laser, engraving cutting, and marking has evolved from a difficult process to an easy task. The entry into laser technology has never been this easy: Just Plug and Ray. (read more)

Trotec Laser, Inc. - SP1500 Laser - Trotec's Largest Laser System

Profitability: The combination of highest productivity, working area in standard plate dimensions, longest system lifespan, and lowest maintenance costs yields an unbeatable equation that makes the SP1500 the most profitable CO2 laser cutting and engraving system in its class. (read more)