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U.S. Plastic Corporation - Protect light sensitive liquids.

Bottles reduce UV light transmissions to protect light sensitive liquids. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Black Cylindrical Sample Bottles

Black Cylindrical Sample Bottles
HDPE accommodates products as varied as cosmetics, household toiletries, pharmaceuticals, pet products and food. Caps and/or finger sprayers are sold separately. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Oetiker 2-Ear Clamps and Clamp Kits

This 2-ear clamp has an extended clamping range. Its compact one-piece design provides a robust, secure connection. It allows for fast and simple installation and the visible deformation provides evidence of proper closure. The deburred edges reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Quantum® Stackable Shelf Bins

Quantum’s exclusive Stackable Shelf Bins are an industry first and are ideal for medium size and large or heavy item storage. These strong, durable polypropylene bins have a raised front opening when compared to any like product allowing you to truly maximize the complete bin's storage capacity. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Antimicrobial Polypropylene Fittings

Eldon James™ Antimicrobial Polypropylene Fittings
Fittings are silver ion protected to inhibit colonization by microbial pathogens. Silver's multiple modes of action minimize risk for development of resistant strains and make it an effective antimicrobial agent for a broad spectrum of bacteria. Animal derivative free. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - EJ Beverage High Temp™ Tubing

EJ Beverage High Temp™ tubing is constructed of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) which is an excellent alternative to high temperature PVC and Silicone. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - 19.2V Rechargeable Battery Operated Drum Pump

Pumps at 7 GPM (Pumps 106 gallon per charging). Uses all PART# 912-19 battery and chargers to power it. Includes one NiCad battery and one charger. Portable; no power outlets needed to pump fluid. SS screened telescoping suction tube extends from 33.5” to 49”. 2” NPT bung adapter & 2” buttress adapter for plastic drums. 79” long corrugated PE hose with a... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Switchtek™ Optic Leak Detector

The general purpose optic switch is a great choice for leak detection in and around secondary containment sumps, tanks and pipes. The sensor can be applied in a broad range of chemical solutions. It has no moving parts and works on the principle of light reflection. If liquid comes into contact with the clear angled window on the end of the sensor the light will be absorbed into the liqu... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Utility Skid Mounted Sprayers

These utility skid mounted sprayers have corrosion resistant polyethylene tanks and are available with 2.2 or 4 GPM pumps and with or without booms. All sprayers include a pressure gauge, molded wand clips, 5” fill lid with tether, 25’ 3/8” hose, deluxe pistol grip handgun with adjustable brass tip and 8’ wiring harness with battery clips and switch with commercia... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Power-Flo™ Diaphragm Pumps

These 12 volt DC motor-driven diaphragm pumps have polypropylene housings, Viton® valves and santoprene diaphragms. These positive displacement diaphragm pumps are self-priming and capable of being run dry. #65648 and #65649 will handle liquid temperatures up to 110°F, has priming capabilities of 4’ suction lift and a maximum pressure of 40 psi. #65650 and #65651 will handl... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - CLEARFLO® Ag-47 Clear Antimicrobial PVC Tubing

Contains silver ion antimicrobial technology to guard against bacteria such as E. coli, listeria, salmonella, legionella, MRSA, campylobacter and pseudomonas. The antimicrobial technology is especially effective where there is infrequent use of fluids in warm conditions. The antimicrobial properties of the tubing are designed to prevent the growth of organisms that can occur when using u... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Tygon® S3™ E-3603 Non-DEHP Laboratory Tubing

Taking a proactive approach to increased corporate social responsibility, Saint-Gobain has developed Tygon® S3 E-3603 using entirely bio-based plasticizers. Crystal clear and flexible, long-lasting and crack-resistant, the new Tygon® S3™ E-3603 tubing delivers the same superior performance you have come to expect, but now in a formulation that contains a non-DEHP plasticize... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Reticulated Polyurethane Foam

Cellular plastic flexible polyurethane foams are designed to perform a number of different functions or combination of functions such as holding materials (reservoiring), transporting or carrying liquids (wicking), releasing ingredients (applying) and picking up residue (wiping). These polyurethane foam is reticulated which is a process in which the cell walls are removed to increase the... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Tygon® LP-1200 Low Permeation Fuel Tubing

Tygon® LP-1200 Low permeation Fuel Tubing is specially designed to meet new EPA and CARB evaporative emission standards of 15g/m2/day. The patent-pending design and robust multi-layer construction offer superior fitting retention and resistance to swelling, hardening and cracking caused by hydrocarbon-based fluids. Tygon® LP-1200 is ideal for lawn and garden power equipment, smal... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Adjustable Dispenser Bottles

These low density polyethylene dispenser bottles feature a graduated clear PMP measuring cup that slides up and down on the vertical polyethylene tube for easy adjustment. The variation in height determines the volume to be dispensed. The cup is filled by squeezing the bottle and forcing the liquid up the tube. When the bottle pressure is released, the excess will be drawn back into the... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Plast-O-Matic Chemical Gauge Guards

These chemical gauge guards should be utilized to isolate and protect pressure or vacuum instruments used on ultra-pure or highly corrosive fluid lines. They can be confidently used with liquids such as demineralized water, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and caustics. Use caution with chlorine applications and consult factory for recommendations.

Utilization of Plast-O-Matic g... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Plast-O-Matic VBM & VBS Diaphragm Vacuum Breakers

Protect Against Hazards, Damage and Financial Losses Caused by Vacuum!

Designed to protect enclosed tanks from collapse or structural damage during draining. Eliminates siphoning of dangerous fluids and prevents vacuum which can cause damage to sensitive instruments and filters. Insure against replacement of damaged expensive equipment and avoid critical system downtime.

Pa... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Silbrade® Medical Tubing

Silbrade® Medical’s construction consists of a core of silicone elastomer, an open polyester braid reinforcing layer, and a cover layer of silicone elastomer. Good manufacturing procedures, including lot traceability, are applicable to all Class VI ingredients. Silbrade® Medical is a peroxide-cured product. The hose’s smooth bore, coupled with its resistance to allow... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Tank Fitting with Santoprene Gaskets

Polypropylene or rigid PVC Tanks Fittings with FDA Santoprene gaskets, for installing tubing connectors, spigots, valves etc. in tanks. Cut hole in tank wall with hole saw or sharp blade, insert fitting (should fit loosely), thread on and tighten nut. We can install fittings in your tank or container in position you designate, or you can buy them loose. Maximum Temperature PVC: 34°F... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Stepped Tubing Connectors

These fittings ensure a tight, secure connection between tubing having different inner diameters (ID). Chemical-resistant polypropylene plastic for use with a wide range of liquids or gases. Meets FDA standards for direct connect with food, drugs, and cosmetics. Autoclavable. Sold by the dozen. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Neoprene & Viton Gaskets

These are the left over gaskets from our discontinued PVC and PP tank fittings. Viton gaskets meet FDA standards. These can be used in place of the Santoprene gaskets on the 16791 - 16812 tank fittings. Please note that these are a closeout and once gone will no longer be available. Sizes and quantities are limited. For information on which size tank fittings each gasket will fit click o... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - 10" Ultra Hygiene Squeegees

Vikan's one-piece, single-blade squeegee has an ultra-hygienic design that minimizes areas for water and food soils to collect. This seamless, one-piece construction is especially effective in areas requiring the highest level of hygiene.

The soft and flexible rubber blade is ideal for removing water or food debris from floors and food contact surfaces. Hygiene squeegees are a goo... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Premium 5 Gallon Buckets & Lids by U.S. Plastic

These pails are tough enough to store nails and secure enough to protect contents. Strong reinforcing ribs guarantee that they keep their shape. Made with a tapered design, pails nest to save space, and they separate easily. Pails and lids are made of high-density polyethylene and meet FDA requirements Container and cover can be hot filled up to 190° F, and frozen. All pails have a s... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Excelon TE Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing

Our most chemically resistant tubing to date, Excelon TE Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing is virtually identical to Tygon 2375 chemical tubing, but offered at a lower price. It is not affected by acids, bases, salts, ketones or alcohol and is plasticizer free, meaning there are no plasticizers to extract and so it will not get brittle and crack, resulting in a much longer service life.

... (read more)
U.S. Plastic Corporation - Excelprene TPE Industrial Grade Tubing

Excelprene TPE Industrial Grade Tubing is high-performance tubing manufactured from a thermoplastic elastomeric compound that consistently outperforms neoprene, EPDM and other general purpose rubber tubing products. It provides extended service in a wide variety of applications, without weakening or cracking, and can withstand extreme temperatures from -75°F to 275°F.

Typi... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Steel Platform Trucks

Heavy duty 12 gauge steel reinforced welded construction. Removable two cross-brace handle can be inserted in either end. Platform top to top handle – 32”. Caster set includes 2 rigid and 2 swivel casters.

Actual capacity of assembled platform is dependent upon caster capacity but should never exceed the platform’s structural capacity, regardless of caster type.... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - R400 Series BOB® Float Valves & Floats

The R400 Series is a high capacity float valve with male NPT inlet and outlet connections. The model features an adjustable short arm for customizing water level. Applications include cooling towers, livestock waterers, car washes, high pressure washes, swimming pools and many other agricultural and industrial applications. Valve construction: heavy duty cast brass with standard nitrile... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Bobby® & Bobby® T Brass Float Valves

The Bobby® & Bobby® T Series Valves are miniature float valves. They come standard with a nitrile plunger seal and feature a standard 1/8” orifice size. Construction: brass body, stainless steel seat, and a polyethylene float. The Bobby® T Series Valves feature a similar mechanical operation as the larger Bob® Valves. Maximum temperature is 175°F. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Poly Mailers by US Plastic Corp.

These are tamper-proof, water resistant poly mailers with a perforated tear-strip below the permanent tape closure. These co-extruded, opaque courier bags have a white exterior and silver interior. Sold in full cases only. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - PVC Flexible Pipe

PVC Flexible Pipe is for above and below ground installations. It is in compliance with IAPMO PS 33-90 and is IAPMO listed file No. SP-3342. FDA non-toxic formulation in compliance with IAPMO TSC 31-90. For use with PVC Schedule 40 type fittings. Use with Listed PVC solvent cements and primers. Manufactured from high quality virgin PVC compound. Installations require fewer fittings when... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Qwik-Lok™ Quick Connect Fittings

Qwik-Lok™ is a quick connect marine plumbing system and method that can provide increased productivity, higher quality and value while simultaneously reducing costs. The heart of the Qwik-Lok™ system is the innovative Qwik-Lok™ socket that fits industry standard marine hose in popular 3/4" and 1-1/8" sizes. Qwik-Lok’s™ numerous benefits make it much more tha... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Stainless Steel Pails

Pails are made if highest quality 304 stainless steel. Seamless construction. Sanitary horizontal flat flange top edge. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - 2T Series Immersion Screw Plug Heaters

For use in most alkaline or aqueous plating solutions and rinse tanks. Check solution recommendation chart or with your chemical supplier for proper sheath material selection. Heavy wall metal sheaths and screw plug in 316 stainless steel. Watt densities of 40 watts per square inch (6.2 w/cm2) ensure long service life. Corrosion resistant head: vapor resistant, flame retardant PVC enclos... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Quantum® Black Wire Shelving Units

Heavy Duty Shelving units allow up to 800 lbs. shelf capacity. Starter kits come complete with 4 post and 4 shelves. Additional Add-On kits allow you to expand your Starter kit by sharing a set of posts. Configuration options include straight line back to back and right angles (L-shape). Add-On kits come complete with 2 posts, 4 shelves and S-Hooks. Units with Add-On kits cannot be made... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - PF500 Stainless Steel Faucet by US Plastic Corp

The PF500 point of use Faucet is constructed of highly-polished stainless steel with preinstalled 1/4" O.D. plastic tubing. Stainless steel faucet spout. Each stainless steel kitchen faucet has a self-closing handle. Point of use faucets are individually poly-bagged with mounting hardware. Pressure rating is 120 psi (8 bar). Flow rate at 40 psi is 1.5 GPM/5.8 LPM. Operating temperature i... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Praher Knife Gate Valves with Air Actuators

Actuated valves for industrial, agricultural and commercial markets. Ideal for quick stuff-off in low pressure or vacuum lines. PVC construction with TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) lip-type seals, EPDM O-rings and Stainless Steel (304/A4) shaft and hardware. 3” and 4” have full serviceable double O-ring shaft seals. They have a full flow design with unrestricted flow. 3&rdquo... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Sealproof® Polyethylene Fire Retardant Tubing

Gray in color and made from a fire retardant polyethylene compound that does not support a flame. Made from UL94V2 Material. UV stable for outdoor use in direct sunlight. Tubing creates neat quality appearance for wiring systems. A clean split allows for easy insertion of wires without tools. Abrasion resistant and solvent and acid resistant. It will not gap when bent. The polyethylene c... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Stainless Steel Scoop

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel. Scoop has a mirror finish inside and satin finish outside. Capacity is 52 oz. Large bowl and shielded sides reduce spills. Bowl is 5-1/4" diameter x 7-7/8" long. Handle is 4" long. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - ARO® Dosing & Transfer Double Diaphragm Pump

A pump that stands apart with clog-free operation and best-in-class suction and flow, yet still compatible with other systems. Stainless steel bolts for leak-free operation. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Square Black Tubing Plugs by U.S. Plastic

Square Plugs feature a series of externally tapered ribs designed to accommodate a wide range of tubing gauges while also satisfying the fit adjustments on tubing with inside dimensional fluctuations. The exterior ribs are designed to provide a sure grip inside a tube without the unsightly plastic shavings found on many straight wall glide installations. Not subject to rust or corrosion.... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Red Tapered Vinyl Caps & Plugs by U.S. Plastic

This series features an injection-molded vinyl tapered design that can be used as a cap or a plug. Using an A-80 Shore durometer (hardness) vinyl, these caps resist tearing, cracking, splitting and shredding. Highly flexible, they enable snug fits even with smaller dimensions and irregular shapes; they are also easy to remove. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Round Black Tubing Plugs by U.S. Plastic Corp

With durable construction and excellent gliding edges, we recommend the these Round Plugs for use on a wide range of metal furniture, appliances and similar items. Because they feature a series of tapered ribs, a secure fit is ensured. A thick, impact and abrasion resistant base makes them ideal tubing closures for products subject to heavy-duty service or exposure to adverse environment... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - AseptiQuik® G Connectors by US Plastic Corp

Genderless AseptiQuik® G Connectors enable quick and easy sterile connections, even in non-sterile environments. The easy-to-use genderless design simplifies system integration and minimizes the risk of operator error. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Gorilla Tubs® Flexible Tubs by US Plastic Corp

For the Gorilla Tubs® flexibility is its strength. The flexible sides allow for shaping against a wall or floor. These tubs include extra strong comfort handles, super strong handle joints and reinforced ribbing for extra strength. They also have a beveled edge for sweeping into. They have liter capacity measure on the inside wall. Made from 100% recycled plastic. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Akro-Mils® Multi-Load Tote, Cups & Dividers

The Multi-Load Tote expands and improves upon traditional tote design by providing maximum flexibility as users’ storage needs change. It can be used as a stand-alone tote, or with optional, removable bin cups and dividers to create individual compartments within the tote. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Flexelene™ Silver FXAG Antimicrobial Tubing

Has an inorganic silver ion protection built in to inhibit colonization by bacteria, mold, and fungi and prevent the formation of bio-film and polymer slime on the interior surface of the tubing which can degrade product quality, affect taste and cause odor. Ultra-low extractables. Chemical and abrasion resistant. UV stable with good ozone resistance. Significantly more flexible than sta... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Spartan Scientific™ Series 6200 Solenoid Valves

The Spartan Scientific 6200 Series is a 2-way or 3-way, 2 position direct acting solenoid valve utilizing a long life spring compensated solenoid poppet at the heart of an all stainless solenoid operator (430FR and 316SS). Standard body material is glass filled nylon and seals are Viton. With orifice size of 4.0mm standard and cv value of .52, the 6200 valve can handle a wide variety of... (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Shoulder Length Gloves

Shoulder length 1-1/4 mil gloves with watertight, strongly welded seams. Universal size. Convenient dispenser package. Single usage only. (read more)

U.S. Plastic Corporation - Expandable EZ Lock Platform & Pallet

The EZ Lock Platform and pallet allow you to customize your storage space in seconds. Its patented interlocking design allows true flexibility in building the exact size or platform you need. Using 12” x 40” footprints, each unit locks together making this an all-purpose storage, moving, and shipping solution. Manufactured of recycled high density polyethylene, the vented dec... (read more)