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United Testing Systems, Inc.

United Testing Systems, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

United Testing Systems, Inc. - Testing Solutions for Critical Aerospace Components

Adhesives to engine parts, fasteners to composites, aerospace manufacturing demands that all components meet & exceed industry standards. United Testing offers computerized electromechanical testing systems for shear, bonding, peel, tensile strength, compression and more. Our systems exceed all applicable specifications relating to operation of materials testing equipment. Read about... (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. - Forensics Tru-Blue II Hardness Tester - TV star

The computer controlled Rockwell Hardness Tester featured in an episode of CSI evaluating a sheared bolt. See the video The Tru-blue II meets ASTM E18 and ISO 6508 specifications and NIST recommendations. (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. - Specialized Test Systems for Medical Equipment

A medical equipment manufacturer required a system to test tubing and components that are in contact with blood and bodily fluids when in use. United Testing designed and built a custom tensile system with a large heated saline bath. (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. - Fatigue to Failure Testing Rubber & Elastomers

Tire manufacturers & rubber companies evaluate the durability of their products with United Testing's unique systems such as the "FTF". Fatigue to Failure test machine, accommodating up to 48 samples at once, with a stroke range up to 4" and speed of 100 strokes per minute, the system generates a report and stores results in a database. All in a 24 inch square footprint (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. - FTF-48 Elastomer Testing System

United manufactures a variety of special purpose tensile testing systems such as the FTF-48 Elastomer Testing System shown here. Do you have testing requirements that only a special purpose testing machine can satisfy? (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. -  Self-ID Load Cells

Technically known as precision electronic force measuring units, United's Load Cells are designed to precisely measure the amount of force (load) applied to the specimen being tested. Available in single or dual bridge, United load cells offer the flexibility of using two readouts simultaneously, if desired. (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. -  Lever-Action Wedge Grips

10° wedge action.

Black oxide finish.

Heat-treated interchangeable inserts.

Aircraft-quality high strength alloy steel.

With capacities of 1K, 5K, 20K, 30K, 60K Lbf.

Inserts available: standard, special ground, file, pin. (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. - Universal Testers

United offers a complete line of equipment and accessories for tensile and hardness testing. Not all products that we produce can be shown here. Be sure to contact us if you don't see what you are looking for! (read more)

United Testing Systems, Inc. - Tru-Blue II Hardness Tester

In 1984, United began production of the Tru-Blue I, an all scale, computer-controlled Rockwell hardness tester utilizing a precision load cell for force application. With our second generation Rockwell tester, the Tru-Blue II, improvements were made by incorporating advanced electronics, improved hardware and enhanced software options. (read more)