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Universal Air Filter Company - White Paper: Custom Air Filters for Medical

A variety of air filtration products can be used to protect cleanroom, laboratory, diagnostic and imaging equipment from contaminants, as well as provide EMI shielding protection. Find out what air filtration products are commonly specified in medical equipment by downloading UAF's 'Air Filtration for Medical Devices' presentation. (read more)

Universal Air Filter Company - 3D Printing Air Filters

Custom solutions for 3D Printing

UAF offers equipment protection solutions to meet the dust filtration demands of 3D printers working with plastics, metals, plaster, polymers and other media. (read more)

Universal Air Filter Company - Outside Plant Filters

High efficiency, low pressure drop membrane air filters are the answer for enclosure engineers looking to take advantage of direct air cooling systems for electronics equipment protection. Custom Outside Plant Air Filters keep dust, water, wind driven rain and salt fog out of electronics enclosures that use fresh air and direct air cooling systems. (read more)

Universal Air Filter Company - Metal Mesh Air Filters

Rugged outdoor and industrial filters

Metal Mesh air filters offer a semi-permanent, cleanable air filtration solution, suited for outdoor environments, with integrated EMI shielding capabilities. (read more)

Universal Air Filter Company - Hydrophobic Mesh Air Filters

Reduce water ingress and other airborne mist.

This hydrophobic filter media is a durable, cleanable, moisture-resistant solution for any outdoor cabinets, process equipment applications requiring mist elimination, or other harsh environment installations. (read more)

Universal Air Filter Company - Air Filter Kits

Made precisely to your specifications, Universal offers custom air filter replacement kits for aftermarket service of servers, telecom, datacom, and other electronics equipment. Kits typically include multiple, customized air filter types, styles and sizes in a single carton. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Universal Air Filter Company:


Filters help with energy conservation, extend product life cycles


Industry-compliant filter assembly, media provide quick retrofit for non-compliant fan guard


In its continuous effort to lead the industry, Universal Air Filter® has announced that its products meet the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) standards.


Filters serve as protective barrier between arcing in interior controls and exterior panel


UAF has added production capabilities to its Flex-Frame filter assembly model.


Universal Air Filter's ultra-thin Uni-grid support is the perfect solution for design engineers looking for a support grid that will complement any thin air filter assembly while maintaining the sleek filter design throughout.


Just months after introducing the thinnest air filter media available, Universal Air Filter® is now offering a 0.125-inch-thick filter design that meets the UL 94 HF-1 rating and dust arrestance requirements for NEBS.


Industrial air filters from Universal Air Filter® are perfect for indoor and outdoor applications requiring a more rugged design.


Local company selected by Design World Magazine’s readers for 2008 leadership in engineering


UAF has reaffirmed its standing as the world’s leading manufacturer of custom air filters by expanding its presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa, providing easier access to its OEM, CM and aftermarket customers in the EMEA region.


Universal Air Filter® has created the thinnest media available that meets the UL 94 HF-1 rating and dust arrestance requirements for NEBS.


New UAF honeycomb PyroCide Vent Panel prevents fires that start within an electronics chassis from spreading any further, which is critical for industry standards requiring flame safety.


Windowpane and Flex-Frame air filters added to online capabilities


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued the Certificate of Registration for Universal Air Filter®. As of June 24, 2008, Universal Air Filter® is a registered trademark.


Thanks to Universal Air Filter’s expanding, one-piece assembly unit, which includes a filter, mounting bracket, fan guard and air flow plenum, design engineers or end-users no longer need to specify multiple parts to serve the same function.


Universal Air Filter’s non-conductive filter frames eliminate the risk of power shortages associated with the use of metal filter frames while preventing heat from transferring to unwanted areas of the chassis.


Air Filter Manufacturer features online 3D CAD modeling service


At a time when prices for essential goods only seem to increase, Universal Air Filter has developed a reusable clamshell or thin envelope air filter frame that allows customers to replace only the air filter media, resulting in lower maintenance costs.


Small electronic devices require specialized filters designed and produced by UAF


UAF leads air filter technology with self-extinguishing flame safety standards


Specializing in customized air filters for various industries and applications, Universal Air Filter recently announced its new black Quadrafoam II media designed for use in indoor and outdoor harsh environments around the world.


UAF opened its China sales and customer support office to provide easier access to its OEM, CM and aftermarket customers in the Asia-Pacific region.


The new website for Universal Air Filter is easier for design engineers to navigate to help them save valuable time and money.


In today’s e-commerce world, the data center is the lifeblood of many businesses and institutions.


Whether electronics engineers need to design air filtration systems for the Frame or Shelf level of an enclosure, Universal Air Filter ( can help meet the emerging ATCA standards.


EMI shielding and thermal management requirements in indoor and outdoor applications can be met with attractive, one-piece, low-cost EMI Vent Panels from Universal Air Filter.