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Uson, L.P.

Uson, L.P. has promoted these products:

Uson, L.P. - Raptor - Advanced Gauge Pressure Decay Tester

We've taken 50 years of experience, innovation and leadership and distilled it all into a single-channel tester armed with a beautiful color touch-screen interface and an independent HMI utilizing Bluetooth, all configured smartly in a compact footprint. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Vector Leak Tester from Uson

Uson’s most powerful and configurable leak and flow testers, fully customizable pneumatics, up to ten independent test channels supporting a wide variety of input sensors. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Qualitek mR – Multi-Range Leak Tester from Uson

Qualitek mR combines the latest advances in multi-range (mR) testing technology with the expertise and reliability of one of the premier names in testing. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Sprint iQ Leak Testers from Uson

Ease of use and simple validation has led to the global success of Uson’s Sprint series of leak testers. Ideal for the medical industry, Sprint iQ can perform 13 types of tests for devices such as catheters, tube sets and other medical products. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Optima vT Leak Tester from Uson Makes Math Easy

Uson's Optima vT Leak Tester can make leak testing math easy. Now, keep in mind that this is not a new feature, the Optima has always had the built-in ability to calculate math functions. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Leak Testing Automation Systems from Uson

Uson Innovative Systems (UIS) are precision engineered leak test systems for manual, semi-automatic and fully automated leak testing. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Free Leak Detector Selection Service from Uson

At Uson, we have the people and resources that can help you determine the best leak detection equipment for your specific application requirements. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Mass Flow Testing in Large Volumes

Uson has released a new Application note called Mass Flow Testing in Large Volumes. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - New Leak Calculator App from Uson

Uson’s new Leak Calculator App is a multi-platform smart device app for your phone or tablet! Our easy to use trusted adviser series cycle time estimator has now been configured for the Apple iOS and the Android. It also includes conversions for pressure and flow units of measure, covering 10 different pressure units and 6 measurements of flow. Best of all, it is FREE! (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Manufacturers' Testing Throughput Increases 50%

Manufacturers report testing throughput increases of 50%
White paper from Uson: Eight Great Things Manufacturing Engineers Must Know About Leak Testing Equipment to Maintain Quality Control Without Sacrificing Production Speeds. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Optima vT Makes Leak Testing Math Easy

The Optima vT from Uson has 8 preset equations ready for use that are accessed through the Advanced Limits Screen. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Air Flow – Mass Flow Leak Testing

Mass flow or air flow testing uses flow measurement devices to calculate leak rates based upon the rate of air flow through the device. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Qualipak Package Leak Testers from Uson

A superior solution to the problems of destructive testing of flexible packaging, Uson’s Qualipak package testers test a wide selection of flexible packs in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Pressure Decay Leak Detection Solutions from Uson

Pressure decay leak detection testing instruments are extremely useful for checking components that have relatively small volumes. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Eight Position Sachet Leak Tester

Uson’s latest offering from the UIS team is a manually loaded/unloaded bench-top system for testing 8 sachets concurrently. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Leak Testers for Industrial Applications

Leading industrial manufacturers around the world depend on Uson’s leak testing and leak detection equipment. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Occlusion Testing for Medical Devices?

Names can be confusing. Some of the names for leak test methods or test types have their roots in certain industries. When we refer to these leak tests, we are really referring to what we are testing for and not necessarily describing the test method or test type used to perform the test. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Leak testers for the medical device industry

Uson testers are excellent for quality checking of medical devices during production. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - 5 Factors to Identifying the Best Leak Tester

The laws of physics that determine the best match leak test methods have not changed. What has changed is the technology available—both the leak testers and the automation for full or semi-automated test and assembly machinery—that make one or another leak tester the best match technology. This article reviews five factors that need to be considered to ensure the best choice... (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Pouch Package & Bottle Leak Testing

A superior solution to the problems of destructive testing of flexible packaging, Uson’s Qualipak package testers test a wide selection of flexible packs in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Qualipak flexible package testers are non-destructive, designed for the manufacturing environment, and offer objective and quantifiable measurement as well as ease of use. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Leak Testing Myths in Medical Device Industry

Here at Uson, we are obsessed with leak testing methods. One problem that we see often, particularly in the medical device industry is the widespread belief that one type of leak test method is inherently better for nearly all applications. This is simply not true and the misinformation seems to have taken on a life of its own. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Gage Pressure Decay Calculator from Uson

Are you a manufacturing engineer who has to deal with stringent leak rate specifications on a daily basis? If so, I have some very good news for you. We have released a new Gage Pressure Decay Calculator. This fully automated test calculator will help you get almost instant answers to “What If” modeling of pressure decay leak testing variables. (read more)

Uson, L.P. - Optima vT Offers Versatility and Advanced Features

The Optima vT from Uson is a leak and flow tester that offers greater flexibility with a choice of one or two test channels (up to 8 sensors), choice of enclosures and custom pneumatics. This versatile leak tester has many advanced features and is suitable for a wide variety of leak testing applications without added costs. (read more)