Vaisala - New Data Logger for Environmental Monitoring

Vaisala's New Data Logger for Environmental Monitoring Features Simplified Calibration and Faster Validation (read more)

Vaisala - Why Self-Heating Matters in Carbon Dioxide Sensors

Carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement is essential in HVAC applications. Typical infrared sources used in CO2 sensors, such as incandescent light bulbs, consume a lot of power and thus generate heat, which spreads within the instrument enclosure. (read more)

Vaisala - Pursuit of the Perfect Potato Chip

Pursuit of the Perfect Potato Chip: CO2 monitoring technology helps make defect-free chips.

Potatoes grown to make potato chips are sensitive to environmental conditions that affect their fry quality – their appearance, taste and appeal when processed.

Learn how carbon dioxide monitoring can help you improve the end-product quality in food manufacturing.

D (read more)

Vaisala - Quality, Metrology, and cGMP/FDA Regulations

In this new collection of 10 brief articles, four experts outline how to reduce the risks of failed inspections, bad measurement practices, and poor product quality in controlled environments.

Topics span from measurement accuracy, uncertainty, stability and traceability, to a discussion of wired v. wireless connectivity for sensing instruments, to FDA inspection preparation and 4... (read more)

Vaisala - Webcast: Moisture Dynamics in Power Transformers

WEBCAST: Understanding Moisture Dynamics in Power Transformers

Sponsored by: VAISALA

Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014 8:00 AM CDT

1:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PM CDT / 10:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM GMT

Webcast Description: Transformers are among the most expensive assets in a power transmission network representing on average 60% of substation capital costs. With an increa... (read more)

Vaisala - Vaisala HUMICAP® MMT330 for Moisture in Oil

The Vaisala HUMICAP® Moisture and Temperature Transmitter Series for Oil, MMT330, accurately measures online the moisture in transformer oil, giving a real-time picture of the oil's condition, an indicator of how well the transformer is operating. The transmitter monitors the moisture levels at all ambient and operating conditions and is compatible with any insulating oil. (read more)

Vaisala - Why Monitor Transformer Oil Moisture Online?

In transmission and distribution networks, knowledge of transformer oil moisture levels is absolutely vital. High moisture levels can lead to low dielectric strength, decreased insulation, and even a breakdown of this single-most expensive substation asset.
Scheduled oil sampling, the most common practice in use today, can be very time consuming and the results can even be misleadi... (read more)

Vaisala - HMT330 Series Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Measure humidity in harsh environments with the best-in-class transmitter you can truly depend on. The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 is ideal for applications where stable measurement is essential. 10-year warranty* proves the outstanding reliability. With multiple options to choose from, the instrument can be tail... (read more)

Vaisala - Vaisala Releases a New Carbon Dioxide Probe

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP231 has been released. The GMP231 is designed to provide incubator manufacturers with accurate and reliable carbon dioxide measurements and sterilization durability at high temperatures.The probe is based on Vaisala's patented CARBOCAP® technology and features a new type of infrared (IR) light source, Microglow. (read more)

Vaisala - Ice, Snow, Rain and Fog Ahead

Driving safely in the winter is not only about road maintenance services and the condition of the road, but also the driver plays an important role in safety. Driver behavior, speed, and driving style as well as the condition of your vehicle and its tires play an important role in ensuring a safe journey. (read more)

Vaisala - Unparalleled Lightning Detection Efficiency

Vaisala introduces its new Advanced Total Lightning(TM) sensor, the LS7002, offering the latest in precision lightning technology. It is the first, non-VHF, lightning detection sensor to detect Total Lightning and, at the same time, correctly differentiate between cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning. (read more)

Vaisala - GMW90 is the ultimate tool for HVAC professionals

The GMW90 is the ultimate tool for HVAC professionals looking for an easy to use, hassle-free solution to carbon dioxide measurements. Customer feedback played a vital role in developing the GMW90, a high quality measurement sensor which offers ease of use, compliance with standards, extended lifetime and minimal maintenance, all of which provide peace of mind. (read more)

Vaisala - World's Best Humidity Sensor 40 Years Running

In 1973, Vaisala introduced HUMICAP®, the world's first thin-film capacitive humidity sensor. Since then, Vaisala has become the market leader in relative humidity measurements, and thin-film capacitive humidity sensors have developed from one company's innovation into a global industry standard. Constantly under further research & development, the Vaisala HUMICAP sensor is still... (read more)

Vaisala - Vaisala Validation/Mapping Webinars

Join us for this informative series of webinars on qualifying your equipment and software in controlled, GxP regulated environments. Our instructor Paul Daniel has 15 years' experience performing mapping studies in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution applications. Each free 1-hour webinar includes several opportunities of live Q&A. (read more)

Vaisala - Wide-Range, Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger

The VL/SP1016-1416 temperature data logger is ideal for monitoring, alarming, and reporting on controlled Life Science environments. This 16-bit logger can simultaneously monitor different temperature ranges in up to four chambers -- from -80°C ultra-low temp freezers, freezer/refrigerator units to warehouses and incubators.

Questions? Contact instruments@vaisala... (read more)

Vaisala - New Wireless Monitoring/Alarming Data Logger

As part of Vaisala's Wireless Monitoring System, the HMT140 Wi-Fi data logger incorporates Vaisala HUMICAP to measure relative humidity and temperature accurately and reliably. The sensor is resistant to dust and most chemicals and can connect to RTD’s, voltage, current and contact sensors, making it the most versatile wireless data logger for life science applications. (read more)

Vaisala - Vaisala’s Lightning Webinar Series 2013

Vaisala’s lightning webinar series 2013 handles various aspects of lightning and its detection. The webinar topics range from general lightning related issues like what is lightning, how can it be detected etc. to specific application related lightning issues like lightning detection in energy and transmission systems and lightning detection at airports. (read more)

Vaisala - Current Loop & Voltage Data Loggers Spectrum 4000

Spectrum Precision Current Loop and Voltage Data Loggers are convenient and versatile recorders for reliable logging of a wide range of measurement variables. Palm-sized and self-powered, these advanced dataloggers record signals from industry-standard transducers, transmitters and sensors to help you quickly and flexibly acquire your important information. (read more)

Vaisala - National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN)

Vaisala is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of the U.S. National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN), the most accurate, reliable and scientifically validated lightning detection network in the United States. Since the first lightning location data was recorded on June 1, 1983 the NLDN has contributed 30 years of lightning data, improving meteorological forecasting of storm activi... (read more)

Vaisala - INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Series HMD/W80

The Vaisala INTERCAP® Humidity and Temperature Series HMD/W80 is a versatile product family designed for standard HVAC applications. These cost-effective and reliable transmitters are easy to install and maintain. (read more)

Vaisala - Choose the Right Instrument for Measuring Humidity

Humidity measurement and control is called for in a variety of industrial applications, each with different requirements for humidity instruments. Download this application note to learn about key considerations for understanding what instruments you should be using in your controlled environments. (read more)

Vaisala - Download the Vaisala Calibration eBook

If you are interested in learning more about better measurement practices, download our complimentary Calibration Book, a 111-page reference written by Vaisala's quality professionals, engineers, and calibration technicians. (read more)

Vaisala - Vaisala Online Store Opens in North America

Vaisala, global leader in environmental and industrial measurement, has opened an online store for customers in North America. The store carries a selection of Vaisala's industrial instruments, ranging from hand-held meters to configurable transmitters and is accessible at

First launched in 8 European countries in January, the scope of the store has grad... (read more)

Vaisala - Download Vaisala's FDA Compliance Kit

Get all the elements of the FDA Compliance Kit:

"50+ FDA Acronyms that Matter to Your Business" - This e-book is 57-page comprehensive reference of definitions and links to additional resources.

Two white papers on 21CFR Part 11 - one for monitoring and one for validation of temperature and relative humidity.

Application Note: "... (read more)

Vaisala - 1000-1400 Temperature Data Logger

Vaisala Veriteq VL-1000/1400 temperature data loggers are perfect for monitoring, alarming, and recording environmental conditions in FDA/GxP-regulated environments like Pharmaceutical Warehouses, Research and Development labs, Hospital & Clinical Environments and Ultra-low Freezers, fridges, cold rooms. (read more)

Vaisala - Download GMP Temperature/Humidity Mapping Guide

Reduce Risk in Warehouses and Storage Areas with Temperature and Humidity Validation (read more)

Vaisala - HMW90 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

How fast can you set up humidity and temperature monitoring? Watch the new humidity device Installation video and find out. Visit:
(read more)