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Vaisala - HPP272 for Vaporized H2O2, RH & Temperature

The Vaisala PEROXCAP® HPP272 is a new, intelligent 3-in-1 measurement probe with both digital and analog outputs. Developed for manufacturers, service providers and end-users who use vaporized H2O2 for bio-decontamination. In addition to H2O2, the HPP272 measures temperature and humidity. This unique 3-in-1 probe is ideal for isolato... (read more)

Vaisala - A Monitor That Works Anywhere

Stainless steel pipes, IP66-rated, temperature controlled housing, as well as a magnetic pump and valves provide superb performance and durability – from the arctic to the tropics. There are also no consumables to service or replace. (read more)

Vaisala - No More False Alarms

The monitor’s IR sensor is based on Vaisala core measurement technology and critical sensor components manufactured in Vaisala cleanrooms. Vacuum gas extraction means no data fluctuation due to oil temperature, pressure, or type, while the hermetically sealed and protected optics prevent sensor contamination. The end result? A monitor that completely eliminates false alarms. (read more)

Vaisala - CO2 Probe for life science incubators

CO2 Probe GMP251 for life science incubators, cold storages and all demanding applications (read more)

Vaisala - CO2 Probe for agriculture,refrigeration and HVAC

CO2 Probe GMP252 for agriculture, refrigeration and demanding HVAC (read more)

Vaisala - How to select a Thermal Buffer

How to select a Thermal Buffer from Glycol, Sand, Glass Beads, or Solid Material Blocks (read more)

Vaisala - New Video on a New Innovation: CO2 Host Device

New Video on a New Innovation: CO2 Host Device
Meet Maria Uusimaa. In this video, she introduces a new innovation from Vaisala: The Indigo 201. This is a host device for Vaisala CO2 probes, the GMP251 and GMP252. The Indigo 201 offers easy touch display, analog output, or relays for small-scale control systems. The device has an option Wi-Fi connection to allow users to access the... (read more)

Vaisala - Creating the Perfect Thermal Buffer

Glass Beads? Glycol? Aluminum? Choosing a Buffer...
Our applications engineers are often asked about thermal buffers for probes that prevent false alarms and make the probe measurements more closely resemble the temperature of the stored product, rather than the air inside a chamber. (read more)

Vaisala - Demystification of Mean Kinetic Temperature

Further Demystification of Mean Kinetic Temperature 4 Common Questions on MKT Answered: Trending, Interpreting Reports, & Default Activation Energy (read more)

Vaisala - Beyond Bytes and Signatures

Data Integrity in Pharmaceutical Environmental Monitoring - Beyond Bytes and Signatures

In this webinar you will learn how to maintain data integrity in environmental monitoring applications. Participants will get an up-to-date overview of the current regulatory expectations for practices that ensure data integrity (read more)

Vaisala - Learn how to evaluate data integrity risks
  • Review of recent guidance and documents
  • Learn how to evaluate data integrity risks
  • Discuss common pitfalls of data management in GxP applications
  • Review best practices for ensuring and preserving data integrity
(read more)
Vaisala - Download the Vaisala Life Science eBook

Download the Vaisala Life Science eBook

Links to articles, videos, webinars and case studies on Vaisala's tools and systems for measuring life science environments. (read more)

Vaisala - Online Drying Simulator Tool

Try the Online Drying Simulator Tool
Optimized drying saves you energy and costs
We have developed this drying application simulator to illustrate how accurate humidity measurements can lead to more efficient energy use and higher yields. (read more)

Vaisala - Optimized drying saves you energy and costs

Try the Online Drying Simulator Tool
Optimized drying saves you energy and costs
We have developed this drying simulator to show how exact humidity measurements can lead to more efficient energy use and higher yields in drying applications. (read more)

Vaisala - Save energy and reduce costs

Optimized drying saves you energy and costs
Save energy and reduce costs by monitoring the humidity in your processes to avoid over-drying products and wasting energy. (read more)

Vaisala - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Applications

Well known for monitoring GxP-regulated industries, the viewLinc temperature and humidity monitoring system is also used for Food & Beverage, Museums, Calibration Labs, Healthcare Facilities and Data Centers... (read more)

Vaisala - Try the Online Drying Simulator Tool

Drying applications are known to account for up to 20% energy consumption in industrial chemical processes. Drying processes can be energy-intensive and costly.

We've created an online drying simulator to help you analyze how your humidity measurements are impacting your energy use and yields.

Try it now! (read more)

Vaisala - OEM Modules Temperature, RH, Dewpoint Sensors

Vaisala offers a wide range of OEM modules for relative humidity (RH), temperature (T) and dewpoint (Td) measurement applications.

  • Different module configurations
  • Different probe and cable lengths
  • Different output options available
  • Heated probe option available
  • Chemical purge option available
  • Excellent EMC characteristics...
(read more)
Vaisala - Best-in-class transmitter for utilitites

The all-new Vaisala MHT410 is the best-in-class transmitter oil monitoring

  • Online Measurements for Transformers:hydrogen-in-oil, Moisture-in-oil and temperature
  • Intuitive installation into a live transformer in minutes.
(read more)
Vaisala - Humidity Calculator Online/Offline Conversions

The Vaisala Humidity Calculator allows you to calculate several humidity parameters from one known value. Make unit conversions on the fly, and see the effects of changing ambient conditions, like temperature and pressure. Humidity Calculator makes complex manual calculations and conversions a thing of the past. (read more)

Vaisala - Data Logger Device Selector - Use the Tool

Use the Device Selector to review specifications for Temperature, Humidity and Universal Input Data Loggers for Vaisala's easy-to-use monitoring system. A quick way to look at parameters, accuracy, and other product information. (read more)

Vaisala - Fast Moisture Data

MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring (read more)

Vaisala - Designed for demanding industrial applications

Vaisala solutions support food & beverage applications with a range of reliable measurement options. With relative humidity & dew point meters based on the industry-best HUMICAP® & DRYCAP® sensors, & CO2 measurement devices include the unique, CARBOCAP® technology, Vaisala devices feature exceptional stability, require little maintenance, & provide a low t... (read more)

Vaisala - 80 Years of Engineering & Measurement Excellence

For 80 years Vaisala has provided innovative solutions for environmental and industrial measurement. We offer a range of weather observation and measurement products for industrial applications in life science, transportation, manufacturing, power and energy. (read more)

Vaisala - Environmental Monitoring like you've never seen...

With the NEW Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System, set-up and use is simple. The instructive software interface and unique wireless technology provide worry-free, reliable monitoring in minutes...

  • Do-it-Yourself deployment
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Unique, truly reliable wireless technology
  • Optional IQOQ protocols and GxP documen...
(read more)
Vaisala - Humidity, temperature & analog signal monitoring i

The Vaisala HMT140 wireless data logger is designed for humidity, temperature and analog signal monitoring in cleanrooms, warehouses, freezer/cryogenic chambers, laboratories, blood banks and other life science applications. (read more)

Vaisala - eBook: World-class HVAC Products & Services

Download Vaisala's new HVAC eBook and explore industry best instruments and services. The eBook PDF provides access to various tools that will help you with your applications needs including:

  • Bid Specs
  • Calibration and Repair Services information
  • Learning Resources:
    • FAQ’s
    • List of Parameters
    • Application Notes
(read more)
Vaisala - Analyze Your Data Faster

This eBook gives you instant access to various tools that will help you with your power generation applications needs including:

  • Experience - What makes Vaisala solutions different
  • Information on Power Applications, Parameters, Instruments
  • Calibration and Repair Services
  • Collection of Webinars on Power Applications
(read more)
Vaisala - The Ultimate Tool for HVAC Professionals
  • A flexible CO2 transmitter family with a variety of options & features
  • Both analog & digital output models available
  • Comes with a calibration certificate
  • Easy installation due to well-designed features such as snap-on electronics, dip switches, and display
  • Convenient calibration: Choose either a field exchangeable measurement modul...
(read more)
Vaisala - Vaisala Launches Optimus

Vaisala recently released a new online measurement device for transformer dissolved gas analysis. Building on unique technology, the Vaisala Optimus(TM) DGA Monitor for Transformers solves many current problems in transformer maintenance. (read more)

Vaisala - For demanding industrial CO2 measurement

New Vaisala Probe Measures Carbon Dioxide on Percentage Levels (read more)

Vaisala - Optimizing HVAC controls

Easy to install and maintain, our sensors and transmitters set the industry standard for energy efficiency, from the optimization of cooling towers to demand-controlled ventilation. (read more)

Vaisala - DL2000 Temperature, Humidity, Analog Data Logger

Fully validatable for GxP-regulated applications, the DL2000 feature a stable internal RH sensor, inputs for external temperature probes, and an optional external channel for either current or voltage inputs. The data loggers record multiple parameters such as temperature, humidity, door switches, differential pressure, CO2, level, particles, conductivity and more. (read more)

Vaisala - Vaisala GxP Documentation/Qualification Products

To ensure your Vaisala Environmental Monitoring system complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) we recommend using the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) methodology to ensure your software performs as expected. (read more)

Vaisala - How to Perform a Single-point Calibration

If your device measures humidity, it is already drifting, and it will continue to drift because of the inherent nature of the measurement technology. So, calibration is a necessity, but how much calibration do you need? How often should your device be calibrated? What accuracy is necessary? (read more)

Vaisala - For Online Transformer Condition Monitoring

MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for Online Transformer Condition Monitoring (read more)

Vaisala - Quality with Vaisala HVAC Cost Sense

When you want leading HVAC performance and project efficiency, turn to Vaisala (read more)

Vaisala - Take a tour of a Vaisala Cleanroom

In this 3-minute video our Facility Manager Hannu dons a bunny suit and gives a tour of the facilities where Vaisala creates some of the world's finest sensors. (Sensors that are also used beyond this world: on the Mars Rover!) (read more)

Vaisala - How accurate is your humidity measurement

Read this application note: Understanding Measurement Performance and Specifications

'How accurate is the measurement?' is a question that is often used to assess the quality of the measurement instrument. Although the question is simple, the answer may be much more complicated. (read more)

Vaisala - Smart HVAC Designs for Smarter Business

Vaisala HVAC transmitters provide efficiency, quality, style and satisfaction. Industry leading usability, top technical features and our 2-minute installation speed bring major benefits for all of your project stakeholders.
Check out this video to see what Vaisala Cost Sense really means: features that cut costs and quality that keeps them down. (read more)