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Visumatic Industrial Products - Engineered fastener feeding & installing robot

Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot

Application: Modular system for rapid deployment in automated assembly projects that require driving fasteners quickly & accurately. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Screw Driving: Make the Jump from Manual to Automatic

Positively engages screw in the nosepiece tooling tip so operators can align mating parts in any orientation. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Viper MBC Screw Driving Assembly Robot

Our lean, flexible design allows placement in a variety of assembly processes:

  • as an assembly line conveyor station
  • feeding & driving different fasteners, nuts, screws, and plastic clips
  • inserting barbed darts and pins
  • integration into rotary indexing systems
(read more)
Visumatic Industrial Products - Assembly Technology Leaps Ahead

Assembly Technology Leaps Ahead with Launch of Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Labor-saving technology.

Assembly Technology Leaps Ahead with Launch of Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Installing very small screws down to #000

Visumatic can accommodate even the smallest applications for any fine clearance manual automation project with the miniature design of the VLB-900M. The Mini nosepiece is available in endless configurations to fit applications like wristwatches, eyeglasses, computers, or printed circuit boards. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Exclusive Ring & Brazing Ring Application Systems

This evolution of our exclusive automatic Pin Insertion System allows the operator sensory feedback in order to feel the part and ring connection prior to actuation for maximum assembly efficiency and accuracy. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Feed & install a pin or specialty fastener

Hand held automatic insertion tool to feed & install a pin, barbed dart, specialty fastener or rivet. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Assembly line conveyor station

Visumatic Viper MBC offers these options:

  • Adaptable pre-programmed screw driving robot control packages.
  • Configurable electrical handshaking and pneumatics on-board.
  • Vision Guidance and part inspection.
  • Custom operator interface including touch screen.
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Visumatic Industrial Products - Allows vertical, horizontal & inverted application

The Locking Bit is Visumatic Industrial Products' basic, hand held automatic screwfeeder. It's the simplest, most reliable hand held feeding and driving system on the market. Visumatic invented the Locking Bit Handheld System with over 20 years of research and development. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - We ship it. You plug it in.

Staying competitive in your industry means producing a higher quality product at a lower cost. Visumatic delivers complete turn-key systems right to your door. This indexer with at least two double spindle Power Drivers comes ready to produce. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - The fastest screw application available

The fastest screw application available, the state of the art Viper 4-Axis Robotic System can be designed and configured as a machine building component, providing a truly programmable feeding and driving system for your line (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Improves Ergonomics, reduces elbow stress

Improves Ergonomics, reduces elbow stress & possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome:
• Reduce Torque Reaction
• Operators hand is closer to the work plane
• Monitors, and releases the drive-down force at pre-determined
torque value
• Protect operators by applying the drive-down force during
the assembly (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Supporting the tool & eliminating torque reaction

Hand Held Systems are designed to automatically deliver screws to the driving position, keeping the operator from having to reach for screws and manually place them onto the bit. The operator manually locates and initiates the drive cycle. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Assembly Technology Leaps Ahead with Viper MBC

Assembly Technology Leaps Ahead with Viper MBC Screw Driving Robot Debut (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - A Visumatic First- DC Electric Torque Control

DC Torque Control & Angle Monitoring

Application: Controls & monitors torque and angle during driving. (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - X-Y Robot Palletized Conveyor Assembly Cell

Visumatic's fastener feeding and driving expertise can be applied in a turnkey assembly cell. An operator loads fixtures by pulling components from utility bins. This work station utilizes a palletized conveyor to present parts to the screw driving XY robot. Completed assemblies are unloaded, with the empty pallet completing the circuit by returning to the operator work area.

... (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Dual X-Y Robot Automated Assembly Machine

Visumatic develops complete, "plug -n-work" X-Y robot assembly machines. In this dual action system, each robot is fitted with a Visumatic VPM-X.2 Power Module screw driving spindle designed to automate your assembly line. Your part is simply presented to the nosepieces and screws are stroked into the part.

The system shown, designed and built by Visumatic, uses two 2,... (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - VZP-900 Zero Push Hand-Held Screwfeeder

Let the machine go through the motions for the operator.
Visumatic’s Zero Push is the top of the line of handheld screwfeeders, improving operator productivity and acceptance. The VZP works when you have clearance issues and conventional nosepiece tooling won't work. It requires only a manual light-touch trigger push to place the part.

Operator e... (read more)

Visumatic Industrial Products - Vision Guided Systems with X-Y Robot

Vision Guided systems with X-Y Robot represent the best of automated assembly technology, and can be programmed to meet virtually any customer need. Robots allow full automation of the fastening application.

Vision Guided Robots are Essential When:
• Operators cannot touch or move the part during assembly
• When parts are fed loose on a conveyor
•... (read more)

News articles and press releases for Visumatic Industrial Products:


Automation projects that require driving fasteners quickly & accurately now have a rapid deployment package.


Visumatic has gained CE compliance marking status, opening more doors in their expanding global service and product markets.


Visumatic announces their newest product, the Visumatic VPA Ergonomic Power Assist Arm, in their line of automatic screwfeeding and driving assembly systems.


Visumatic newest product in their ergonomic handheld screwfeeding and driving line is the VZP Zero Push, designed to deliver screws, nuts and specialty fasteners while reducing effort and strain on the operator.