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Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 15kV Diode in the Smallest Footprint Possible.

The SMF150 high voltage diode features 15kV reverse voltage in the smallest package available. Measuring just 0.450" l x 0.120" w x 0.130" h (11.43mm l x 3.048mm w x 3.302mm h), it delivers 10mA of forward current, and a reverse recovery time of 100ns, all in the smallest footprint possible.. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - SMF and SXF Plastic Diodes - 2kV, 3kV, 5kV, 15kV

The SMF and SXF diodes feature up to 15kV in the smallest footprint available. Designed for automatic pick-and-place. Tape-and-reel available. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - CRS180G60 High Voltage 18kV CRT Power Supply

Compact, lightweight, low ripple, excellent regulation. Arc and short-circuit protection standard. Adjustable anode voltage (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - XRS X-ray Power Supply

The XRS Series power supplies output up to 10W at full rated voltage. It features excellent ripple and regulation. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - OC-100HG High Voltage High Gain Opto-Coupler

Opto Coupler l Axial Leaded l Epoxy Molded (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Axial-leaded Plastic Diodes

VMI offers the most complete range of MIL- qualified, high voltage, axial-leaded diodes in the world. Reverse recovery times of less than 100ns, miniature size, and ultimate reliability are some of the characteristics that make VMI the worlds benchmark.

100ns Trr - 1.5A to 3.0 Amps
200ns Trr - 1.5A to 3.0 Amps
3000ns Trr - 1.5A to 3.0 Amps

To insure that our... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Opto-couplers - Frequently Asked Questions

Opto-couplers are useful where electrical isolation is needed between system and control circuits, in the prevention of ground loops, or in high voltage switching applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opto-couplers

Long term Gain Degradation

Turn-On/Off Time

Thermal Resistance

... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions about Diodes
  • Are overmolded diodes (SMF, SXF families) hermetically sealed?
  • Maximum Storage and Operating Temperature
  • Using parallel resistors and capacitors across diodes
  • Dimensions - nominal, max., and min.
  • MTBF for MD90FF18 and similar diodes
  • Space level diodes
  • Mounting K25UF epoxy diode...
(read more)
Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Surface Mount Overmolded Epoxy Diodes

The SMF and SXF family of high voltage diodes range from 50mA to 500mA, 2kV to 5kV, and 30ns to 70ns. They are hermetically sealed, glass-body diodes that have been
over-molded with epoxy to produce uniform shape and flatness. Overmolding also
increases isolation between terminals.

SMF and SXF Overmolded Diodes

(read more)
Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - High Voltage High Reverse Power Diodes

VNI's E-zorb™diodes can withstand higher than normal reverse power surges without permanently damaging the diode junction. Useful in many applications ranging from noisy industrial environments to sensitive instrumentation applications.


Manufactured using VMI's Reverse Power Technology, E-Zorb diodes absorb up to
400mJ Reverse Avalanche Ene... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Discover High Voltage Optocouplers!

View a short video on how VMI's high voltage optocouplers work. Voltages range from 2.5kV to 50kV.

The optocouplers come in a variety of package styles, and offer long-term gain stability, or high gain. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - High Voltage, Gain and Resolution Optocouplers

10kV or 15kV High Voltage Opto-couplers

Manufactured by VMI, the OC100 and OC150 optocoupler families offer high voltage, high gain, and high isolation. Our optocouplers are built to the same high quality and reliability benchmarks as all our products.

Using a high voltage photo-diode and multiple LEDs precisely positioned, the OC100 and OC150 are optimized for high... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 20,000 Volts! Just One Diode Can Withstand 20kV!

20kV. 25mA. 100ns. Those are the ratings of the X200UFG hermetically-sealed, high voltage diode from VMI.

The glass body is rugged and tough. The axial leads make it perfect for through-hole applications running at 20kHz and higher. This device features great thermal conductivity and low junction capacitance – must haves for efficient, high voltage designs. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Mil-qualified 1N6535 10kV High Voltage Diode

The 1N6535 diode is an axial-leaded, mil-qualified (QPL), hermetically sealed, fully tested, high voltage diode.

Tested in accordance with Mil-Prf-19500/577, the 1N6535 is available as a JANTX, or JANTXV device.

Electrical specifications include 10kV, 25mA, 70ns.

On-time delivery and ultra-reliability are only two reasons to expect the best. Made in the USA is another. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - High Voltage Glass Diodes for Tough Environments

For tough applications when an epoxy or plastic diode can’t withstand the environment. VMI offers a complete line of high voltage, hermetically sealed diodes.Glass body diodes are extremely reliable. The diode body is impervious to dust, liquids, and gases. It is Ideal under rugged and critical conditions.High voltage diodes range from 2kV-20kV, 5mA-500mA, 30ns-3000... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 3 Ways High Voltage Rectifiers Simplify Design

VMI's SPJ400F High Voltage Stack Saves Time and Money

Reduced Component Count: The SPJ family of rectifiers withstand higher reverse voltages than disretes thus reducing your BOM.

Built-in Higher Isolation Voltage: You spend less time running through board layout calculations.

Reduced Number of Connections: Connections are reduced by up to 60%, saving valuable assemb... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - Miniature 3kV SMD Multiplier

Big volts really do come in small packages.

The PVM302P08 8-stage SMD multiplier generates 3kV in a package slightly smaller than a postage stamp.

It's great for applications such as image intensifiers, or apps requiring high voltage, low current, and low ripple.

Bonus: the PVM302P08 can be connected to generate either a positive or negative output voltage. Connect t... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 2kV, 3kV, 5kV High Voltage Diodes

The SMF and SXF series of high voltage diodes offer several advantages over axial-leaded devices. The SMF/SXF diodes feature surface mount terminations, and uniform, precise dimensions. The results are a high voltage diode that is easily pick-and-placed.

Available in two speeds - 30ns & 70ns - the SMF and SXF diodes are perfect for 100kHz and higher applications.

Up to... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 70ns, 2kV and 3kV High Voltage Diodes

The 1N6513LL and 1N6515LL diodes feature higher current capability and lower thermal impedance than their axial-leaded counterparts.

Optimized to get the heat out, the 1N6513LL and 1N6515LL are cost effective alternatives to other surface mount diodes like the QPL type SMD JANTXV1N6515US.

30ns reverse recovery times are also available in 2kV, 3kV, and 5kV diodes. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 5kV 70ns 1N6517LL High Voltage Diode

Looking for a 5kV, 1.5A, 70ns high voltage diode? The 1N6517LL diode features higher current capability and lower thermal impedance than an axial-leaded device.

Optimized to get the heat out, the 1N6517LL is a cost effective alternative to tabbed, surface mount diodes. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - 30ns, 15kV, Axial-leaded Diode! - X150FF3

The X150FF3 diode blocks 15kV in the reverse direction, conducts 50mA in the forward direction, and features a reverse recovery time of 30ns.

Amazing for it's size, the X150FF3 is hermetically sealed. Physical dims are 0.360" length max. x .170" diameter max. (9.4mm max length x 4.32 mm max. diameter).

If 15kV, 50mA, 30ns isn't exactly what you're looking for, more options... (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - NEW 50kV High Voltage Opto-coupler

2.5kV, 10kV, 15kV, 25kV, and 50kV opto-couplers are standard products now available from VMI.

Opto-couplers are useful where electrical isolation is needed between system and control circuits, in the prevention of ground loops, or in high voltage switching applications.

ISO9001:2008 certified. (read more)

Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - ViPS-40 Digitally Controlled HV Power Supply!

The ViPS-40 high voltage power supply is designed to power negative polarity X-ray tubes. The digitally controlled outputs feature a very low ripple and represents a significant improvement over earlier technologies.

Additional features include

  • User-friendly interface
  • PC compatible
  • Digitally controlled inputs
  • Extensive monitoring...
(read more)
Voltage Multipliers, Inc. - High Voltage, High Current Diode - 1N6519

The 1N6519 diode is a 10kV Vrwm. 500mA Io , 70ns Trr.

The 1N6519 is an axial-leaded, hermetically sealed device, in a small footprint.

Physical dimesnions are 0.400"max. length x 0.185" +/- .030" diameter (10.16mm max length x 4.7mm +/- .76 mm diameter).

JANTX/JANTXV level screening available. Military and commercial grades are available. (read more)