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WAGO has promoted these products/services:

WAGO - Compact Connector Approved for Larger Conductors

WAGO’s universal surface mount PCB solution – the 2059, is now approved for 20 AWG/0.5 mm2 conductors. 2059 terminal blocks create compact connections providing the perfect tool to minimize the size of LED modules. (read more)

WAGO - 750 Series I/O Hazardous Location Certified

Select specialty modules in WAGO’s compact, modular 750 Series are now ANSI/ISA12.12.01 and Canadian CSA C22.2 certified for operation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. (read more)

WAGO - Industry Exclusive Endless Jumper Solution

Germantown, WI – January, 2016 – WAGO introduces an alternate 1 to 3 jumper solution for continuous commoning. 2002 Series adjacent and alternate endless jumpers are uniquely designed so that the jumper leg contact of two adjacent jumpers can be inserted into one jumper slot. (read more)

WAGO - Analog Input Modules Maximize Productivity

WAGO is extending its line of analog input I/O to include compact, highly accurate modules with an excellent price/performance ratio. At just 12 mm wide these controllers offer advanced capabilities in a very small profile. (read more)

WAGO - New Harsh Environment Modules Maximize Uptime

New additions to WAGO’s XTR line of harsh environment (-40 °C to 70 °C extreme temperature) I/O, provide added functionality, delivering Performance Class PLCs, Smart Grid technology and energy monitoring. (read more)

WAGO - New ECBs Offer Extended Current &Voltage Ranges

New additions to 787-16XX line expands the functionality of WAGO’s Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs). Recently added variants include 48 VDC, 12 VDC and NEC Class 2 models. (read more)

WAGO - 221 Series Splicing Connectors

WAGO introduces the next generation of its proven 222 LEVER-NUTS®splicing connectors.

The 221 Series saves 40% more space in the junction box providing simple, safer installation of solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires. The 221 simplifies electrical installation even in the most space-restricted applications. (read more)

WAGO - JUMPFLEX Signal Conditioners Powered by EPSITRON®

WAGO introduces a new addition to its power supply line designed for isolation amplifiers and signal conditioners. The EPSITRON® 787-2852 shares a common profile with JUMPFLEX® 857 and 2857 Series signal conditioners enabling the output voltage to be directly commoned, eliminating the need for additional wiring. (read more)

WAGO - CLASSIC Power Supplies: Now in 2 & 3-Phase Models

WAGO’s economical EPSITRON® CLASSIC Power Supplies now offer more flexibility with the addition of 2- and 3-phase models.

Robust 1-, 2- and 3-phase CLASSIC Power Supplies feature a slim design requiring minimal cabinet space. (read more)

WAGO - BACnet Controller Simplifies Building Automation

WAGO’s new BACnet controller utilizes easy-to-install twisted-pair lines to control complex building automation tasks. (read more)

WAGO - Controllers With DNP3 Communication Gateway

WAGO expands its Smart Grid offering to now include controllers that communicate in Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3). Widely used for communication between various types of data acquisition and control equipment, this protocol enables outstations to create a reliable link to a provider's SCADA system and other equipment. (read more)

WAGO - Modbus Couplers Offer Seamless Communications

WAGO’s new Modbus Couplers enable Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII communications within a distributed I/O architecture. The fieldbus couplers serve as a gateway between the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and higher level devices including PLCs and PCs. (read more)

WAGO - Enhanced PLCs for Serial Modbus Applications

WAGO’s Modbus-based PLCs offer complete controller functionality and serial Modbus connectivity in one compact module. (read more)

WAGO - 2061Terminal Blocks Simplify Lighting Applications

2061 surface mount terminal blocks with push-button actuation offer trouble-free installation and easy module replacement. Stranded conductors ranging in size from AWG 20 – AWG (16 0.5 mm2 to 1.5 mm2) can now easily be connected and removed via push-button. Solid conductors can also be inserted directly. (read more)

WAGO - Compact Terminal Block with Easy Wire Release

Virtually eliminate on-board LED shadowing with WAGO’s extremely compact 2059 Series PCB terminal blocks. With a 2.7 mm high, bright white profile the 2059 is the ideal connector for compact, miniaturized LED modules and bulbs. (read more)

WAGO - PTC Thermistor Modules Offer Higher Sensor Density

WAGO introduces a PTC Digital Input Module (750-1425) featuring eight channels for connecting to PTC thermistors.

Up to six PTC thermistors can be connected in series per channel minimizing system footprint. (read more)

WAGO - RTD Analog Input Modules

New additions to the WAGO I/O system expands the functionality of the 750 series.

750-450 4-Channel and 750-451 8-channel RTD Analog Input Modules directly connect to Pt and Ni resistance sensors, providing highly accurate reading of sensor data. (read more)

WAGO - PFC200 Controller: Now with ATEX Certification

WAGO’s PFC200 Series of performance-class PLC’s is now ATEX certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The PFC200 offers advanced compact, computing power in an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization. (read more)

WAGO - EPSITRON Classic Power Supplies

Newly redesigned EPSITRON®CLASSIC Power Supply units offer a slimmer profile enabling added space savings in the control cabinet. (read more)

WAGO - JUMPFLEX® 857 Series Timer Relays

WAGO’s 857 Series Timer Relays are just 6 mm wide and feature a flexible in-line jumper system, eliminating the need for discrete wiring. All 857 Series JUMPFLEX® modules share a common profile for easy jumpering across the product line. (read more)

WAGO - 285-1185 Spring Terminal Blocks

WAGO’s 285-1185 terminal block is the only spring pressure terminal block on the market capable of terminating large conductors ranging from 1/0 to 350 kcmil. Featuring a lock-open function for hands free wire manipulation, push in jumper for convenient commoning and economical marking options, the 285-1185 provides vibration proof, thermal resistant, gas tight connections. (read more)

WAGO - PFC200: Performance class programmable controllers

Taking the 750 series to the next level, the PFC200 line offers advanced performance class programmable controllers. Programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3, in the WAGO-I/O-PRO development environment, the PFC200 provides an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization. (read more)

WAGO - WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM for eXTReme environments

WAGO Corporation’s new WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR combines the successful features of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM with expanded specifications for use in extreme environments. Reliability in extreme temperatures, vibration and shock resistance, and protection against EMC interference are the fundamental features of the XTR. (read more)