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WEH Technologies Inc.

WEH Technologies Inc. has promoted these products:

WEH Technologies Inc. - Refrigerant Charging Made Easy

Refrigerant Charging for Industrial, Commercial and Automotive Air
Conditioning - Made Easy

Industrial, Commercial and Automobiles’ air conditioning systems have to be charged during production. Afterwards the system needs to be serviced regularly to restore the system cooling capability to an optimum level. For both applications, WEH offers the right refrigerant fitti... (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - Instant connection to HVAC-R service ports

The fast WEH service connectors are the ideal tool for A/C refrigerant charging during production or maintenance. Designed to connect within seconds to Schrader valves and hose connections without tedious hand-tightening, they are now also available for online ordering. (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - Straight tube testing within seconds: WEH® TW241

Straight tubes from 6.0 mm to 22.2 mm can be leak tested simply and easily using the WEH® TW241 Quick Connector. Wherever straight tubes have to be pressure tested or function tested, the WEH® TW241 is the right tool, being ideal for applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - Refrigerant filling with WEH® TW141 up to 1,450PSI

WEH has launched a new quick coupling for refrigerant filling in high-pressure applications (up to 1,450 psi). The WEH® TW141 provides pressure-tight connection within seconds to the outer diameter of straight tubes – without hand tightening, tapes or thread sealants. (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - H2 Fueling Nozzle with Exchangeable Data Interface

The First H2 Fueling Nozzle with Exchangeable Data Interface

  • Easy on-site replacement of the data interface
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Significant reduction of downtimes
  • Increased safety for operators thanks to the use of a rubber sleeve
(read more)
WEH Technologies Inc. - WEH® TW152 Connector with Venting Bores

Filling medical oxygen places particularly high demands on safety, leak tightness and cleanliness of components. WEH has developed a complete range of connnectors for filling, testing, evacuating and transporting gas and oxygen cylinders that meet with these requirements. (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - A Complete Range of Products for NGV Refueling

Whether in Europe, North America or Asia - today, famous automotive manufacturers all around the world rely on WEH Products onboard CNG vehicles and WEH has become a valued partner in this cutting-edge technology. (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - The ideal solution for automated testing

WEH® Leak test fittings for leak testing & pressure testing in serial production for automotive industry (read more)

WEH Technologies Inc. - Just PUSH to connect!

Connect in seconds to your gas cylinder valve - Just PUSH to connect


  • Connection in seconds directly to the cylinder valve thread
  • Fast and easy sleeve, lever or bail handle actuation
(read more)
WEH Technologies Inc. - Strong Connections - Just in seconds

Leak-free connections are mandatory in any high pressure system. For many
years, innovative solutions from the connector specialists WEH have been used in test
environments as well as in operational applications wherever vacuum or high pressure
conditions require positive, leak-free and absolutely reliable connectors. (read more)